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What If: Flying Lessons - Chapter 1

"I'll be back tomorrow." Videl stated

"What!? But I already taught you how to fly! All you really need is some private practice!" Gohan argued.

"I wanna learn more about this…or is my presence a burden on you!?" Videl asked while giving him her death glare.

"Oh…umm…of course not! It's just..." Gohan stuttered.

"Good, it's settled then." Videl said as she threw out a capsule and her jet popped out. "Cya tomorrow." Videl said leisurely walking towards her jet.

"Ya, cya." Gohan said waiving goodbye. Gohan then remembered something. "Oh, Videl?" he asked.

Videl stopped at eh door to her jet to turn and look at Gohan. "Yes?" she asked.

Gohan then got very nervous. "Umm…I was thinking…about your hair…" Gohan slowly said.

"Huh?" Videl said realizing it wasn't a question about fighting, but simply about her…her appearance.

After building up enough courage, Gohan finally finished his sentence saying "It might be better short." ending it with a short laugh.

Videl just stood there, slowly taking in what Gohan had just told her and then looked down at one of her pigtails. Then slowly putting a hand on it she started to form a blush on her cheeks. 'He thinks I would look good with short hair?' she thought. 'Is he interested in me!?'

'Why is she blushing like that!?' Gohan asked himself 'I've never seen her blush before…Oh man, I wish I knew more about this girl business.'

Videl then looked up at Gohan which caught him by surprise as she was still blushing at him and he wasn't used to this side of Videl.

"So you mean you like short hair…on girls Gohan?" Videl asked excitedly looking straight into hi onyx eyes.

'Uh Oh' Gohan thought as a large sweat drop formed on the back of his head. 'What do I do now? If I tell her no, she will probably feel insulted and then I'll be in serious trouble. I better say yes.' Gohan decided. Then putting his hand behind his head, and giving off the biggest grin he could, he said "I mean ya, I think you would look better with short hair." Gohan's grin disappeared at what he said. "I mean…not that you don't look good already…GAH!!...I mean…."

Videl laughed as Gohan frantically tried to find the right words to say. 'Well this changes a few things' she thought as she turned around to get up in the driver's seat of her jet copter.

Gohan saw this and wondered if he had said something wrong. Then just before she took off, he noticed that she was still smiling and blushing at him. "Thanks Gohan! I'll be here same time tomorrow ok!?" she yelled.

Gohan cocked his head to one side pondering what all just happened, but just instinctively said "Ok, Cya tomorrow Videl." And with that she took off.

It was Gohan's turn to blush as he remembered how he told Videl she looked good. 'I need to stop letting my emotions get the better of me around her.' He thought.

"What's up with you Gohan?"

Gohan snapped out of his thoughts to see Goten right behind him.

"Hey, why is your face all red?" Goten asked

"Oh, don't worry about it Goten, let's just get back to training on our own, just like you want right Goten?" Gohan said quickly trying to rid his face of its redness.

"Oh Boy!" Goten yelled. "I'll get you this time!"

Gohan smiled. "We'll see." He snickered.

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