If I'd only moved a little faster, I could've gotten two uploads in one day. XD Still, I'm surprised that I finished this so soon - I expected it to take much longer. Anyway... This is a collection of oneshots and drabbles dedicated to Kluke. The thing that makes it a little different is that the title of each oneshot or drabble is a line from the song "My Tears and the Sky" (Kluke's theme). Like mentioned in the summary, there's going to be some Jiro/Kluke/Shu friendship, and also some romantic hints (though mostly friendship). Also, there's a very good chance that some of the things in this collection will be referenced in my story Blue Dragon Beyond. It seems like the collection might be off to a slow start, but... That's for you guys to decide. ;) Besides, I've got a bunch of ideas for the upcoming lines; I'm really looking forward to writing them. :) But, for now, I'll let you get to the story. After the disclaimer and title, read on. :D

Disclaimer: I do not own Blue Dragon... But I do have copies of the English and Japanese versions of this song on my computer. :D

1. These endless... falling tears...

She had barely managed to shut the door to her room before she broke down and sobbed.

She tried to stop, or at least get them to slow, but the tears were relentless. She could hear them noisily hitting the wooden floorboards.

If only it had been me... If only it could've taken all three of us... If only I had spent more time with them... If only I could have one last chance to tell them that I love them...

If only.

What would she do now? Where would she go from here? Her parents were gone... She felt so lost.

Well... She supposed, for a start, that she would have to take her parents' place as village doctor. There was no one else who had that amount of medical knowledge. The villagers were resting now, but they were still injured from the recent Land Shark attack, and they'd need someone to treat them. She needed to get herself together... Right. Because that would be so easy.

She lifted her head, trying to calm down, but she caught sight of all of her belongings, reminding her of her mother and father, and it only made her cry harder.

"If... if I could just... see them one last time..."

Unbeknownst to her, there was someone sitting on the floor next to the door of her room, hearing everything and feeling his heart break in the process.

If anyone would understand her pain, it would be him. He knew what it was like to watch your parents die.

Anger and hatred for the Land Shark burned in his heart. Whispers of a plan blossomed in his mind.

Shu's hands tightened into fists. I won't let anyone else suffer. He glanced through the barely open door. I promise you, Kluke, that I'll make that monster pay.

... And the first one is done! :D I actually got a tiny bit stuck on the first half, but the second half was quite easy to write. :) I don't know how well it turned out... But, I enjoyed writing it... Except that now I feel really bad for Kluke. :( Oh, and by the way: Take care when cutting potatoes. It is not easy to type with a bandage on your finger. So, with that... If you can, please review and let me know what your thoughts are about this one. Like all of my chaptered stories, I'm aiming to update this one after 10 hits, but with all of the other stories that need updating, it's hard to say when exactly it will be updated. As always, though, I'll try to be quick about it. ;) See you soon! :D