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Ryoma sat in his desk, leaning over so that his hair hid his molten gold eyes from the rest of the world. The conversation between his senpai-tachi was starting to drive him nuts, so, he did what every sane half lynx does, and he went back to class. Unfortunately, he forgot about one very important thing, class has people, and those people are the ones who just saw him talking to a giant half-horse-half-boar thingy. They all seemed terrified to talk to him, and everything was quiet. Now, don't misunderstand, he loves silence, but not the 'holy-crap, it's-going-to-kill-us-if-we-so-much-as-breath-wrong' type of silence.

He groaned mentally when his senpai-tachi stormed in the room, looking like they hadKa' Rezu on their heels.

The youngest regular looked up, and immediately regretted doing so. Great, Momo-senpai looked at him like he was Satan himself, Eiji-senpai's eyes also showed fear, Kaidou-senpai's eyes showed his loyalty, which made Ryoma's own shine in approval. Then he got to his boyfriend and wanna-be boyfriend. The two captains were glaring at each other and randomly glancing at him.

"Why did I bother coming to school today?" he asked himself, banging his head against the cold wood of his desk. "Right, I didn't think, and, once again, I'm stuck regretting it." His voice was mumbled, but since the question wasn't asked towards anyone else, he really didn't care.

He stood up and walked out of the room, trying to encore the shivers that went down the spines of the other tennis players as he passed. He quickly exited the school, and headed towards home, mentally thanking whatever gods that were out there that his parents were not home.

The thought made him slightly depressed, although he would never admit it. His dad was in Spain, again, probably on the beach, while his mom was in America, working on some stupid case that would take who knows how long to finish. So, in short terms, he was alone, again. Contrary to popular belief, he wasn't stupid, and didn't like being alone. He knew his parents were having problems, again, and most likely would split up. He knew his mom was cheating on his dad, and vice versa. He knew they didn't want to be around him. And, he knew that the only reason that his parents had not separated yet was because they couldn't decide who would take him, not in the good way either. No one wanted him, and he knew, and accepted the fact easily enough. He had lived on his own most of his life, and wasn't used to familiar attention, so, he guessed it was for the best that he was here, instead of with them.

He shook his head to clear it as he walked inside his house. A flying ball of fur landed in his arms and he laughed lightly.

"Hey Karupin." Karupin was his most beloved object in the entire world. He held the cat as she licked him on the cheek, before nuzzling her soft fur. This cat was why he woke up in the mornings. He could be himself with Karupin. He could relax with her.

Words were not usually needed, on Ryoma's part, so he just hugged the cat and walked to the kitchen, grabbing a grape ponta and gulping it down as he thought about his friends. He used that word loosely. Very loosely. Sure, he had a few friends he trusted, Kaidoh-senpai was loyal to him, and had been since the two bonded over Karupin. Monkey King, aka Atobe Keigo, was another of his trusted persons. He could act as bratty as he wanted, as quiet as he wanted, but he knew he would always be accepted. The last person on his list of trusted people in Japan was Oshitari Yuushi, the resident tensai of Hyoutei. Yes, those three were the people he trusted more than any others in Japan.

His thoughts turned to Yukimura Seiichi. The blue-hair senpai was not someone he would ever talk to, voluntarily. Sure, he was a good tennis player, but… there was something about him that always made Ryoma shiver. Was it his tennis style? Was it the way he made Ryoma feel after watching a game? Ryoma buried his head in Kariupin's soft fur and groaned out in frustration. Why couldn't a single one of his senpai's be easy to understand?

For a brief moment, Ryoma half wished he had taken more after Inui-senpai and his skills in gathering data. Then he shivered at the image of himself, in a mad scientist lab coat, holding a glass beaker of only god-knows what. Scratch that thought. People were terrified enough of him already, thank you very much.

His hands slowly slid into his pockets, grabbing the small vial that was hidden inside. This was something that he could use, should he choose to, and erase the memories of himself in Japan, excluding him just playing tennis. A few years ago, he wouldn't have even hesitated when Sara threw him the vial, but now…

Ryoma sighed to himself and walked upstairs to his room, before flinging himself into his bed. His mind hurt, and his heart ached in betrayal. Was he willing to erase himself from the lives of not only his old friends, but those that he trusted most.

He was acting selfish, he knew, but as he stared at the pictures by his bed, one of him and the other regulars at sunrise on that mountain, he felt like he had the right to. He swallowed roughly, and closed his golden eyes. He needed to talk to someone who actually cared about him.

Ryoma was ashamed to say that his thoughts immediately went to calling his parents, before he realized that they didn't care about him at all. He stared at his phone for a moment, before dialing a number he knew by heart.

He waited, holding his breath, for the other person to answer the phone.


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