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Chapter 4. Absolutely Sweet Marie

Still furious, Rogue walked out of the bar avoiding any attention the best she could; the last thing she wanted now was yet another man trying to hit on her. Once in the street, the light breeze relaxed her a little. She'd decided to go back to the hotel, call Storm and tell her what a waste of time finding this Gambit guy had been. However, as she walked across the crowded streets of the French Quarter, hearing the music ooze through the walls and into the night, she overheard a couple of girls talking. Apparently one of them had had a pretty bad night, but what caught Rogue's attention were the words of the second girl, "Hey I'm your friend sweetie, what are friends for, huh?"

Hey, I'm not your father. I'm your friend...

Her mind went back to the day she decided to leave the Institute. A day she clearly remembered as if it were yesterday.

"Need a lift kid?" Logan had asked her as she walked towards the main entrance, noticing her packed bag.

"No." Rogue had said turning around to face him.

"Where you going?" He had asked, already knowing where she was heading, and why.

Rogue hadn't answer his question though. "You don't know what it's like to be afraid of your powers," she had tried to explain her actions. "Be afraid to get close to anybody."

"Yeah, I do." He had replied honestly.

"I want to be able to touch people Logan," dear God the last thing she had wanted was to sound pathetic. "A hug, a handshake, a kiss..."

"I hope you're not doing this for some boy."

Rogue had lowered her gaze and looked at the floor. Was she really doing this for her or for Bobby?

"Look," Logan had continued. "If you wanna go then go, just be sure it's what you want."

"Shouldn't you be telling me to stay?" Rogue had then smiled shyly. "To go up stairs and unpack?"

Logan had shaken his head, while smiling at her. "I'm not your father, I'm your friend... think about what I said Rogue." He had started to walk away slowly then.

"Marie." Rogue had said firmly after him.

He had turned around smiling saying, "Marie." (1)

I'm not your father. I'm your friend...

Logan's words echoed in her mind as unexpected and unwelcome tears filled her shining green eyes. The deep meaning of his words hit her. She knew what she had to do. Brushing the tears and thoughts away, Rogue turned on her heels and headed towards the club again. The street was far from deserted, but the sound of her steps on the sidewalk seemed to be extraordinarily loud despite of the loudly night. Rogue realized it was her. For the first time in years, she was nervous. What she hadn't decided yet was if it was because of the whole mission, the idea that had come into her mind as she retraced her steps or because of the fact that she was going to see Gambit again.


Rogue peered into the darkness of the alley and wait. She seized her chances to run and hide after doing what she intended to do. The fire stairs and trash containers made the alley extremely dark, so running away unnoticed wouldn't be a problem. After several minutes waiting the back of the club finally opened and a tall figure emerged from the blackness of the staircase into the dimmed lights of the street lamps, she immediately recognized him. Rogue smiled as he lit up a cigarette, drawing and inhaling deeply while the door behind him slowly swung closed.

Coming out from her hiding place, Rogue walked determinedly towards him removing one of her gloves.

"Hey sugar, do you have a light?" She asked in her most feminine and seductive voice.

The man turned around but Rogue didn't bother waiting for a response, she lunged forward grabbing his hand with her gloved one and with one quick movement she placed her bare hand over his face. For an instant the man struggled but was unable to break the contact and within minutes his lifeless body slumped to the ground. Rogue took a moment to compose herself as the man's thoughts and memories flooded her head. She closed her eyes, breathed deeply and stood still just as the Professor had taught her.

"Guess not..." she said as she left the alley.


About two hours later, Remy LeBeau decided it was time to call it off for the night. He collected his winnings as he emptied his last glass in one gulp and stood abruptly, pushing aside the blonde woman sitting next to him who had been playing with his hair for the past hour in a vain attempt to capture his attention. It hadn't been his best night, which was for sure; in fact he had lost a couple of hands, which annoyed him. But above all he had ignored every single women who had tried to catch his attention, which was something odd for him to do. All but one... the green eyed sexy mutant named Rogue.

"You're going home LeBeau?" a blonde man sitting at a poker table asked him.

"Oui, I'm going to call it a night."

"Rather early for you, hein?"

"What can I say Maurice... I'm sleepy."

"Ha," the man chuckled. "Belle femme waiting for you at home?"

"Now, you know that ain't my style homme," Remy didn't feel like bringing the women topic up for discussion right about now -or anytime for that matter- and especially not with Maurice, but above all not when he hadn't been able to stop thinking about her. So, he simply changed the subject, redirecting the conversation to less important issues so he wouldn't have to say anything he didn't want to. In fact, the Prince of Thieves was pretty good at it and used to do every time he was uncomfortable about a topic and wanted to end it or every time he didn't want the others to know what was he thinking, usually taking advantage of his empathy. "Hey, have you seen Etienne?"

"Non," Maurice answered carelessly. "Wasn't he with some blonde? He was with that girl... the blonde one, Delphine."

"Guess I'm going home without him." Remy stated without further thought.

"I saw him," the young waiter from earlier said, nodding at the back door. "He went out for a smoke about two hours ago."

That caught Remy's attention. Even though a couple of years younger than him, his cousin Etienne tended to look older, something that he'd learnt to use on his behalf, especially when it came to women. However as womanizer as Etienne could be, he wasn't allowed to leave Remy without further notice, since as a young and still in training thief he was under the command and supervision of an elder one, in this case Remy.

"When you see him, tell him I went home, mais emphasize that I wasn't pleased with his actions." The young boy just nodded in response. He wasn't part of the Thieves Guild. He was just an employee at one of the clubs the Guild had set up as a shell business for money laundering, tax evasion and delight. But he was sure of one thing, never piss a thief and especially not a LeBeau.


Quietly Remy walked down the streets of New Orleans, his hands in his pockets and his eyes fixed on the road ahead, but his mind miles away. He couldn't stop thinking about what had happened tonight when he met the X-girl named Rogue. She had asked for his help, or attempted to, but she had left before he had a chance to find out more about her. She had mentioned Logan, but also Stryker, and the mere name of the leader of the Weapon X Project had brought back a bunch of memories. Bad memories, things he'd tried for a long time to forget. The Island and what they had done to him. Those men were sick, cold-hearted bastards experimenting on mutants.

Remy thought about Logan. The last time he'd seen him the man was still a total chaos. He owned nothing but blurred memories, lived a life based upon that and used to drink like a fish. It was his own way to remember. Remy chuckled. Another benefit of having a healing mutation; it prevented him to get drunk. After that time, he hadn't seen or knew anything about him except for that time he saw him on the news and he was part of the X-men by then. Magneto and Ellis Island, mutants all over the world talked about that for days. And then it hit him. The girl… it was her! Rogue was the girl Magneto tried to use to turn all humans into mutants. For God's sake she'd have died if the X-men hadn't saved her… if Logan hadn't saved her.

Remy had jus realized who the girl was and he was completely shocked.

Without a further thought, Remy took out his cell phone and dialed his cousin Theoren Marceaux number. Theo was the computer expert of the Guild and one of the few ones that knew about Remy's personal files. The ones he'd stolen from Styker. Her name had to be there, among other names of relevant mutants.

"Aló, Theo?" Remy asked in a low voice.

"Hi Remy, what's-"

"Where are you?" Remy cut him off.

"Guild headquarters, pourquoi?" Dear Lord, if Remy wanted him to lie for him about so that he can get rid of tomorrow's morning meeting.

"Is mon pere there?"

"No," Theo replied annoyed. He loved his cousin, but sometimes Remy's Casanova ways could be way too much to cover. "Remy what's going on? You're acting weird."

"Everything is fine Theo," Remy assured his cousin. "Listen, I need you to do me a favor."

"Ok." Theo gave up, letting out a sigh of resignation.

"My room, the files…" Well, that clearly wasn't what Theo was expecting. "You know what ones, the ones I stole from Stryker, go get them and read the names to me."

After a pause where Remy did not hear anything, Theoren replied. "Allerdyce John..."

Remy shook his head. He didn't have much time. "Theo, just the femmes ones."

And so, Theo began again, this time reading just the females names on the list.


"Wait," Remy interrupted. "I think that's the one... what does it say?"


By the time Remy got home, he didn't know how he felt about Rogue anymore. He'd promised himself a thousand times never to go back down that road again. Once he escaped the Island he'd chosen to be a thief, not a mutant. Remy could still remember Stryker doing experiments on him as clearly as if it had been yesterday. He wasn't sure why he had helped Logan back then, but after the time he watched him on the news in Ellis Island he'd decided to keep a low profile and live a life as far from the mutant kind as he could; that's the reason he hadn't return Logan's calls before the Alcatraz incident, and that's the reason he wasn't going to help this girl now. But as soon as he entered his apartment, he found himself having second thoughts at the unexpected aroma that enveloped him. He'd only know it just a few hours ago, but it was unmistakable.

Remy locked the door behind him and walked through the dark, well aware of the pair of emerald eyes examining him from the shadows (his red yes could be really useful in the middle of the dark). He pretended not to notice and walking through the darkness he played his answering machine. No new messages. He then took off his trench coat and his black t-shirt, revealing his perfect well-toned chest, and as he was just about to unzip his jeans he heard a stifled gasp behind him.

"Should I keep going ma belle?" Rogue gasped at the shock of both, being discovered and the sight of the half naked man before her. "You might enjoy the sight…" Remy said, reaching down to his pants.

"What the hell are you doing?" Rogue asked, grateful for the darkness that hid the increasing blush on her face.

"I could ask you the same question petite," Remy said walking to the window, looking outside and shutting the blinds. "Why are you sitting in my apartment in the dark?"

"How did you know I was here?"

"Your sweet scent betrayed you ma chère," Remy continued, not bothering to look at Rogue as he turned on a lamp. "But to be honest I was expecting you, just not this soon."

"You knew I was coming?"

"Non, not exactly... mais I knew you would be back," Remy finally sat down on a chair across from her. "How did you know where I live, though?" He asked as he lit up a cigarette. He closed his eyes and with a deep breath let out a big trail of smoke.

"I've my ways too, you know Cajun." Rogue replied trying to ignore his charm and suave manners.

"Oh, I see," Remy smiled at her. "Maybe I can find out myself, hein?" He said as he stood from his chair in the corner and went over to the couch she was sitting on.

"Don't touch me... and I'm not kidding." She stated firmly.

"Good," Remy replied leaning against the couch, trapping her while he raised a hand to sweep away a stray strand of hair from her face, while his eyes slowly caressed her features. "Because neither am I... Marie."


This chapter's title was after Bob Dylan's "Absolutely Sweet Marie", an amazing song if you don't know it go and listen to it now!!

(1) Logan and Rogue scene from X-men The last Stand.

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