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Author's Note: James Bond sleeps lightly in the depths of the night. Drabble. DanielCraig Bond.

He Sleeps Lightly

He sleeps lightly.

He would say it was because he needs to always be on guard, always alert and ready. Anything could happen in his line of work and even in the depths of slumber he needs to be alert, needs to be ready just in case.

But that doesn't explain why he still sleeps lightly in safety of his own home.

Maybe it's because sleeping lightly has just become second nature to him, maybe it's because his home feels like just another hotel room because he really isn't here enough to think of it as completely his own. But he knows that isn't the case – well not the full 'case' that is. They would be contributing factors but not the main one…

He sleeps lightly because when he allows his body to give into nothing, allows his mind to be spirited away into a sea of endless dreams they come. They stand and watch on the edge of his dreams, silent figures. He tries to reach them, tries to make them leave, tries to take control of his subconscious. But he can't and they remain there.

Silent ghosts of his past and possibly his future.

They have been there for a long time, since his parents moved on slowly building in numbers as he has taken lives. It has taken many years but now he rarely has to face them: the silent watchers that haunt him, that remind him of who he is and what he does. When he sleeps lightly they cannot touch him and cannot burden him.

He takes this solace and moves on, knowing that no matter how many ghosts enter his deep slumbers that they are only dreams, only warped images courtesy of his imagination. But he still sleeps lightly, just in case…

…they aren't.


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