"I know. But at least she didn't take almost 30 minutes trying to catch her cat." Katriena said through gritted teeth as they rolled over a bump.

It was true out of all the pets that the students had Katriena's was the worst. Even Pigwigen wasn't that bad.

"Okay I want the 7^th year girls from each house to follow Miss Dustan." Professor McGonagall said pointing to the young woman next to her.

All the girls from Hufflepuff joined the girls from Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. They all stared at the girls from Slyerian. They didn't want to room with them.

"Well it looks like we're stuck with the losers." A blond/red head girl snickered to her friends.

"Well come on girls this way." Miss Dustan said as she lead them out Three Broomsticks. Katriena said goodbye to Neville. Jessi and Shannon were saying goodbye all though the 6^th year girls would be staying next door to them.

"I'd still like to know why we had to leave Hogwarts." Jessi was telling Katriena when someone knocked into her sending her flying to the ground. She landed hard on her left knee.

As Katriena helped her up Jessi looked around for the person who knocked her to the ground. All she saw was a red hair guy that was walking fast toward a store down on the end of the street.

"You okay?" Katriena asked as they walked into the house that they would be staying in. Jessi nodded as they were shown a room that held 5 girls. They were in there with two Slytherins and one Ravenclaw.

"Great we get stuck with two of the foul...." The Ravenclaw started to say when something flung it's self at her. The girl screamed.

"No Trouble! No!" Katriena had just let Trouble out. And the cat had gone crazy.

"I won't stay in a room with a cat." One of the girls from Slytherin said as she tried to kick the cat. Katriena grabbed her cat just in time but got covered in more cuts. She looked down at her arms and hands. They were bleeding freely.

"Jes, I'm going to see if I can see Madam Pomfrey about these." Katriena said as she opened the door to the room making sure that Trouble stayed in the room.

As Katriena was seeing Madam Pomfrey Harry and Ron were having a staring contest with Malfoy, Crab and Goyle. They had gotten stuck in the same room together.

"I can't believe this. I have to stay in a room full of Muggle lovers." Malfoy was saying. Ron's hands were tightening into fists. He hated Malfoy with a passion.

"Come on Ron. Lets go find out where Hermione and Ginny are." Harry said as he tried to drag his friend away before anything could happen.

Harry had to keep a hold on Ron as they walked away from the house that they were staying in. they found their girl friends at Weasley's Times Two Joke Shop. Fred and George had opened this shop about a year after they had left Hogwarts. They were always sending stuff to Ginny from their new line of jokes. Ginny they had said was the perfect person to try some of them out with. She always left something out for some unexpecting person to get a hold of it.

"Hello and welcome to.." Fred said as the door to the shop opened. He stopped short when he saw who it was. "Hey!"

"Hello Fred." Ron and Ginny said their older brother came around the counter.

"Hello. Harry, Hermione how are you guys doing?" He asked them.

"Fine. Where's George?" Ron asked as he looked around at all the different items for sale.

"He went down the street. He should be back any time now." Fred said as he watched his brother look around, "Can I interest you in buying some Ronald Sweet Gum?"

"What's that? Something new?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah. We named them after our dear brother." Fred said as he door to the shop opened again. This time it was George.

He looked surprise to see them all there.

"I thought you guys were at school?" He asked looking at his twin.

"Something's going on. We get to stay in the village for a few days." Hermione said.

Just than a loud popping noise meet their ears. They all looked around to see that Ron had tried a Ronald Sweet Gum. It had turned him a bright blue color.

"What?" he asked as they all started to laugh. This only made them laugh harder. It turned out that when anyone spoke while they had a piece of the gum little bits of blue smoke would issue from their mouths. They were still laughing when they left the shop 20 minutes later. (Poor Ron was still blue)

That night as they were all eating dinner at Three Broomsticks they were told that school would reopen in 2 days. They were free to look around Hogsmeade.

"Ouch." Katriena yelped as she tried to pick up her fork with one banged hand. Early that day she had gone to see if Madam Pomfrey could help her but the nurse had been unable to do anything. She gave Katriena some new bandages and some green cream to put on them. The nurse didn't want to try to heal the cuts because cat starches were a tricky thing to heal.

"Oh man." Jessi said her mouth hanging open. Everyone at their table turned and looked.

Harry and Hermione had just come into the room. Behind them came Ginny and, what had surprised Jessi so, was a blue Ron.

"Ah Ron?" Shannon asked as she tried to hind a smile.

"Please don't ask." He said as he sat down. Hermione handed him a plate of food.

"He ate a piece of candy that Fred and George came out with just this month." Ginny said giggling.

"I take it turned you blue?" Brian said as he was cutting his steak.

"Yeah and that's the problem. It wasn't supposed to turn me blue this long." Ron said.

"Fred and George are going to have to call it all back. Their candy has its purpose but not like this." Ginny said as she ate.

"Madam Pomfrey said that there was nothing she could do to help me." Ron blushed as some 5^th year girls looked at him and giggled. "She said that it should go away in about a day."

"You mean I have to sure a room with a little blue man?" A voice asked Ron from behind him.

"Go away Malfoy I don't want to hear it tonight." Ron said as he pushed past the boy. Ron headed out the door.

Everyone who had been sitting there at the table was shocked at what had just happen. Ron not making Malfoy pay for what he had said?

"Oh no." Hermione got to her feet and followed. The door slamming shut behind her.

"I wonder what's going on?" Harry asked Ginny who just shrugged.


Hermione followed Ron to the end of the street. There were no light posts out here to see by but the moon was high and full.

"Ron?" Hermione asked as she saw him come to a stop outside of a fence. The house was where he would be staying with the other 7^th year boys.

"Hum? Oh Hermione I didn't know you were there." Ron said as he turned back around.

His back was now again to her. She reached out with a shaky hand to touch his shoulder.

"Ron what's wrong? I've never seen you walk away from Malfoy like that." She said. She could feel him trembling beneath her hand.

As she was about to say something else to him he turned around suddenly. He pulled her into his arms.

"Hermione I'm just worry about what's been going on. And even Malfoy couldn't stop me from worrying about you." He said into her hair.

She sighed. She had thought something like this was making him worry. As she was about to say something to him, she felt his lips on hers. She put the other hand on his shoulder, wrapping her arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around her waist. They were caught in the moment of the kiss when something shot past them. Ron pulled up from the kiss looking down the street. He saw nothing. He looked back down at Hermione. Her eyes were sparking in the moonlight. He bent his head and kissed her again.

Just a few trees down from them in the shadows stood, or better yet kneeling Harry and Ginny. They looked at the two as they kissed. They gave each other a look that said, "about time." Harry had known for awhile that Ron had been worried about something. He knew his best friend was worried about what would happen to his girl friend, if anything did happen. He felt a hand reach for his. He gave Ginny's hand a squeeze. She led her head on his shoulder. As he wrapped his arms around her they fell back into the shadows even further. They got to their feet as they fell out of sight of the two. As Harry walked Ginny down the small side street to the house where she was staying she stopped. He looked surprised at this. She pulled him into the huge shadow of a tall tree.

"Harry." Ginny whispered in his ear.

"Ginny I have this funny feeling that what ever is happening to the school has something to do with Voldemort." He said as he hugged her tightly.

"Please don't talk about him." Ginny said as she looked up into his face.

Harry knew what she was thinking. She was remembering how back in his 4^th year she had almost lost him to that...that monster. Harry didn't what to think about it. Even now three years later he was still having the nightmares of that night. It was after that happened that Harry knew how much Ginny had meant to him. He never wanted to lose her not now, not ever. He put one hand under her chin titling it up so he could look into her eyes.

"Ginny I never what to see you worried. About anything. I want to see that smile that always lights up the room when you step into it. The one that makes my heart fly with joy and happiness." With this said he kissed her pulling her into his arms even tighter.

While these two groups of lovers were kissing and wishing each other a good night, Jessi and Shannon were walking down the street shaking their heads. Shannon had gone down that small side street that Harry and Ginny had gone down only minutes before. Behind them Jessi could hear Neville telling little bits of nothing into Katriena's ear. Jessi was either about to be sick or cry. Brian was the same. Her didn't understand how those two could act that way. Him and Jessi had no one.

"Man Katriena, I'll never understand how you can put up with him sometimes." Jessi said a couple minutes later as they climbed the stairs that lead to the room they were staying in.

"What do you mean?" Katriena was surprised at this.

"I mean Neville is nice and everything but sometimes he can be a pain." Jessi said as she opened the door to the room making sure that Trouble stayed in the room.

"I guess you have to love the guy." Katriena said as she got ready for bed.


The next morning found tons of Hogwarts students roaming the nice little village. Jessi, Shannon and Katriena had decided to walk around before they hit the books for some studying later that afternoon.

"Let's go in the joke shop." Jessi said as she led the way.

So in they went. With so many students walking around they were surprised to find this store almost empty. As they stepped into the store a red hair guy walked toward them.

"Hello and welcome to Weasley Twin's Joke Shop." He said to the girls.

"Hello." Jessi and Shannon said back to him.

"I'm Fred and if you have any questions just please ask." He said smiling at them.

"I'm looking for something to get Ginny back with." Shannon said.

"Ah as in Ginny Weasley?" Fred asked looking at her in surprise.

"Yeah. You know her?" Shannon asked as Jessi and Katriena were poking around looking at different stuff.

"I'm one of her older brothers. You must be the Shannon she talks about." He said grinning even more at her.

"Yeah." Shannon said.

Jessi was picking up something that was called Trick your friends. It was a box of different jokes. Jessi looked around for the price. She turned back around to run into a different red head.

"Opps sorry." Jessi said as she stepped back.

"Hello." The guy said, "I'm George. And you are?"

"Oh Jessi." Jessi said not taking her eyes of the guy. Even though he looked like the other red head guy in the store, for some reason he was different. Maybe it was something to do with the way he couldn't stop looking at her.

Jessi I think we've finally found someone for you, the voice in her head was telling her.