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Penelope; Chapter 1

"And I'm going home, to the place where I belong,

And where your love has always been enough for me."

I raised the volume on my iPod and sang along to the lyrics. I adored any song by Daughtry. He was a freakin' musical genius, and he also happened to be one of my idols. Merlin was the other. I mean, what kind of Enchantress would I be if I didn't like Merlin?

"I'm not running from, no,

I think you got me all wrong.

I don't regret this life, it's just for me."

"Yo, Penny!" I fell off the top bunk of my bed, and levitated myself before I hit the floor. This muffled the impact so I could stand up. My brother Timothy stood in the doorway, leaning casually against it.

"Next time, just knock." He laughed and sat down on his bed.

"You wouldn't have heard me over your dulcet tones." I scowled. Tim was my twin, with the same purplish blue-black hair as I did, and the purple eyes that all powerful Enchanters had. Our only difference was our sex. Other than that, we were identical down to the last freckle.

"What do you want, Tim?" He smiled, eyes twinkling.

"Ah, dear, sweet, innocent Penelope; I have wonderful news. We're moving. To Washington."

"WHAT?! We're moving to D.C.?!" He rolled his eyes.

"No, idiot. Washington State, not D.C. We're moving in with Grandma Marie. She lives in Forks, remember?"

Oh, hell no. My mother could not do this to me before Academy auditions. They were enrolling next week! I stormed into the kitchen, the air crackling with electricity.

"We're leaving Tahiti for the rainiest place in the continental U.S?" My mother looked up from her magazine.

"I see Timothy has told you the good news, Penelope. And will you please control yourself; you are setting my gardenias on fire." She extinguished the small fire with a flick of her hands, and motioned for me to sit on the stool next to her. I did so, and then turned for an explanation. Mother sighed.

"Penelope, your Grandmamma is very old, and she isn't the Enchantress she used to be. She needs help around the house, and as we are her only family left…" I groaned internally.

"Why can't she come to us? I have Academy tryouts soon."

"Penelope Ann Martin, your grandmother is sick; and all you're thinking about is some art school?" How low, trying to pity me.

"It is not just an art school! They also happen to have one of the best undercover Magike programs in the entire magikal realm!" Mother pursed her lips, a sure sign of trouble ahead.

"I am very sorry, Penelope, but my decision is final. We leave next week." Her expression softened. "I'm sure you'll have plenty of fun in Forks." I rose out of the stool and ran to my bedroom, slamming the door behind me. Tim made way as I flung myself on the bed, and turned on the music as loud as it would go. I was vaguely aware that he sat down next to me.

"But these places and these faces are getting old. So I'm going home."

Outside, thunder boomed in the distance.