I think IkariShipping is ADORABLE!!! I mean, Dawn and Paul are complete opposites…it's perfect! In this one, Paul gets into a battle on very dangerous terrain and his Torterra almost dies as a result of his cruelty. He finally realizes how horrible he was to his Pokemon and decides to give up training. Will Dawn help him realize that he can change? Enjoy!

"Torterra, use Stone Edge!" Paul watched his Pokemon try to attack his opponent's Infernape. Infernape easily dodged and sent an Overheat attack at Torterra, pushing him dangerously close to the edge. "Don't go falling in!" Paul shouted angrily as Torterra stumbled, almost falling into the magma below. His opponent laughed cruelly.

"What a wimpy trainer! You should have known that I'd beat you!" Paul glared at the trainer across from him. They shared the same beliefs when it came to training and were pretty evenly matched.

"Don't be so sure! Torterra, use Stone Edge!" Torterra flew at Infernape who waited until the last minute before leaping to the side. Torterra let out a yell before hurtling over the edge. Paul called out. "Torterra! Climb up!" His opponent started to laugh again.

"I'd give up if I were you! You know what'll happen if he falls!" Paul rolled his eyes.

"He can take it! Climb, Torterra!" He ran to the edge and looked down. Sure enough, his Torterra was struggling to climb up. 'It takes more than a bit of lava to beat me!' At that moment, however, his opponent did something completely low… He sent down his Infernape who mercilessly pushed Torterra off of the rocks. Paul's eyes grew wide and for the first time in his life, he was scared. "Torterra! Grab something with Vine Whip!" Torterra shot out his vines and latched onto a rock which Infernape immediately crushed. All at once, Torterra went flying into the magma. Paul's eyes grew wide with disbelief. He quickly pulled out his Pokeball. "Torterra! Return!" A red light shot down into the lava, bringing his Pokemon back in. His opponent recalled his Infernape and laughed.

"Like I said, you're a wimp! That Torterra will be dead within an hour!" Paul turned angrily toward him. He brought back his fist and slammed it into the boy's face before running off.

'He's right…Torterra can't survive injuries like that for very long…' He paused. 'Maybe it's not so bad…' He threw his Pokeball. "Go, Torterra!" He felt sick to his stomach when he saw his Torterra. The tree on his shell was smoldering, his skin was scorched and burned, and his eyes were almost swollen shut. Torterra looked at him for a moment before bowing his head in shame. Paul's eyes grew wider. 'He's ashamed of losing…even in this condition…' He brought Torterra back into his Pokeball. 'What have I done to him…?' He started bolting for the nearest Pokemon Center.


Dawn sighed in relief as they arrived in the Pokemon Center. "Thank goodness!" She looked around. "But…where's Nurse Joy?" At that moment, Nurse Joy ran past. "Excuse me?" She called. Nurse Joy turned to her quickly.

"I'm sorry but you'll have to wait. We have a Torterra in very, very serious condition. I need to hurry." She turned and rushed into the emergency room area. Dawn blinked and turned to Ash and Brock.

"That doesn't sound good…I hope it'll be okay…" That was when she noticed Paul pacing back and forth in the shadowy area of the Center. "Hey, Paul." Paul barely glanced at her as he continued pacing. Dawn paused. "Paul…is that your Torterra Nurse Joy was talking about?" Paul stopped pacing for a moment, looked at her, and resumed pacing. Dawn immediately knew that it was. Ash was immediately furious.

"What did you do to him?!" Paul didn't answer. Ash walked over and grabbed him by the front of his shirt. "I repeat: What did you do to him?" Paul stared back at Ash emotionlessly.

"I battled." He pushed Ash off and continued pacing. Ash fumed.

"Typical! Only you would battle your very own starter Pokemon within an inch of his life!" Paul didn't reply. Ash was really mad now. "You're nothing more than a heartless slave driver!" Paul stopped pacing at this comment.

"Ash!" Dawn said quickly, noticing the change in Paul's expression. He didn't look quite so emotionless now… Ash didn't listen. He was on a roll.

"Why your Pokemon put up with you, I don't know! You don't love them or care for them! You are hateful toward people and Pokemon alike! It's no wonder you don't have any friends!" Paul turned on Ash angrily.

"Shut up!" He shouted at him. Ash froze. Paul didn't normally respond to Ash when he criticized him. Dawn stared at Paul. She could see something that no one else could: deep sadness and regret in his eyes. She took a step toward him.

"Paul…" Paul turned away.

"Just go away…" His voice cracked for a moment before he walked off to a corner. Dawn watched him with a sad look on her face. At that moment, Nurse Joy walked out. She looked very depressed.

"How is he?" Dawn asked. Nurse Joy sighed.

"Well we stabled his condition but I doubt that he will live to see tomorrow…" At that moment, Paul ran past everyone. He slammed open the doors of the Pokemon Center and bolted off. Ash, Brock, and Dawn rushed after him. They finally found him standing by a tree. They were all shocked when they heard the muffled sobs coming from him. Dawn took a step toward him.

"Paul…" Paul turned and glared at the three, tears running down his face.

"What?" Dawn sighed.

"Look, Torterra is a strong Pokemon. I'm sure he'll pull through!" Paul shrugged.

"It doesn't matter if he does. Either way, he's got a bad future." Paul pulled out his other five Pokeballs and gazed at them thoughtfully. "I did this to him. I don't deserve to be a Pokemon trainer." He walked over and handed Dawn two of his Pokeballs. "My Ursaring and Weavile. I'm sure that they could do well in Contests." He ignored Dawn's protests and walked over to Brock, handing him two more Pokeballs. "My Magmortor and Honchcrow. I know you'll take good care of them." He then turned to Ash and handed him the last Pokeball. "I'm the pathetic one, not you. If Torterra lives, I want you to have him as well. He and Electabuzz will help you a lot in Gym battles." He turned and ran off. Dawn called after him.

"Paul! Wait!" She looked down at the two Pokeballs in her hands. 'Paul…' She turned to Ash. "You shouldn't have said those things to him, Ash!" Ash turned toward her angrily.

"Everything I said was true and you know it!" He growled. He threw his Pokeball. Electabuzz looked around for Paul. Ash walked over to him. "Paul gave you to me, Electabuzz. Don't worry, I'll be much kinder to you." Electabuzz nodded but didn't look entirely happy… Dawn sighed and threw her own Pokeballs.

"Ursaring and Weavile!" She called. Her two new Pokemon looked at her in confusion. "Paul gave you guys to me." They both gasped in shock. Brock looked toward Dawn.

"You know what doesn't make sense? This goes over the limit of Pokemon that you're both allowed to carry and nothing was transported into your PC." Dawn tilted her head.

"What does that mean, Brock?" Brock watched Paul go.

"It means that there's still some hope for Paul. His Pokemon still belong to him. They have faith that he'll change." Dawn smiled.

"If that's true, I'll help him!"

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