Okay newcomers...if any... story starts slow, first chapters ('til 4) are short and might be weird. Currently, I've posted 67 chapters so far, so you have a long way to go and I hope you enjoy it.

BtVs and AtS characters, so not mine.

Visibly shaking sat the little girl. Well, that pretty much depends on your point of view, the little part of course, and pretty much the girl part also…

Sitting before the mass of people, sat the girl waiting to be trialed. It was not the people that gave a reason or an explanation to the girl's shaking. No, it wasn't either the punishment she was sure she was going to be judged with. No. it wasn't either the thrill to trialed. No, and it certainly wasn't the fear of what would come after getting sentenced. No, this girl wasn't shaking because she was afraid of what would happen to her. It was what it would happen to her she was afraid of. Oh no, she wasn't worried about herself as much as she was worried about the other girl.

Final verdict: Guilty. Even if she had been judged 'Not guilty' by an amazing miracle of a lawyer and pretty much obliviousness of the present, it wouldn't change the fact that she was guilty of everything she had been charged for. Even more.

So that verdict was pretty much what she expected. It only served to confirm what she feared. She would be kept away from her.

In short, she didn't mind going to prison. It meant a roof and food for 25 years. She didn't have to worry about getting a job, or seduce to get at least a meal or something to eat once in a week. So pretty much she didn't care about that. If only she had known a few hours earlier, she wouldn't have given herself in. No one could save the soulless person Buffy was to become. Not with the only one who could fight, stop and save her behind bars.

If only she had known…