***** This story is the sequel to "Trunks and Goten's Excellent Adventure." Bulma and family use the reality jumper for its original purpose. Mirai no Trunks gets some special visitors for his birthday. *****

Sunlight filtered through the blinds of the bedroom, dancing about on the face of Trunks Briefs. The eight-year-old snuggled deeper under his covers, burying his face under the lush, feather pillows.
But that wasn't right. Because Trunks was no longer eight.
Sitting up suddenly, a smile crept across Trunks' face. Today was his birthday. He was now nine-years-old. Practically a man.
Jumping out of bed, Trunks ran towards the kitchen, still in his pajamas. He skidded to a halt in front of the room and stared wide-eyed. His father, Prince Vegeta, sat reading the newspaper. The Saiyan was muttering to himself in his native tongue. Trunks' mother, Bulma Briefs, stood in front of the stove, trying to keep the eggs from catching on fire. Everything was exactly as it was every other day. Except for the pile of presents stacked neatly in the center of the kitchen table.
"Alright!" shouted Trunks, lunging for the gifts.
His body was stopped mid-air as Vegeta effortlessly grasped the back of Trunk's shirt.
"Not so fast," growled the Prince.
Bulma turned from her cooking. Spotting her son hanging from her husband's grasp, she smiled.
"Happy birthday, sweetie!" she said, beaming as she held up the frying pan full of burnt eggs. "You have to wait until after breakfast to open your presents.
Vegeta carefully placed Trunks back on his feet. A small pout had spread across the boy's face. He wanted to open his presents now. Knowing that there would be no arguing with his mother, Trunks obediently took his place at the table. The child practically inhaled his food. He then sat impatiently as his parents finished their meal. Vegeta smirked evilly and ate his food slowly, carefully watching the tortured look on his son's face.
Finally, Bulma and Vegeta finished their breakfast. As soon as the plates were cleared and Bulma returned to the table, Trunks grabbed his presents. Wrapping paper flew in every direction. Sweater from the grandparents (there was a large wad of money in the pocket). Cards from Yamcha and Krillian. A new training gi from Vegeta. And more toys than he knew what to do with from Bulma.
Smiling triumphantly, Trunks began making trips to move all of his presents to his room. He hurriedly got ready. His family had plans for the afternoon.
Coming back down the stairs, Trunks spotted a familiar black-haired child sitting in the family room. He could hear Goku's voice coming from the kitchen.
"Hey, Goten!"
Son Goten turned. A large grin spread across his face.
"Happy Birthday, Trunks-kun!"
The small child jumped off of the couch and threw his arms around Trunks. Releasing his friend, Trunks returned to the couch where a small package was waiting. Goten thrust the gift toward his older friend.
Trunks sat down next to his comrade and began carefully to open the package. He could tell that Goten had wrapped the gift himself; the paper was crinkled and it was taped sloppily. Removing the last of the wrapping, Trunks carefully folded the paper and laid it aside gently. Goten studied his friend nervously. Trunks carefully picked up his present. It was a homemade picture frame that held a picture of Goten and Trunks. The two boys were smiling exuberantly with their arms wrapped around each other.
"This is the best gift ever, Chibi!" shouted Trunks.
A small smile appeared on Goten's face.
"Really? I know it's not much. And you already have so much neat stuff....." Goten trailed off and shrugged.
Trunks set the precious gift aside. He threw his arms around his younger friend, knocking him off the couch. Goten and Trunks wrestled around on the ground. The boys laughed until their sides stung. Laying on their backs and gasping for breath, the boys stared at the ceiling.
"Thanks for the present, Goten," panted Trunks.
"Do you like it?"
"I love it!"
The two boys looked at each other and smiled. Goten rolled over and rested his head on Trunks' shoulder.
"I'm glad you're my best friend, Trunks."
After lunch, Goku and Goten returned home. Trunks followed his mother about the house as she made last minute preparations.
"Coordinates. Check. Capsules. Check. Presents. Check," muttered Bulma.
Satisfied, the scientist packed the last of the equipment into the reality jumper. Trunks stared at the machine warily. It had just been a little over a week since he and Goten had returned from an alternate reality of the past. The boy wasn't too keen of traveling in the contraption once again, but he had no choice. His mother was set on the idea of spending the day with both of her sons.
"Vegeta! Get in here!" ordered Bulma as she climbed into the vehicle.
The Saiyan grudgingly obeyed his wife. Muttering under his breath, he climbed in next to her. Trunks sighed in defeat and joined his family. Bulma quickly closed the glass seal. She punched in the correct coordinates for their destination.
"And away we go!" shouted the scientist enthusiastically.
With a flourish, Bulma pressed the ignition button. A brilliant flash of light and the Briefs family was gone.