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The Unvoiced Plea

Chapter 1: Silent Night

She nearly tripped over again. Tohru stumbled but managed to regain her balance.

Eh, I have to watch where I'm going; she thought and continued walking on. But she smiled as she thought about what she might make for dinner when she got home. Knowing Shigure he was probably waiting with a hungry stomach for her to return, and if she was late he might try to cook something of his own up. Her eyes widened at the possibilities of what were to happen if Shigure decided to cook. Yuki was at a student council meeting so he wouldn't be joining them till later on.

Hmmm…let's see…I could make stewed leeks, oh no, wait, Kyo doesn't like leeks!


She sighed again, a little lighter, almost dreamily. That boy was on her mind again. She'd been thinking a lot about him lately. He'd been on her mind for a few days now. She didn't know why she was thinking about him so much. At first she thought it was because she was worried about him. Then she thought it was because she had forgotten something he had told her. But the truth was she didn't know.

Nearly every time she saw him, she would become somewhat nervous or a little shaky. What was going on?

Was it...? No, it couldn't be! Surely she couldn't feel that way about him…

She shook her head ending her train of thought and looked ahead to see where she was. She was still on the right track to Shigure's house. She looked up at the sky seeing the millions of shiny stars in the sky

"Wow! They're so pretty," she said to herself with a smile "It's a perfect night out tonight for stargazing. I wonder if-"

She stopped mid sentence. The next thing she knew she was on the ground, the books from her case all around her. She looked from the books to what was ahead of her. She let out a gasp.

"Oh! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to, oh, I'm sorry!" In front of her a man lay there trying to get up. He struggled as he tried to stand. Tohru quickly got to her feet and grabbed around his arm and pulling "I really am very sorry!"

"That's alright! I'm okay, but can you just go get my walking stick over there…" Tohru looked to see the stick not too far away. It must have been some collision between her and the man. When he managed to get him standing and led him over to a bench and got him to sit down.

Then she quickly rushed over to get the walking stick. She suddenly noted the strange odor he had. It smelled like the streets and something else, something she couldn't put her finger on. She quickly rushed back to him with the stick.

"Thank you, girly" he said, his voice seemed to get lower. That when she noted his voice, it sounded sharp but yet husky. Why was she taking note of these things?

"Oh, um, you're welcome!" she said in a rush.

He slowly stood up again, his grey eyed gaze still on her "See, I need the stick for a limp I have. Had since I was a child."

Tohru suddenly felt sympathy towards him "Where were you going before I bumped into you?"

He looked towards the other side of the road. He pointed towards a dark alley way "Over there. I left my bag over there. It was my pain killers and other valuables in it." He then scratched his shaggy, brown hair and blinked a few times "Don't suppose you could help me across the road, could you?"

Tohru froze. She contemplated the possibilities. On one hand, this man was a complete stranger to her. Could she really put her trust in someone she had just met? What if we're not who he said he was? On the other hand, he seemed like a nice person and he did have a limp.

What should I do, mom? she thought.

"It's okay if you can't. It'll just mean it'll be a little harder for me to get across," the man said breaking her train of thought.

She made her decision.

"Okay, I'll help you across!" she said with a smile. Truth being told it was a nervous smile, one she was unsure of.

"Thank you so much," he said, he smiled back. His smiled seemed shady, almost like he had accomplishment an evil plan.

That didn't stop Tohru from grabbing hold of his arm again and walking him to the edge f the walkway.

She looked both directions checking for any traffic "Okay, it's safe to cross."

She walked him across the road without any trouble and made it to the other side safely. He didn't say anything, just kept smiling his shady smile. When they reached the alley, she let go his arm and realized she had forgotten something. What did she forget?

"Oh, my case! I left on the other side of the road. I better go-"

Suddenly she felt a huge throbbing in her head. Pain coursed through out her system as she found herself falling forward into the alley. She hit the ground with a loud thud. She was confused and her head hurt. She found herself becoming surrounded by darkness.

W-W-Whats going…going…go… her thoughts trialed off as the darkness consumed her.

"Kyo, please, pretty please make something for dinner…" Shigure pleaded on his hands and knees with puppy dog eyes. His stomach grumbled in agreement.

"For the last time, NO!!" Kyo yelled, casing the whole house to shake.

At this Shigure coward back into his office, a looked of fear and hunger on his face. Kyo sighed heavily trying to control his temper.

He looked at the clock again.

11 pm

"Yesh, where is she?" he said aloud. He stomach grumbled, hunger finally kicking in. He could make something for himself; just make sure that Shigure didn't smell anything.

The door opened. Kyo half hoped it was Tohru. Instead he got a different face, one he wished didn't exist.

"Oh Tohru! My savor!!" Shigure cried out sprinting from his office to the front door "Oh how I have waited for my glorious godes-" He skidded to a stop. It wasn't her. He sighed in sadness and sadly walked back to his office.

"What this about Miss Honda?" Yuki asked.

Shigure turned around, his shoulders hunched. He said, in a dramatic voice "She isn't back yet, and I'm starving…Doesn't anyone care about my needs?!"

"Not particularly, no" Yuki said "But, she isn't back?"

Shigure shook his head and somberly walked back to his office "I'll call for the dreaded take-out!"

Yuki looked to Kyo. Kyo just glared back as he walked past him to his room.

As Kyo reached his room he went into thought. He tried to think of what kept Tohru. What could have happened to her? She was always home at around 11 o'clock. Maybe she was held up at work, or something happened with her friends. Yeah, that was it, one of those two. But then wouldn't she have called to tell them she was going to be home late?

Why the hell am I so worried about her anyway?! I sound like an idiot! He half yelled in his head. In fact, now that he thought about it, he was thinking about her a lot lately.

Could be that he was…?

No, that just stupid! He thought. He knew, deep down though, he was denying himself…

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