Chapter 7 – Home at Last!

She saw the Haliwell sisters step through and through the lake she could see that her friends were now being welcomed by two little boys and a man who was giving Piper a hug. Zelda wondered for a brief moment why Hilda and Salem hadn't noticed where she had landed but then thought...possibly her brain dead sister had found some bright shiny object that had taken her mind off what was happening a bit too long.

Zelda pointed at herself and zapped herself home happy that now she was in the are of the witches council that her magic was back in order. The first thing she noticed when she got home was Hilda sitting on the couch watching the television.

She sighed thinking "some things never changed. Then smiled thinking of the time that she had spent with the Haliwell sisters and with Severus Snape wondering what would happen next. Would they ever hear from them again?

Authors note: Now I would like for you my dear readers to tell me in your reviews whether or not I should try to write another piece like this. Tell me what you think of this piece and tell me whether there should be a love blossoming between one wacky science effected aunt and one cranky potions master. Looking forward to hearing from you.