The Big Bad Wolf

A Doctor Who General Fanfic

She doesn't understand why, but the Big Bad Wolf strikes fear in her heart.

Rated K for the ability to hide all the references.

Disclaimer: As much as I wish I was, I am not the owner of Doctor Who. If I was, however, it would not have been around for nearly as long as it has.

A/N: This story was born thanks to MakeLoveNotSense's fic Time Was. It's a huge collection of one-shots. They're brilliant. You should go read them.

Not only that, but it was typed in some ancient version of Word on an 11-year-old computer running Windows 98. Why, you ask, was this the case? Long story short, I got an ancient laptop from my dad for typing up notes. It's so far proved more useful in staying up and writing stories. XD

Enjoy a bit of introspective Donna.

(235 words)

She's suddenly afraid of wolves.

It didn't use to be this way. She never thought much of the creatures before, but for some reason a horrifying image – no, a horrifying feeling has resurfaced in her mind. The Big Bad Wolf. She wonders what she could have possibly done to have such an ancient image resurface. It's not as though she's gone around reading children's stories anytime recently. She's had no reason to.

But the horrible fear of them is still there. She must have seen something, an advertisement for some children's movie that features the Big Bad Wolf, likely as not. This, however, goes deeper than she ever remembers that childhood fear going. She remembers the fear of the great big beast coming to get her from when she was young. Even then, the Big Bad Wolf never struck quite this much fear into he. Now the fear goes deep down into her very soul, permeating every fibre of her being. It's deeper than words, deeper than memories she can bring up: something about this fear lies within what makes her her. Something that's hidden just a little too deep for her to put her finger on, but she knows it's there.

Something, which she can't touch, that makes her fear the Big Bad Wolf.

And there's something terribly important that she has to tell someone.

The only trouble is she doesn't know his name.