There was no other way to say it. He looked like a sex god. And unfortunately, he was also my teacher.

The first day of my senior year was supposed to be great. Finally, we were at the top of the social ladder. Although I'm definitely not part of the "popular" crowd like my younger brother Jason, I was still looking forward to being in that unassailable position of high school authority as a senior.

I arrived at the school a little earlier than normal; I tend to be overly punctual when I'm excited or nervous about something. Amelia, my best friend since before I could talk, called over to me to where she was sitting in the courtyard. (It's not like my high school is particularly ritzy, but it is historical and over a hundred years old. The architecture is pretty cool, but it makes heating and, especially cooling, a real bitch.)

"Sookie! Over here!" Amelia waved. I happily joined her, and we indulged in the typical girlie-squeals of best friends who hung out last night but act like they haven't seen each other in months. We fawned over each other's first day outfits, throwing out compliments with practiced speed and sincerity. As we chatted, someone walking past her caught my eye and I adjusted my gaze.

The first thing I noticed was his ass. For me, that's saying a lot- I don't like to judge people on their appearances and I especially try not to objectify someone. It's mostly because Gran is always emphasizing The Golden Rule, and it kind of disturbs me when a guy tries to hold a conversation with my ample bosom. So normally, I wouldn't act the same way and check out someone's physical, ahem, assets- but this stranger's ass was so perfectly tight and round, it seemed to be begging for me to take a bite out of it.

Blushing slightly from the erotic turn that my thoughts had taken, I chanced a look at the stranger's face. And was instantly mortified to see his cool blue eyes staring back at me. I couldn't believe that the one time I tried to check someone out, I got caught! (Well actually, I could. This seems to be the story of my life.)

Amelia noticed my sudden silence and waved her hand in front of my face. "Hello, earth to Sookie!" I broke eye contact with the tall, blonde stranger, who had the gall to smirk arrogantly (but oh-so-handsomely) at me as he continued to walk towards the main office. I quickly tried to distract myself with my bag, but it was too late. Amelia had already followed my gaze to see the Adonis, who, I had briefly registered, was wearing grey slacks and a white collared shirt. Her eyes widened as she took in his broad shoulders and long, lean torso, and she exclaimed, "Thank god, some new meat! I hope he's in some of my classes...Sooks, why are you so red? Do you know that guy?"

"Amelia!" I hissed, "Do you have be so loud? He just caught me accidentally checking him out! God, I am so embarrassed!"

She watched his retreating form, and judging from her hungry expression, I was surprised she didn't lick her lips or let out a wolf-whistle. Turning back to me, she commented blithely, "You should have winked or giggled or something! A hottie like that isn't going to be available for long in this one-Starbucks town."

Shaking my head, I gathered my stuff as just as the warning bell rang. "You're totally incorrigible, Ames," I said, pleased that at least I could use my Word-Of-The-Day. Amelia nudged me as she walked by. "Sooks, you've gotta loosen up a little. It's our last year, you need to let down your hair and relax. So what if he did catch you? At least he knows you're interested, and that's never a bad thing. Anyways, I'm off to Physics but I'll see you at lunch." Without looking back, she strode forward as I headed the opposite way towards my English class.

The rest of the day had proven to be uneventful, and I had forgotten about the Adonis until my last class, history. I took a seat next to my friend Claudine, who looked gorgeous as always. Whereas I was tan, blonde, and voluptuous (at least, I hoped that's how I would be described by others), Claudine was tall, slender and exotic. I couldn't help but compare myself to her, but fortunately Claudine was always so nice and helpful that she was impossible to dislike. Her twin brother Claude, on the other hand, was a card carrying member of the most popular clique in school and had often tried to bully me when we were younger. I subtly surveyed the class while conversing with Claudine, and I was relieved that Claude wasn't there but also slightly disappointed when I realized I didn't have any classes with the new student.

Eventually the bell rang and someone entered the room and closed the door behind them. I looked up, expecting to see the teacher, and was rewarded with the infuriatingly superior gaze of the Adonis. I expected him to walk to a desk and settle his magnificent tush in a seat, but instead he approached the chalkboard and wrote, "Mr. Northman."

Oh crap.