Rated: G
Language: English
Categories: Romance/General
Title: Love Game
Summary: Gently at first, the two's fingers brushed over each other. Then, with the passing of a few more moments, they wove together, giving a gentle squeeze. ()
Author's Note: "Austria and South Italy? wtf?" This was the result of a drabble challenge in another meme I did and posted in my dA journal. (It's basically like a MySpace Top 8 Questionaire, but for Hetalia, and it uses 12 names, not 8.) These two just happened to fill the two spots mentioned in the challenge, so I was stuck with them. I guess the fact that Austria gets lumped in with "those potato bastards" just means if they ever -did- decide for whatever weird reasons to get together, no one would suspect anything. Inspired by the video for Valeriya's song "Отпусти меня (Let Me Go)." Go look it up, it rocks.

Love Game

Austria sat in the quaint little cafe across from Hungary, quietly sipping the drinks served to them as they waited for their order.

It wasn't that bad of a place, in all actuality; it was cozy, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The waitors were polite, and it was overall a peaceful location to stop by for any meal of the day.

Well, mostly peaceful.

Behind the bespectacled man sat Romano and Antonio; South Italy and Spain respectively. The older brother was seated directly behind him, and was again worked up over something the Spaniard had said. (Really, the Austrian never could tell what he was saying; he didn't speak Spanish that well, and the almost squeal-like tone of his voice when he said something in his native language directed at Romano made him even more difficult to understand.)

Roderich spared a glance behind him, raising a brow, as the brunette finally settled back down and grumbled down at the table from the remainder of his aggravation. His eyes returned to the face of the woman across from him, and he smiled a bit.

A few moments passed in this relative silence before she stood, excusing herself toward the restroom.

Peeking over his shoulder at the quiet nation, Romano leaned forward against the table a bit more, elbows resting on it as Spain plucked his vibrating phone from his pocket to see who was calling.

"Ahh, Lovi, lo siento mi querido, but it seems this is important." Antonio stated with a remorseful smile.

Taking the shrugging of his date's shoulders to be persmission for dismissal, the conquistador placed a small kiss on his cheek (with much fretting from the Italian) and made his exit with a small laugh.

For a moment, Austria stared out the window at the passers-by, leaning back slightly into his chair in a bit more of a relaxed pose. He softly drummed his fingers against the table top, the other arm lowering to dangle at his side.

Slowly, Romano leaned back in his chair behind him, crossing one knee over the other as he took a small gulp of the wine a waitor had delivered to his table not long ago. Moving his arm down to his side, he swirled the contents of his glass in the other hand, staring at it with an unreadable expression.

Gently at first, the two's fingers brushed over each other. Then, with the passing of a few more moments, they wove together, giving a gentle squeeze.

Austria glanced back just slightly over his shoulder at the boy, eyes gazing intently at him from his side view of his figure. With a slight turn of his head, Romano evenly matched his gaze, neither nation facing directly at each other but still seeing only the other as the world fell away.

It was little moments like this that made the strain of secretly being partners behind closed doors and away from the prying eyes of the world worth the strain of maintaining that secrecy.

And they wouldn't have it any other way.