"Oki!!" The named male jumped in surprise, causing him to tumble off of his hut's roof into the snow below. Coughing, he sat upright and shook his head, clearing it of snow just fast enough to see Samickle walking towards him. He cocked his head, wondering, "Why does he have Kutone?"

As the blue-haired man neared, Oki stood and asked, "What's with the sword, Sammy-boy?" The village leader emitted a deep growl and then swung the sword, barely missing Oki's head. "Whoa!" As Samickle regained his balance, he glared at the blue and red haired male, his yellow eyes burning with rage and hurt. "Ah, what's wrong, Sammy?" The male did not respond; instead, he swung at Oki again. "Samickle, what the heck's wrong with you?" asked Oki, who was dodging swing after swing. "I'm your mate! Stop attacking me!" Samickle's head lowered and he began laughing. "What the heck?"

"You still consider yourself my mate? I'm honored! I thought you'd left me for Amaterasu!" Oki's eyes widened. "What in the world's he talkin' about?"

"I'd never leave you, Samickle!" Oki cried, grasping his lover's shoulders. "You're my one and only!" The blue-haired man knocked his pleading mate away, sending him crashing to the ground.

"You liar! Traitor! I saw you two only an hour ago mating just inside of Yoshpet!" Oki felt tears burn his cheeks.

He cried, "That wasn't me!"

"Liar!" snarled Samickle, who stuck the edge of the sword under Oki's throat.

"Don't you trust me?" whimpered the cornered Oina.

"Not anymore, and never again!" Samickle roared before storming away, fighting the urge to go back and fillet Oki like a fish. Meanwhile, Oki curled his knees up against his chest, thinking. His mate of four years had just left him for something he didn't do. How could he rectify the situation without making it worse?

"I know! I'll find who was really in Yoshpet!" He stood and shifted to wolf form before racing off towards the forest. "I won't let go of you that easily, Samickle… I'll prove my innocence, no matter what!"