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What If: Flying Lessons Chapter 8

"NOW FLOOR IT!" shouted Mr. Satan.

"Uhh… to where?..." asked the frightened cab driver.

"To Mount Paouz" Sharpner chimed in.

"AND IF YOU DON'T GET ME THERE WITHIN 10 MINUTES, YOU'LL BE SORRY!" shouted the champ once again.

"But sir…" he started


And with that, they were on their way as fast as the cab could go.


'I'm getting nowhere' Videl thought to herself as she let out a groan. She had thought to herself that maybe she could learn to fly better without having to resort to her plan, but it looked like it was no use. All she could think of was Ereza's plan and how Gohan would react to it. She knew that because of this, she wouldn't be able to concentrate on her flying, which is why even after an hour of trying, she had made no progress since her last visit.

Now Gohan had been watching his student intently and saw that even though it looked like she was trying very hard, Videl, to his dismay, was getting no results. Now Gohan knew the problem was because her mind wasn't focused on flying, but on what is what Gohan was still unsure of. Even though his mother explained to him that it was actually Gohan himself that Videl was thinking of, Gohan still had his doubts on the situation.

'Maybe she's mad with her father about something.' he thought as a possibility. 'I mean she's practically a celebrity! How could she like a nerdy guy like me who she has only met like two weeks ago? I mean, she's only using me so she can learn how to fly…isn't she?..'

But Gohan's mother's words kept repeating in his mind. The reason for this being was because Gohan couldn't deny that he hoped his mother's words were true, that Videl did like him, because the truth is…Gohan had grown to like Videl.

'There's just something about her' Gohan thought. 'Her stubbornness is cute, her determination is great, and her looks…' Gohan slightly blushed 'Well, ya she looks good' he thought trying to quickly rid his blush before Videl noticed.

Videl then stopped levitating and fell to the ground with a loud thump snapping Gohan out of his dilemma.

"Umm...Videl?.. are you ok?" Gohan asked looking down at her.

Gohan didn't get an answer.

"Videl?" Gohan said as he knelt down in front of her.

Videl was looking down at the ground, but Gohan could see that tears had started to form in her eyes. Gohan couldn't bear to see Videl upset, so very slowly and gingerly he put his left hand on her shoulder and with his right hand, gently lifted her chin so that she would look up at him.

Videl was still trying to hold back her tears when Gohan unexpectantlely lifted her head up. Looking at him, she got lost in his eyes like she always did. What was it about his eyes that put her in a trance every time she looked at them?

Gohan gave her a small smile even though he still had a look of concern in his eyes. "Please don't cry Videl" he whispered to her while he wiped away some of her tears.

The two were now so close that Videl could feel Gohan's breath brush her lips and the touch of his hand on her face made her shiver. She felt like she was losing it and decided that she couldn't wait any longer. She needed to know how Gohan felt here and now. 'Screw the plan' she quickly decided as instinct kicked in and she crashed her lips upon Gohan's

Gohan was shocked. He hadn't expected this at all, especially not from Videl! 'Oh my God! Videl's kissing me!' Gohan thought with a few seconds passing. 'What do I do? What do I do!?' he thought. 'Kiss her back you idiot!' came a voice in his mind. 'Oh ya…" Gohan thought. But just as Gohan was regaining his composure to return Videl's kiss, she pulled away looking to the right and said "Dad!?"

Gohan had been so caught up in what was happening that he didn't even realize that Videl's father, Mr. Satan, had arrived screaming his head off with a smiling Sharpner behind him.


"Dad I…" Videl said as she began to try and defend herself, but then she looked at Gohan who looked back at her. Videl then dropped her head. 'He must not like me that way' She thought 'He didn't do anything when I kissed him. What more proof do I need?'


"I'm sorry Gohan" she whispered to Gohan as she finally stood up. Gohan could see the tears start to return to her eyes once more but starting to come at full force this time. "G-Goodbye Gohan" she said turning away to walk away towards her still screaming father. Gohan stood up. "V-Videl…" Gohan whispered but not loud enough for her to hear.


"I-I'm sorry dad" was all she said as she got in the car with her dad and Sharpner who was making a taunting face at Gohan for what he had accomplished.

Gohan just looked on as he watched the car drive off. 'What have I done' he thought.

"Gohan! Gohan!" came Goten's voice "What's going on! I heard someone yelling…hey, where's Videl?" Goten asked.

"She…She had to go…" Gohan stuttered still looking off to where the car went.

"Oh! So can we train?" Goten asked excitedly.

Gohan just hung his head "No Goten…I'm just not in the mood now" he said

Goten cocked his head to the side in confusion.

"I'm just going to go home to the house" Gohan said as he slowly lifted off and flew home.

"Huh…W-Wait, don't leave me!" Goten yelled as he took off after his big brother.


Gohan arrived home and upon entering was greeted by his mother, Chi Chi.

"Good Morning Gohan! So..!? Did anything happen today with Videl!?" she asked

"No" Gohan lied as he walked right past her and to his room.

"Gohan?.." Chi Chi asked in a concerned voice but got no reply.

Just then Goten showed up in the front door "Mommy! Mommy! Something is wrong with Gohan!" he said quickly and full of concern.

"Yes, I saw…" Chi Chi said "Don't worry Goten, I'll take care of it. Why don't you have a little snack and watch TV while I talk with Gohan ok?"

"Ok…I hope big brother is ok." Goten said as he walked into the living room.

"Me too." Chi Chi added as she walked towards Gohan's room.

She knocked on the door…no answer…this time she opened the door slowly and saw Gohan lying face down on his bed.

"Gohan, honey, what's wrong?" she asked as she closed the door behind her.

She got no answer again, only a shake of the head from her son. She walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed and put a comforting hand on Gohan's back "It's ok Gohan, you can tell me. Did something happen with Videl?" she said reassuringly already knowing what, or rather who, was troubling her son.

"Y-Yes" Gohan stuttered as he lifted himself up to sit on the bed next to his mother.

"Can you tell me what happened?" Chi Chi asked with her hand still on his back for comfort.

"O-Ok," Gohan said regaining his composure. "Well, Videl was still having a tough time improving her flying skills It looked like finally had it and she fell to the ground in frustration. But then… she started to cry."

Chi Chi nodded her head letting Gohan know that she was following.

"Well, I couldn't stand seeing Videl like that, so I knelt down beside her to see if she was alright and to tell her everything was ok" Gohan continued. "A-And then… it happened."

"What happened?" Chi Chi asked eager to know.

"She…She kissed me" Gohan said with a small blush and smile creeping across his face.

Chi Chi smiled "Well that's a good thing right?" she asked

Then Gohan's smile turned back into a frown "Well… no, because her dad showed up before I could respond to the kiss because I was caught off guard." He said while thinking about how stupid he was for not responding quicker.

"Her dad!? How did he know where the two of you were?" Chi Chi asked surprised.

"I think it was because this kid in my class told him." Gohan said referring to Sharpner.

'He will pay!' Chi Chi thought to herself. But trying to stay with Gohan, she asked "So then what happened?"

"Well… Videl looked really disappointed and then she even apologized to me about what she did before she left with her dad." Gohan said hanging his head.

"And you didn't try and stop her!?" Chi Chi asked.

Gohan just shook his head. "No, I messed everything up!" he said putting his hands though his hair in frustration.

Chi Chi started to rub Gohan's back "Hey, hey it's ok" she said trying to comfort him again.

"No it's not!" Gohan said sitting up and looking at her, "I don't know what I'm going to do Now! We probably won't even be friends now."

Chi Chi rolled her eyes at Gohan. "Oh c'mon Gohan, with your brains, you should know exactly what to do." She said jokingly.

"Mom!" Gohan said furrowing his brows in annoyance. "This is not the time to be cracking jokes."

"Ok look, it's obvious you two love each other. Now what happened today wasn't a bad thing, it was a good thing. Now you know Videl feels the same way. So now you must go to her and let her know how you feel." Chi Chi explained.

Gohan was looking at the ground taking in the information and just nodding his head. Then he looked up and asked "But what about her dad..?"

Chi Chi laughed, "What is he going to do to you? You're 100 times stronger than him" she said.

Gohan just smiled and scratched the back of his head "Ya…I guess you're right." He said.

"So you understand what you need to do?" Chi Chi asked standing up.

Gohan nodded as he stood up "Yup" he said with confidence in his eyes now instead of sadness.

"Good," Chi Chi said "Now go get her."

Gohan nodded and then hugged his mom "Thanks again mom." he whispered.

"You're welcome" she answered. "Now Go!" And with that, Gohan took off out the window.

Chi Chi came back into the living room where Goten was and said" Don't worry Goten, Gohan is fine now."

"Really!?" asked the chibi "So what happened?"

"Well let's just say that thanks to your mom, you might be getting a big sister" Chi Chi laughed.

Goten couldn't help but smile


Videl was once again lying in her bed looking up at the ceiling trying to figure out what had just happened. It was past sunset now and she had just come from a long talking to from her father telling her what she already knew. The only funny thing was that when Sharpner tried to make a move on Videl by trying to comfort her, Mr. Satan kick him out of the house telling him to either buff up a lot or never bother Videl again. That definitely made Videl feel a little better.

But besides that, she felt miserable. She finally found out how Gohan really felt about her…and unfortunately, it wasn't the outcome that she was hoping for.

'Maybe I should have just done what Ereza told me to do' Videl thought, but then shook her head 'Nah, it would just have the same outcome as what I did' she thought as she touched her lips with her fingertips remembering the kiss she had with Gohan but then frowning knowing that she probably just ruined their friendship forever. 'I'm so stupid' Videl thought. 'I should have never done that!'

Videl turned over and closed her eyes about to try to fall asleep and forget about everything when she heard a knock on her balcony door.

She turned over, got up, and walked over to her window and upon opening the blinds found the boy who was causing her so much emotional trouble standing on the other side of the screen door.

Gohan let out a reassuring smile and wave when Videl looked up at him. He felt a little better when he saw her give him a little smile as well and opened the door for him.

Soon after walking in though, her smile faded away and she went back over to her bed and sat down with her head down. Gohan began walking towards her when she lifted her head up. "Listen Gohan, I'm sorry about what happened today" she began. She put her head back down "Don't worry about my dad, I told him that you had nothing to do with what happened, t-that it was all my idea…" she finished trailing off.

Gohan was surprised at how she was reacting to all this, but soon thought better of thinking about it remembering what he came here to do and continued over to her until he sat down beside her.

"Videl…" he began putting his hand on her shoulder, "I should be the one apologizing."

Videl brought her head up and looked Gohan in the eyes. "What?.." she asked "What do you mean?"

"I mean this." Gohan said as he made the space between their faces disappear pressing his lips against hers.

Now it was Videl's turn to be shocked, but thankfully she overcame this shock quicker than Gohan had as she responded to the kiss quickly wrapping her arms around Gohan's neck while Gohan put his hands around Videl's waist pulling her closer to him.

After a few minutes they broke apart with Videl resting her head on Gohan's chest with his hands still wrapped around her.

"You're such a jerk" she said with a smile looking up at him.

Gohan looked down at her and gave her a curious look "What…why?" he asked

"You made me go through all that for nothing." Videl said referring to all her father's yelling and the emotional stress she went through.

Gohan realized this and gave her smile "I know, I hope you can forgive me" He said

Videl gave him a playful smile "I don't know 'Mr. Saiyaman'" she said sarcastically "I think you owe me."

Gohan smiled and leaned down for another kiss which Videl accepted. "How's that?" Gohan said playfully.

Videl smiled, "That's good for now, but what I was thinking was about you explaining this to my father." She said with an evil grin.

"Oh…" was all Gohan could say as a large sweat drop formed on Gohan's head.

~The End~

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