Chapter 1: In Dire Need

Bella Swan was in dire need of a job. The company she had helped her father start a couple years prior presented her with a hefty, steady income; and that was great, but to tell the truth, she was bored.

She looked around her beautifully decorated, and spacious living room and sighed.

The problem with being the CEO's daughter was that she got all the perks of earning a six figure salary without actually having to go to the office every day. She could only shop and grab lunch with friends for so many days in a row. She couldn't live like this. She wanted a challenge. But at this point she would settle for something to do; something (anything) to work on; or better yet, someone to help.

-- --

Cullen Enterprises

Emmett Cullen was in dire need of a personal assistant, or secretary, or anyone really that could help him stay organized and on time. He loved his job and thrived on seeing his ideas turn into reality. As a VP in Cullen Enterprises, every day brought in a new challenge, but lately, after his last couple secretaries quit, the challenges seemed to be piling up and now the mess that used to be his office was a nightmare he didn't know how to deal with. Sometimes he was scared of coming in to work.

He was riffling through some papers looking for the one that held all his scheduled meetings when Jasper Whitlock knocked on his open office door. He looked up to see an amused look on his friends face.

"You need a secretary" he said while chuckling.

Emmet looked at the mess and sighed, "Don't I know it. It seems that I can't keep a secretary for longer than 2 weeks. They all quit. I'm not a bad boss. I'm not mean or angry and I don't even yell at them when they make mistakes. What in the hell am I doing wrong? Seriously!"

Jasper laughed and took a seat in front of the desk. He studied his frustrated friend before he spoke.

"You're being too charming"

Emmett stopped shuffling through his papers and gaped at him. "Too charming? What is that? I like being nice to all my employees. What's the problem with that? You're nice to your co-workers too!"

"I didn't say nice. I said charming. And you have a demonic girlfriend too."

Emmet gaped at him as he continued, "You unconsciously flirt with them and they fall for you. I'm guessing that Jessica, your last secretary, quit after Rose showed her snotty little face around here."

Emmett sat down and put his head on his hands. "What? I didn't even know I was flirting. And please, don't refer to Rose in that way. She's not a demon. She's nice and she's beautiful. I don't understand why you don't like her. Even Alice likes her. They're great friends"

Jasper laughed, "Don't remind me. You and I both know that Alice is a little snob too, but I can't help but love her anyway. Now, we have to find you a new secretary, my friend. You really need some help. It's gotten to the point that you don't even get work done. We need someone that will last. Someone that can multitask and keep you organized. Someone that won't take crap from Rose or any of her snotty little friends. Someone that will not become attached…and I think I have the perfect person for the job. You're going to love her"

Emmet looked up, looking slightly worried. "You do? I will?"

"Yes, she loves challenges and this is definitely a challenge"