Ryoma stared out the open window in his classroom. He shivered slightly as the cool air danced around him. Ryoma sighed, and looked down at a small branch that fell on his left hand. His right hand supported his face. And his golden eyes were empty. Emotionless. Something was very wrong with the prince. Kachiro looked nervously at Katsuo, then at Ryoma-kun. "Ryoma-kun, is everything alright?" Katsuo asked, Ryoma turned towards him, his eyes showed anger. But if that wasn't strange enough, his eyes were narrowed dangerously. The freshmen trio took a step back. His eyes looked Cat-like. "I'm fine." He said, his tone showed his boredom.

"Echizen! What happened to your eyes?!" Horio screamed, catching the attention of the whole class. "Huh?" Ryoma turned to face the window, before pulling out a small hand mirror. Oh, well that explained the quieter 2 of the freshman trio backing away from him. He closed his eyes and tried to calm down. For some reason though, he couldn't. He sighed and pulled his hat out of his pocket, shielding his eyes from view. He stood up and walked briskly out of the class room.

"Damn it Ryoma, chill!" he muttered, in English to himself, completely encoring the trio's calls from behind him. Suddenly he had an idea. "Fine, if it shuts you up," he said quite clearly. No one was in the hallway, so it didn't matter to him if he spoke aloud or not. He went to his locker and pulled out a small pocket knife. He stuffed the forbidden object in his pocket.

Ryoma walked quickly outside, and his body instantly moved towards the tennis courts. He looked up at the sky. "It's to freaking quiet." He muttered, pulling the knife out of his pocket.

Most people have a small voice in their heads that tells them what's right and what's wrong. Unfortunately, his was a demon, instead of an angel. You see, Ryoma, and a couple others, had been minding there own business, when they were attacked. The others, Rayne and Sarah, had each gotten a spirit inside of them. Rayne a wolf, and Sarah a fox. He, however, had a lynx inside of him. The 3 had amazing self control, but they had to. Well unless they wanted the world to find out about them. Ryoma wasn't necessarily as good at self control, considering that he was younger when he was attacked. They were 15, and he was 8. It was kind of funny how they had ended up together that day, Sarah had lost her glasses. She didn't really loose them though, Darrel, a popular guy, had asked Nina to steal them. It really was funny looking back at their story.

Anyways, Rayne had asked for them back. She had tried to stand up for the bookworm, but she ended up being pushed into Ryoma, causing him to spill coke on his laptop. Back then, he was addicted to the small device that could easily calculate the spin of the ball and other factors that made his tennis the exhalant tennis you see today. Ryoma, of course got mad at them and started serving tennis balls at they're heads. It was crazy, but it got Sarah's glasses back, and Ryoma a new laptop (which he refuses to take out in public after the last incident).

When Brad, Darrel's best friend showed up, they had kind of expected it. After the other boys had taken out knifes and held them to Ryoma's throat, (it would be rude to slaughter a lady first) they all thought it was the end. But then something woke in Ryoma. He got away from them and didn't hurt the boys to much.

The two girls pulled him away from the boys, and told them they understood what was happening to him.

Ryoma couldn't help but feel slightly pleased when he saw blood run down his blade. Ya, that was another thing, the lynx made Ryoma slightly masochistic. He already was a sadist, so it was very strange to him the first time he had cut himself. He couldn't help but love the slight tingle that went thru his body as the razor tore thru his skin. He had upgraded by mow of course, the blade in his hand had belonged to Brad, but he took it when he won. Now as he watched the black handle glint in the sunlight, he couldn't help but feel a slight twinge of pride.