"Why'd you turn traitor?" Genma asked, because he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon unless his captor decided to let him. Dark eyes turned to look at him, still a little fuzzy from the afterglow.

"Because Master wanted me to." was the murmured reply.

Genma hummed noncommittally, trying to forget the stickiness beneath him and the pain that the wire binding his limbs and his chakra were causing. Fuck it, he ached! Usually when he was naked and helpless in a bed, the bed was his and he was trying something kinky with his lover.

'Raidou!' the longhaired jounin snapped to alert, glancing around the darkened area for his best friend, partner, and lover. He wasn't there.

"Where'd you put Raidou!" Genma demanded, doing his best to sound and look intimidating, nevermind that he was sore, sticky, and drained of all chakra.

"The scarred jounin that was with you?" his captor asked calmly.

"Yes." Genma ground out, horribly worried that he was dead and it would be all his fault and he wouldn't be there anymore.

"Still in Konoha. He's alive." Genma breathed a little easier at those words, even knowing that they could easily be false. Something that his captor said prodded his mind. "Still in Konoha? Where are we?" He was, understandably, confused seeing as he had no recollection whatsoever of moving. He had been captured, subdued, and had progressed to where they were now.

"Not in Konoha. The only reason that you are here is because Master can extract useful information from you. Don't tempt me into doing something that I'll regret." Amber eyes went dark and empty.

Seeing Genma shut down, the traitor softened, knowing that it was the expectation of most captured shinobi that they were going to die, slowly and painfully, alone and in enemy hands.

"Don't worry." He said at last. "All of our prisoners go home eventually."

That Genma had to answer. "Yeah." Genma said sarcastically, snorting in disbelief that he would get out of this unscathed. "Alive or dead?"

"That's usually a toss up." His captor answered seriously. Genma blinked in shock that he had actually been answered seriously.

"Between what?" he asked, and immediately wished that he had shut his big fat mouth. Questioning someone too much when they had you at their mercy was not a good idea. The figure next to him didn't seem to mind.

"Alive and well- well as well as you can get after being interrogated, or dead and in pieces."

"Charming image there, kid." Genma cursed himself again, damnit, but this kid was good. It was entirely too easy to fall into casual banter with the brat, too easy to forget that he was tied up when he was talking casually, too easy to forget that the kid was a traitor and had captured him for interrogation. It had to be a genjutsu or a drug or something, because there was no way that he would lower his guard this easily in a normal setting. He was too good for that to happen without outside influences. The kid was definitely good if he could slip something like that past the tokujou. Or, he was specifically trained for subduing higher level shinobi, which wasn't all that farfetched.

Genma spent some time thinking about the possible reasons that he was captured, what information they could get out of him, what techiniques he might employ to resist, whether or not he could escape, and his mind drifted over their conversation, searching for any hint of information that he could use. Nothing, except that the kid worked for someone, an organization maybe, and wherever they were heading, they either killed their victims or sent them home.

And now he would be thinking about being sent home to Rai in a body bag, one bloody piece at a time. Oh God, what that would do to Raidou. . . . .

Busy thinking about possible future horrors, Genma almost missed the quiet "night" that came from beside him. Dark eyes closed as their owner snuggled closer to Genma in preparation of sleep. Genma tensed, then gave up after a few minutes of nothing. He fell asleep after a few minutes of listening to the sound of soft light breathing.