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This is almost a year later . . . (Iruka still hasn't properly kissed Sari -_- *sigh* )

"Ah, no fair! I lost every game!" Naruto was looking at his score for the five games of bowling they had played. For Sari's 16th birthday, she, Iruka, and all the remaining Leaf-Village Genin had gone bowling. (It was originally supposed to be just Sari and Iruka, but they met the others there and joined them.)

"I guess bowling's just not your game." Sakura said. Inner Sakura: Ha! I totally kicked your butt, Naruto!

"Nah, I must've had a defective ball, or something."

"You used every ball they had, Naruto, I think you're the defective one." Kiba said.

"Hey, you didn't do that good either!"

"Better than you!" (His score was only ten points higher)

"Whatever, I'll see you guys tomorrow." They separated into groups at a crossing and walked home.

"Good night, Naruto, I am looking forward to beating you again." Lee called.

"Well, that was fun." Iruka said as he and Sari walked together—holding hands.

"Yeah, we should do it again next year."

Iruka looked at Sari who was smiling at nothing—she just seemed to be happy with everything. They stopped in front of the tavern but Iruka didn't let go of her hand.

"What is it?" Sari asked.

"I-I have one more present for you." Iruka was blushing, but he was determined do it. "Close your eyes." It had taken him this long to finally summon the courage to kiss her.

Sari felt Iruka's hand on her cheek and then their lips met. She opened her eyes, not sure if this was really happening. He pulled away, blushing. "Um, good-night!"

He turned and ran away. Sari stood there and watched him, her cheeks on fire.

She reached up and brushed her lips with her fingers. "Iruka-sensei . . ." She smiled. "I can't believe that actually happened—I've waited so long." She headed up the stairs toward her room.

"I just hope I won't wake up tomorrow and find that it was a dream."

Sari blushed and waved when she saw Iruka come into the tavern. She handed two women their drinks and then made her way over to him. When she had woken up, she thought that maybe the kiss really had been a dream—she had to know.

"Um, Iruka-sensei." She clutched the serving tray tightly in her hands. "W-what happened last night? After we went bowling?"

"What do you mean? Nothing happened." Iruka had been up all night, worried that he hadn't done the right thing. If Sari didn't remember, he didn't want to make her.

"Oh." She looked a little disappointed. A large group of rowdy men came in. "I'd better go." She went to take the men's orders and disappeared behind the bar.

One of the men whistled when she was gone. "I'd like to get my hands on some of that!" Iruka glared at him (wishing looks could kill).

Sari returned with a tray full of drinks and began passing them out to the rowdy bunch. The man that had whistled earlier slapped her on the butt as she walked by (Iruka squeezed his glass so hard that it shattered) but Sari ignored him—a lot of male customers did that.

The man kept calling for Sari, flirting with her and buying more drinks. Iruka finally lost it when the man pulled Sari into his lap. He stood up, walked right over, and punched the guy in the face. His friends all stared for a moment before cracking up.

"We told you—a girl that pretty's got to have a boyfriend!" The man held his bleeding nose and angrily stomped from the tavern.

Iruka led Sari to the back room. "I can't stand to see them touch you like that!" He said angrily. He looked away from her. "Sari, I have to tell you—last night, I really did kiss you."

"What? Why did you say that nothing happened then?"

"It just didn't seem right—you're so much younger than me!" She just stared at him, openmouthed. When he looked up, he figured she was shocked that he liked her and looked at the floor again, embarrassed. "I-I understand if you hate me, but—"

He was cut off as Sari threw her arms around him and kissed him. She pulled back just long enough to whisper, "I could never hate you."

Maya closed the door to the back room, giving them some privacy.

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