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The Unvoiced Plea

Chapter Forty: Silent No More

The door closed behind him.

He couldn't look up…

He hadn't seen a glimpse of her and already he felt sick.

His mind went dizzy and he felt himself swaying slightly as the door handle clicked closed. He slowly let go finding the balance to stand upright and finally look at her.

Dizziness coursed through him almost making him collapse on his knees.

The nauseating feeling ate at his stomach.

He was tempted to look away but chose not to.

The sight he walked towards had bandages and plasters cover most of her body. Her head was completely wrapped up with bandages with one eyes covered, one of her arms was completely plaster while the other only had the hand plastered. Her leg was held up by a sling slightly above the rest of her body. Her eyes remained closed, unmoving, unseeing…

He collapsed at her bed side on his knees and already felt the tears collecting in his eyes. He held them back with what little strength he had.

Memories started to flash in his mind…

'…Cat…that…boy….turned into a cat!!'

"Tohru…" he whispered sorrowfully "I…I don't know what…I…I should do!" His hand found her plastered hand, grasping it tightly. He pressed his forehead to her limp fingers sticking outside the plaster. "Forgive me, Tohru, please…I couldn't protect you."

Blood poured out of her wounded arm.

Her leg looked swollen.

She was covered in filth and dirt.

Kyo felt something he had never felt before, something that tugged on his heart.

It hurt, so much. It hurt more than any injure he has been inflected with.

She collapsed at his feet.

His emotions got the better of him and the tears were threatening to fall. His body shook.

'It wasn't because I was angry with you…The truth is, I really like you! I've always liked the cat from the zodiac story!!'

"I wasn't strong enough to protect you from the beginning! I'm just a pathetic piece of trash…I really am pathetic! Aktio was right; I really am…a monster.

'It…scares me……Hearing you speak in a voice that doesn't sound like the Kyo I know…seeing you in this form……it terrifies me to pieces. But…But…I want to understand…I want to try and understand…I want us to be together…to have our meals together, to study together…….and worry together…just as we've always been doing…together! I just want us all to be together!!'

"I don't deserve to be loved by...someone like you. I never deserved your sacrifice for me. Why would you do such a stupid thing?! You knew that I'd be able to handle it, didn't you?! You were stupid. And yet...I love you so much for being that..."

'No! No! Not at all...! I'm so glad you're joining us! It'll be more fun having you around! Thank you so much, I'm so happy! Thank you so much!!'

"Why do you love someone like me? Why the heck would you?! I just don't get can you love someone like me? Not after...what I have done..."

'If you want to hate him...than that's okay!'

"I know your mom from when I was a kid... To me she was like...a ray of hope. I really wanted to up with you too, Tohru. Or so that was what I thought. Truth is, the only time I went to meet you in person...was that day. That was...the only time I saw you, but...You looked so lonely then...and I hated that.'

He felt something fall onto his shoulder which made him stop. He quickly looked down to see what light weight had fallen on his shoulder.

He felt a small blush reach his cheeks but nonetheless his smile increased at the sight...

Tohru had fallen asleep, her expression peaceful and calmed. Her small, warm breaths tickled his neck. In one word it was very cute...

"I made a wish that you and your mom would always be happy...I didn't want...for anyone to be lonely. So it kept bothering me all the time and I us to think 'Is she feeling lonely today?' 'Is she smiling today?' It was as if.....something had blossomed inside my heart. It bothered me so much that for the first time in my life...I went to look them up myself...that day. But things ended up the way they did...Even our disaster. 'I'll never forgive you' that was what your mom when she saw me standing there...lying in her own blood...she said 'I'll never forgive you' I'm sure...that's what she said. I...wasn't able to move. My whole mind went blank. My emotions messed up. And I ran from there...

"So how can someone like you love someone like me...? I don't get it! But...I'm so thankful that you do. It made me really happy when you said you loved me back..."

"I love you, Kyo."

His hand clenched tighter around hers.

"I love you, Kyo."

A tear escaped from his eye.

"I love you, Kyo."

His teeth clenched together.

"I love you, Kyo."

He snapped.

"Just wake up Tohru!!" he exclaimed desperately. " Please WAKE UP! Even if you can't remember who I am anymore, and the life we've had together...I'll help you remember!! I swear I will!! I swear I'll help you remember everything and everyone; I don't care what it takes! Even if it means KILLING myself I'll help you remember! Just...WAKE UP TOHRU!!"

Feeling his head grow lighter and sorrow coursing through him, he let his head fall forward and connect with the bed. He sobbed ruthlessly, his heart physically aching and his body going numb. He couldn't take it anymore, he had let it all out and he knew that it was all hopeless...It's all over now...

He didn't noticed, too wrapped up in misery, that...

...In his hand, something moved.

Her eyes opened. She couldn't see through one of them, something blocked her vision. Where...Where am I...? Her mind felt fuzzy and it took her a few blinks to make her vision clear. What...h...happened...?

Wanting to remove what was blocking her vision, she tried to move her hand but felt something holding it back. As her hearing became better she heard the sobs of a boy. She froze hearing this and her eyes wondered around trying to find the boy. Where...where is...he? Her eye caught on something orange. She slowly trailed her eye towards the teenage boy. His shoulders shook as he sobbed and clenched her plastered hand tightly. Unable to move any other part of her body she turned her head towards him feeling a reassuring, familiar and joyful smile stretch across her face.

"Why are you crying...?"

His head shot up. His eyes connected with the source of the raspy, familiar voice. He felt the tears stop and a shocked expression take over his face. He released her hand. "T...Tohru?"

Her smile only widened. ".......Kyo."

"You, remember me?" he asked almost breathlessly.

"...Why....Why wouldn't I remember you Kyo?" she said.

"Because...your head..." Kyo said unable to finish.

He didn't hold back the grin that spread over his face hearing his name from her lips. He started laughing, carefree and relieved. Without realising it he leaned forward and hugged her closely. Tohru was surprised that he was hugging her...and even more surprised that he hadn't turned into a cat. Is the curse...broken? Her own tears started to form in her eyes. This means...he's saved! Saved from the prison...Oh thank goodness!! Not able to hug back but still smiled she nestled her head between his neck and shoulder. What happened before? Did I fall or was I involved in an accident?"

Kyo frozen, his posture went rigid. She doesn't remember what happened before? Does that she...? "What do you remember?

"I-I remember..." She went into thought, a hopeful silence passing over them. Images flashed in her mind as she tried to remember everything she could. It came to her, what she last remembered. "I remember...when you saved me in the hallway from those two boys and...I remember seeing Akito fall off the roof...btu that's it. Does this mean that Mr. R is-?"

"He's gone...gone for good. You don't have to be silent anymore...and I know...your feelings for me."

It was the Tohru's turn to become rigid. "Y-You know h-how I-?!"

"And I feel the same way about you!" Kyo said happily.

Tohru was shocked to hear this. He...He loves me back? "Kyo, tell everything that happened soon, but there is one question...I wish to ask."

"...Anything...ask anything."

"...Does this mean that...the curse is broken?"

Speechless, he only nodded...and realised...I can...hug her. I don't have to...I can hug her now! He hugged her tighter as tears of joy started fall. I love this girl so much!!


Kyo turned his head to see the door open and all the other Sohma's standing there in happiness and surprise.

"You're awake?" Rin said taking an unsure step forward.

"Do you...remember us?" Ritsu asked quietly.

Tohru didn't answer too happy to see them all there. However, the Sohma's interpreted this differently. "You do remember us right?" Momiji asked pleadingly.

"Even though there was only a ten per cent chance I thought she would remember" Hatori murmured sadly.

Tohru looked at them confused. "What? Why wouldn't I remember you all?" –she smiled again –"I remember you Yuki, Kyo, Shigure Kagura, Momiji, Hatori, Hatuharu, Kisa, Hiro, Ritsu, Rin and Kureno..."

Stunned they looked at the girl and then at each other. They all rushed forward with Momiji and Kisa jumping forward and hugging Tohru as well. Kisa was crying in joy but also smiling while Momiji laughed in joy. Everyone else stood around the bed smiling and cheering that she was wake and remembered them.

Tohru looked around her to all of them smiling and weeping joyfully. "Thank you...thank you everyone, for everything..."

We should be the ones thanking you, Tohru they all thought in unison.

Two months and a few weeks later...

The wind passed through lifting up the bangs over his eyes. He smiled as felt the cool breeze over his skin and the smell of summer on its way. He leaned back further against the wall waiting for her to pack her things. She decided that for her whole recovery she wanted to stay in the hospital until all her broken bones healed and for the repairing of her brain damage. He was thankful that she had survived the surgery to repair the brain damage; Hatori had told him it was a risky procedure. It had been a challenging two months for him with her always on his mind and worrying about her. But now, thankfully, she was all healed and ready to come home.


He snapped out of his thoughts hearing the voice he has grown to love so much. His smile widened as he saw her walking towards him, her steps practically skipping towards him. He hadn't seen her so alive and happy in such a long time. "You ready to go?"

She nodded. "Yep, all packed!"

Before she could take another step further Kyo took her bag off her and slung it on his shoulder and held his hand out to her. Looking confused for a moment she took his hand without question. Her hand felt so tiny in his but it made her happy all the same. They walked back to Shigure's house talking and smiling as they did. Kyo had told her everything she couldn't remember for the first leg of the trip home, but lightened the mood by talking about some of the mishaps and adventures everyone had been having.

"I guess we've graduating now, haven't we?" she said with a small laugh. "And to think I missed my own graduation, silly me!"

"It wasn't anything much. Matoko tripped when he got on stage, the Yuki fan club had a fully emotion and mental breakdown when Yuki went up."

She giggled at that. "That wouldn't surprise me. I would have liked to have seen Uo and Hana graduate...but oh well, they'll probably have photos of the day!"

In the distance Shigure's house stared to appear over the horizon. Kyo's hand slipped away from Tohru's and went to her shoulders pulling her closer to him. Tohru smiled but also blushed at the action, but didn't move away and instead leaned her head against his shoulder. They continued the rest of the way in silence. Tohru was just happy to have Kyo with her and by her side, ready to listen to her and help her with anything. Looking at him now with smile of bliss she knew that she would always wish to stay by his side...

Kyo released her to open the front door."We're home," Kyo sighed carefree.

Suddenly a sly grunt filled the air of the house.

The couple stopped.

Then a few other sounds filled the air and got a lot louder. They got so loud that they could be heard outside.

They were sounds that made both teenagers blush bright red. Tohru looked at Kyo and blushed even more as a moaning came from up stairs.

"...SHIGURE!!" the former cat yelled running towards the novelist's room. He slammed the door aside to see who was making the sexual noises. He blushed so much it looked as though his head was about to explode right off his neck. His moth gapped open so much that it was practically on the floor. He pointed a shaking finger at what was metre away from him, unable to take his eyes away from...

"Ayame I thought you knew how to work a TV!" he heard Shigure exclaim above the noise.

"I thought I did but apparently I don't!" Ayame exclaimed pressing random buttons on the remote. The volume only got louder and he somehow managed to make the picture quality a lot better too. Shigure grabbed the remote off the silver haired man and just watch what was happening on the TV...until Kyo smacked him so hard the former dog had a massive lump on his head.

"Shigure, what the hell are you doing on a porno channel?!" Kyo yelled furious. (AN: Please excuse my intrusion here, I know that Shigure isn't that perverted but I always imagined him accidently changing the channel to a porn channel, 'cause apparently on Foxtel and cable TV such channels exists.)

Both looked toward Kyo in shock. Quickly Shigure stood in front of the TV and cleared his throat. "It's not what you think!! We were trying to play my birthday present that Ayame gave me"- He pulled out a DVD that Kyo gapped at –"and well, as you can see, Ayame doesn't know how to work a TV!"

"We're very sorry to have disturbed you!!" Ayame said dramatically "and just imagine it, Tohru hearing all of these noises, I presume you have brought her home form the hospital. What on earth must she be thinking? She must think that Shigure is the biggest pervert in the world, or that the men of this house are ALL perverts!! Not only that, I wonder if she's thinking of-"

Suddenly the next thing he knew Ayame was in the air outside. He found himself flying high above Shigure's house still hearing the sounds of TV. How on earth am I flying? He thought. He looked next to him seeing Shigure flying with him "AAAAAAYYYYYYYAAAAAAA!!!" he yelled in panic flapping his arms in an attempt to keep flying. Ayame did the same thing not really knowing what else to do.

Then he found himself falling back down to the house. He fell through a newly formed hole in the roof and screamed high-pitched like a girl as he fell. Thankfully, for him he landed on Shigure's bed safely. It was only then that he noticed an angry Yuki standing in front of a pissed off Kyo. Shigure landed next to him causing the former snake to jump through the roof again screaming even more like a girl.

Yuki quickly ran over to the TV and unplugged it from the back silencing the house of the noise.

What had happened before was Yuki was enjoying a peaceful quiet walk back to Shigure's house when...he heard the sounds...

He noticed Tohru standing and blushed crazily as he ran in. He asked what was going on and she only pointed up stairs.

He entered the room as Ayame ranted on about what Tohru's thoughts would have been. Then, for once in his life, he worked together with Kyo to throw both men through the roof, but failed to throw them out permanently...

Yuki sighed angrily "This is why you don't let Ayame's imagination get the better of him, or let him anywhere near technology for that matter."

Ayame came crashing back down landing on the bed and sending Shigure through the roof again. Kyo only smirked satisfied with the result. "Thanks, ya damn rat..."

Yuki looked at him in surprise. Did he just thank him? He chuckled acting as if almost brushing it off. "Nothing to thank me for, stupid cat...But in thw rold were they trying to-" Yuki stopped as his eyes landed on the DVD. He slowly picked it up and frowned in confusion "Why on earth does Shigure have a pet show DVD?"

"That's my present to Shigure!" Ayame answered "When we were the Zodiacs we were hoping to learn a few tricks from the pets in the show. Also Shigure, being the dog he was, decided that the dogs in show looked very se-"Ayame screamed as he was sent through the roof and Shigure landed on his bed looking dazed. "Huh...what were we talking about?"

Kyo just shook his head. Now he knew what Hatori had meant by his comment when Shigure received the present. "Shigure, I never thought you'd get so low..."

Yuki glared at his black haired cousin. "I agree..." The two had figured it out. Basically Shigure when he was the dog of the zodiac was planning on checking out the other dogs in the show...

"What? What on earth are you talking about?" Shigure asked chuckling nervously.

Suddenly Ayame screaming got louder and louder as he came falling through the hole. Only this time...he landed right on top of Shigure. The two looked at each other in shock but Ayame was too shocked to make a move off Shigure. Kyo and Yuki looked confused and horrified. They both thought in unison That...just...looks...WRONG!!

"Why, Ayame, I never knew you liked to take things a step fast" Shigure said suggestively

Ayame played along but leaned a little further away from Shigure "When I'm with you, Shigure, I don't mind taking a step back or a step forward..."

Yuki was on verge of vomiting. Kyo would have screamed if was able to find his voice. The door opened behind them but they didn't seem to notice that person to enter was...

"What on earth is all the commotion ab-?"He stopped seeing the two men.

His eyes widened.

The cigarette dropped from his mouth.

The two looked up at him, shocked.

For the first time in a while, Hatori felt sick. He looked to Kyo and Yuki who only stared in horror at the sight in front of them. "What on earth are you two doing?"

Shigure, still playing along with the act, said most stupid and disgusting thing to date. "Giving them a demonstration..."

That did it.

Kyo screamed so loud the house shook and ran away.

Yuki ran straight for the bathroom to puke.

Hatori only shook his head. "You idiots..."

Later on that night...

"Hmm, funny, where did everyone go?" Tohru wondered as she walked through the whole house. She couldn't find anyone. There wasn't a sound at all in the house. Not a peep, not a whisper, not a sound...Maybe they went out and I just forgot they told me she thought with a sigh. She was hoping to spend some time with Kyo, but he was nowhere to be found. Finding nothing to do, she decided to go to bed early. She slide her door open and turned the light on...

...only to find the dress she wore to the dance lying neatly on her bed. "What...What's this dress? Who made this?" She walked forward taking the dress by the straps lifting it up. Why does it seem...familiar? A note was attached to the front by a small pin. Tohru took the note off reading aloud: "Dear Tohru, put this dress on and come to the front of the house. You'll see what's happen soon!


Puzzled Tohru looked from the note to the dress. Maybe I should do what the note says...For some reason, it might explain why no one is around. Quickly getting changed into the dress she dashed outside and gasped at who was out there to greet her.

"Hello sissy" Kisa said with a timid wave. The former tiger was dressed in an adorable, , yellow dress with small, trimmed with white material at the edges. Her hair was done up in a small bun with a small flower clip holding it in place.

Hiro smiled and waved too. "Hey..." He was dressed like a proper gentleman, with a black tuxedo with a white shirt underneath, a small, cute, black bow tie and well polished shoes.

"Kisa, Hiro?" Tohru said astonished "What are you two doing here? Do you know what's going on?"

Kisa didn't say anything as she took Tohru hand. Hiro lead the way down the dirt path. "You'll see in a few minutes. It's nothing special but you'll see..."

"Hiro, it is something special, something for sissy" Kisa said shaking her head.

Once they reached the end of the path Tohru gasped again to see a black, shiny limo with Uo and Hana dressed in their dresses and their hair done up beautifully. "Hey Tohru! About time you got here!" Uo said waving at her.

Hana took Tohru hand gently from Kisa. "Thank you, you two. You did an excellent job...We'll take it from here."

Kisa looked disappointed. "Oh, I thought I was allowed to come as well..."

"Hey come on, if Kisa wants to see her then we can both go, can't we?" Hiro said a bit angry. "You're not gonna hurt a little girl's feeling now are ya?"

Uo raised her hands defectively "Hey no need to get defensive kid! You can come along it's just I don't know if they'll be enough room in limo"

"Let's find out" Hiro replied folding his arms.

Hana opened the limo door letting Tohru in first. As Tohru climbed in she noticed there was someone already in there. "Good evening, Miss Honda..."

Tohru's eyes widened but she grinned widely sitting opposite him. "Yuki! Wow, you're here too?! You look amazing!"

Yuki was dressed in what he wore for the dance before, but didn't say anything and smiled. "Thanks, you look very stunning and cute, Miss Honda..."

She blushed. "Oh, I don't know about that, but thank you! So you're going to...wherever it is we're going to?"

"Yeah, he wanted to tag along as well," Uo said getting into the limo. Hana got in sitting on the other side of Tohru. Kisa managed to fit in next to Yuki with Hiro. Yuki tapped on the small, black window behind his head. "We're ready to go"

"Understood" said a familiar voice. Was that Hatori? Tohru thought. About to raise the question she was stopped when Hana started playing with her hair and Uo got out a makeup bag. "Huh, why are you-?"

"We have to get you looking nice don't we?" Uo said pulling out a stick of pale lipstick.

"No, she must look beautiful Arisa," Hana corrected. Kisa became interested as she watched the two girls worked on Tohru. Yuki and Hiro tried to have an interesting conversation finding what the girls were doing to be very boring...

After fifteen minutes they arrived at their destination. Hana smiled admiring her work. Tohru's hair was same it was on the night of the dance. Uo stepped out first looking around as if expecting someone to be there. Her head stopped as a figure appeared in front of her. She smiled seeing him. "There you are, where did you run off too?"

Kureno stepped forward taking Uo's hand "Had to make sure everything was ready..." He was looking rather smart in a black tuxedo, a blue shirt underneath and yellow tie.

They both turned towards the car and waited as everyone got out, including the driver, which turned out to be, as Tohru had thought, Hatori. He was dressed in a dark grey tuxedo with a grey shirt underneath and an aqua coloured tie. He smiled at Tohru who smiled back but didn't say anything. She looked around to see she was in the city and in front of her was a very expensive looking hotel. It seems all so familiar...was this where Kyo and I went to the dance? It saddened her that was unable to remember the dance. She knew it meant a lot to Kyo, and even after repairing the damage inflicted on her brain, she couldn't remember.

"Right, let's get going!" Uo said excitedly. Kureno lead the way holding Uo's hand. Hana walked beside the confused Tohru who asking her a lot of questions, all of which Hana answered "You'll see" and smiled excitedly. Behind them Hiro blushed as he offered Kisa his hand. Kisa blushed as well looking down at the hand. Hesitantly she took and leaned forward to Hiro and kissed his cheek. "Thank you, Hiro..."

The former sheep blushed even more and smiled embarrassed. The two walked and caught up with the rest of the group. It didn't take them long until they reached their destination. Tohru looked around in awe and astonishment. They were in the most beautiful gardens she had ever seen, with low hedges, a fountain, cherry blossoms, exotic flowers and lanterns lined along the edge of the roof and on the gazebos lighting up the whole area. Not far from her stood Ayame dressed similar to Yuki, only his coat was a lavender purple colour and his tie was coloured gold, holding a dazzling look Mine around the waist. Mine was dressed in a knee length, red, shiny dress with her hair done up in a bun and black, low heel shoes adorning her feet.

Next to the couple was another one, Shigure and Akito. Shigure, dressed in his usual business suit and red tie, held the hand of a gorgeous Akito, whose hair had grown down to shoulder length and was looking a lot more feminine then before. She wore a short, purple dress with a white scarf around her neck and high heel black shoes. Seeing her there Tohru remember her time back in the hospital. She remembered a month into her recovery Akito was to be discharged. Before her discharge Akito had come to visit Tohru and begged for forgiveness. Tohru, finally realising that the reason Akito was hurting the Sohma's was that the head of the house was afraid of being alone, forgave her and considered her a friend. Akito since then visit Tohru as often as she could when she was recovering.

Tohru saw Yuki leave the group and walk towards a nice looking Machi who also wore what had worn to the dance. She smiled he took her hand and gave her a small kiss on the forehead before turning back to the rest of the group. Hatori grinned as he walked over to blushing Mayuko. Tohru could hardly recognise her homeroom teacher, she was so gorgeous. She had her down flowing over her shoulders, and wore a light blue dress that reached to her knees with a blue ribbon tied around the middle into a bow and white low heel shoes.

Hana walked over to Kazuma, whom Tohru found to be very strange in a suit. He wore a gray tuxedo, a light blue shirt underneath and a black tie. He smiled as Hana took his hand and turned back to Tohru. Next to them was Ritsu, looking quite smart in a white business shirt, yellow tie and black pants, and Mii, in a nice blue dress and sparkly necklace and earrings.

Kagura stood next to them in an exquisite lime green dress and her hair decorated with green, sparkly clips. Momiji was looking both very smart and cute in a white tuxedo coat, black pants and a yellow shirt underneath.

Behind them she noticed a band with musical instruments and among them was Rin and Haru. They smiled at her, both dressed in gothic, punk attire and holding microphones. The band with them dressed similar but looked impatient to start playing music.

Still not quite understanding what was going on, Tohru looked at them puzzled. "What's going on? I don't...understand."

They just smiled at her. After a short pause they looked towards the nearby gazebo. Tohru stepped forward unable to see the gazebo past a tree. Her eyes lay on the person slowly walking down the wooden steps. He smiled at her and she couldn't help but smile back. "Kyo..."

He was dressed the same as he was for the dance, including the sneakers. When he was in front of her he spoke up softly "I thought that...because we never officially finished our evening and got a proper dance, we could try again and get it right this time." He stretch his hand out. "So, you wanna dance?"

Tohru was completely stunned. He did all of this for me? Just so that I could have a proper dance...Kyo is truly amazing! She smiled happily taking his hand. He lead her towards the gazebo. The couples watch as they stepped on to the the gazebo.

"Well, let's get this party started," Haru said "Hit it boys!"

(Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm)

"Dance, Hana?"Kazuma offered.

Hana nodded once smiling. "My pleasure."

Uo pulled Kureno by the tie out to dance in front of the gazebo embarrassing the former rooster greatly.

Shigure pulled Akito towards the dancing area with a confident smile on his face.

Soon everyone was dancing, except Kagura and Momiji. Momiji turned to Kagura with a small smile. "I guess that just leaves us..." He held his hand out "Let's dance together, Kagura! As friends of course!!" Kagura smiled walked with Momiji to the dancing crowd. "Sure!"

It amazed Mine that Ayame had killer dance moves, and everyone was surprised to see Hatori and Mayuko dancing. Shigure almost had better moves than Ayame. Momiji was dancing like a hyper active bunny jumping all over the place basically. Kagura, Hiro and Kisa danced shyly. Ritsu for once let out his inner dancer, dancing almost like Michael Jackson! Mii was even surprised by the man's dancing.

(The Great Work Begins by Thomas Newman)

The couples got closer together and started waltzing to the music. A prefect, ambient silence filled the air. The couples didn't know what was going on around them, only concentrating on each other. Kyo's eyes didn't wander down to the couples below, they were only on Tohru. His arms her wrapped around her waist while hers were around his neck. They danced slowly to the music not minding the silence at all between. However it was broken by Tohru. "Kyo," she said softly, not able to stop smiling "Thank you, so much...But, can I ask you a question?"

He found himself pulling her closer under his forehead was against hers. "Go ahead..."

"Can...C-Can I k-kiss you?" she asked blushing a ting of pink.

He only smiled at her embarrassment. He found it cute that she was asking him if she could kiss him. He chuckled lightly "You know you don't have to ask, silly. But to answer to your question..." He leaned forward his eyes half closed, his lips not far from hers "...Yes."

She smiled before closing her eyes. She closed the gap between them pressing her lips to his. This is what they had both been waiting for, this very moment. This moment where they kissed. Neither saw that the couples were watching all smiling at them. It was a sweet moment worth a picture, which is why Rin took out her phone and took a quick picture of them. Everyone resumed dancing leaving the couple to themselves. They slowly pulled away from each other but not too far away; just so that their foreheads were touching. Kyo only smiled and closed his eyes. "I love you..." I always will

She leaned away, leaning back in putting her head over his heart. "I love you too..." And I always will...

Above them the starry night sky and full moon lasted the whole night.

Above them their worries vanished into air.

The unvoiced plea had finally been answered.

~*~The End~*~

And so after 7 months, 160 days, 456 reviews, 56 rewrites, and 40 chapters, the story has come to an end…

*Bursts into dramatic tears* It's over, the story is over!! Finished!!*Bursts into even more tears. Ayame runs in crying dramatically with handkerchief, Shigure trailing behind also crying dramatically* Don't despair *insert real name of author*, we shalln't leave you, because of your present for your reviewers!! *Hatori appears and sighs dragging the two dramatics out the door. Stares on with sweat drop* Hehe, guess that was a bit…emotional…^^;

Anyway, so this is the end, sadly :( I didn't think the story would get this far to be honest. I thought everyone would flame me for doing something like this, but I'm totally thankful to all of you, you all inspired me to keep going with the story and always helped me here and there, I really appreciated it guys! :D

*Ayame runs in* By the way here is the meaning of YDIWFYTDWY *Holds up card* YDIWFYTDWY= Your Date As Waiting For You To Dance With You *Poses dramatically* It took me delicate hours to tcreat such a perfect title for the team and to write that note for Tohru!! Of course Yuki always looked up to me to- *gets smacked on the by Yuki and Hatori comes in with strait jacket and drags Ayame away. Looks on bewildered*

And now the moment you've been waiting for my awesome reviewers of the story, this is your present for giving me so many reviews! Each reviewer is getting….*drum roll*………….A one shot each! That right you're all getting a one shot each, but it might take long time to write them all up ^^; And if you review for this chapter and you haven't reviewed for any other chapters then I might not be able to do one for you but I'll try, sorry :(. Even so, I really wanna thank you guys. So the one shot are basically anything and everything from a drunk Haotri scenario to just a simple romantic moment between Tohru and Kyo. The title of the fanfic will either be 'Basket of Memories' or 'Memories of the Zodiacs' (Which one do you like?)

However, if you already have an idea of what you'd like to have in your one shot just copy and paste the form below into your review or PM and fill it out. BUT…I HAVE A FEW RULESBEFORE YOU DECIDE TO FILL OUT THE FORM:

I don't do M rated fanfiction (Only K, K+ and T)

I don't do lemon/lime/smut (EW!!)

I don't do yaoi or yuri (I get seriously uncomfortable with that kind of stuff. I don't hate it or anything but I just feel uncomfortable writing it, 'kay? The closest thing I do to yaoi is Shigure PRETENDING to be in a relationship with Ayame, if that is even considered yaoi!)

So here is form if you have an idea. Remember, copy and paste it into a review or PM and fill it out:

Name of oneshot/drabble:



Characters/pairings involved:

Idea for one shot/drabble (summary or plot):

Anything else you'd like to add?:

Well, that's about it. Thank to everyone for reading this, your the reason this story was made possible :)

Hope to see you all around!

Keep Writing!!