Mirai no Bulma hummed happily as she cleared the dining room table. It had taken her, her younger counterpart, and Chichi three hours to prepare a feast fit for four Saiyans. Bulma had originally believed the task to be impossible, but the younger scientist seemed very adept for such a feat. She couldn't help noticing that when it had come time for clearing the table Vegeta, Future Trunks, Chibi Trunks and Goten had all conveniently disappeared.
Future Bulma watched her younger self methodically clean the kitchen. She was dying to ask her how she handled living with the arrogant Prince. Bulma herself had only spent three years with him. Out of those three years, she only had a few months with Vegeta as her lover. She had never gotten to know the enigmatic prince on the same level as her alternate self had. Bulma had assumed Vegeta would not remain after Trunks was born, but she had never expected him to die. And she had definitely not expected to be so heart broken over the fact.
The older woman's concentration was broken as the afore-mentioned Saiyan strode into the kitchen. He made his way directly towards the cabinets and pulled out a package of chocolate chip cookies.
"Trunks and Goten aren't allowed to have chocolate after dinner," reprimanded Bulma, not even bothering to turn around.
"For your information..." began Vegeta snidely, but he was quickly cut off.
"I know you sneak sweets to them," interrupted Bulma.
Vegeta snarled and continued to make his way out of the room.
"I said no!" shouted the fiery young scientist.
She attempted to block the Saiyan's path. Vegeta snorted. Grasping her around the waist, he effortlessly picked her up and removed her from his way. Laughing, he darted out of the room.
"Scoundrel," growled Bulma even though she was smiling.
Mirai no Trunks looked up as his father re-entered the living room with a bag of cookies. Both Trunks and Goten jumped to their feet when they saw what he had. Vegeta dangled the sweets in front of them tauntingly.
"What do you say?" he asked, smirking.
"Prince Vegeta is the coolest, most powerful, most awesome Saiyan in the entire universe and everyone should bow to him and Kakkarot sucks," recited Chibi Trunks and Goten simultaneously.
"Good boys," stated Vegeta as he tossed the bag of cookies at them.
Future Trunks watched in horror as the two children devoured the snacks. Memories from earlier that afternoon flooded his mind. He didn't know if he could handle another attack of the hyperactive demi-Saiyans.
Fortunately, Vegeta had excellent timing. Prime time television was on and the two chibis were too absorbed with the show to cause any destruction. Halfway through the show, Trunks and Goten crawled up onto the couch next to Mirai no Trunks. Chibi Trunks was to the teenager's right, Goten to his left. Both boys curled up close next to him. Within minutes they were fast asleep. Trunks smiled down at the two children. He had never realized just how lonely it was with only him and his mother around.
The younger Bulma poked her head in the room. Her eyes fell on the trio on the couch.
"How sweet!" she cooed as she giggled.
Vegeta grunted and rolled his eyes.
"We're not having any more," he warned before his wife could get any more ideas in her head about expanding their family.
Having heard her younger counterpart's exclamation, Mirai no Bulma entered the room armed with a camera. Trunks rolled his eyes and was forced to submit to having his picture taken since he couldn't move for fear of waking up the two boys. Several pictures later, Trunks was dazed and half-blind while the two children were still blissfully asleep. Both Bulma's chattered happily about their respective families as they left the room. Vegeta turned to Future Trunks and smirked triumphantly.
"Seems they forgot to take my picture," stated the Prince with mock hurt, gloating over having avoided the torture that his son had been submitted to.
No sooner had the words left his mouth there was a bright flash and soft hum of the film being wound. Vegeta turned and glared at the two women as they made a hasty retreat to the kitchen. Trunks chuckled softly to himself.
"Shut up, brat," growled Vegeta venomously as he crossed his arms in front of his chest and sank lower into the armchair.
A few moments later the younger version of Bulma returned. She tiptoed over to the couch with the three boys on it. She softly shook Chibi Trunks and Goten.
"Wake up, boys. It's time to go home," she whispered gently.
"Thank Kami," hissed Vegeta as he bounded out of the chair and rushed towards the door.
The odd assortment gathered around in a loose semi-circle. Bulma removed the capsule that contained the reality jumper. Clicking the activator button, she tossed the capsule gently. With a cloud of smoke, the reality jumper expanded and sat on the lawn. Mirai no Bulma and her younger counterpart hugged one another tightly, both sniffling as they held back tears. ChiChi gave both of the younger boys a hug; she hesitantly kissed Goten on the forehead. Tears shimmered brightly in her eyes as she said good-bye to the last remains of her family.
"Don't worry. We'll come back and visit," promised Goten as he gave the alternate version of his mother a quick kiss on the cheek.
"You better come back!" ordered Mirai no Trunks as he ruffled both boys' hair. "I still have to beat Gotenks."
"You wish," snorted Chibi Trunks.
The group then turned expectantly towards Vegeta, who stood a few paces off. Trunks knew that his father was not fond of emotional moments. He worried how the older Saiyan would react.
"What?" growled Vegeta.
"Vegeta," implored his wife, her eyes silently pleading with him to just once not be so stubborn and prideful.
The Prince grunted and moved towards the group. He stopped in front of the teenager. Vegeta's lips twitched, contorting in a semi-smile.
"Happy birthday, Trunks," he stated, his voice barely audible.
Awkwardly, Vegeta embraced his grown son. Mirai no Trunks tensed involuntarily, not expecting the action. His father released him and then walked over to Mirai no Bulma.
"Good-bye, Bulma-chan," he whispered.
Vegeta leaned forward and kissed the older woman lightly on the lips. Bulma gasped slightly, her eyes widening with surprise. The Prince smirked slightly. Turning about abruptly and stalked back towards the reality jumper, embarrassed that he had been coerced into showing such a display of emotions. All for that woman. Vegeta clambered into the machine next to his son. The group waved good-bye to their future counterparts. With a punch of a button and a brilliant light, Vegeta, Bulma, Goten and Chibi Trunks disappeared.
Trunks smiled at the place where the machine had been sitting. He had to admit, this was the best birthday ever.

* The End *


Sorry it took so long to finish this story. I hope you liked the story. I'm in the process of working on yet another Trunks/Goten AU series. This time, the boys have to go back to the original timeline they visited in "Trunks and Goten's Excellent Adventure." I'll be posting that soon. Well, thanks for reading this fic and lots of thanks to all you guys who reviewed! ~ladymoonlight