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Harry Potter was 15 years old when he started his official training, He was taken from the Dursleys and lived in Auror quarters, being trained with them and going with them on missions. At 16, Harry's Training went ever harder, adding training in the Department of mysteries to develop his Parsel-Magic, and after school he would train with Dumbledore.

At 17, he destroyed all the horcuxes and defeated Voldemort, His Fame grew, everyone knew him. He had been playing the guitar since his 2nd year, so he pursued a musical career. Harry Potter was a hit, He sold three albums that year (Magical music production is WAY faster than muggle) The first was 'Save me' The songs focused on the despair and sadness he felt, like he was falling deeper and deeper into a depression, the album was dedicated to does who died in the war.

Stupid lies and Plastic Smiles came out soon after the Ministry declared him a threat of being the next dark lord and his friends had turned on him. He fell even deeper into a depression because of the Betrayal, although his fans backed him up, it hurt that those he thought family hadn't.

Moving on was his third album, the auror who had trained him helped him move on, he decided if his friends didn't believe him, he'd just have to make new ones. After releasing this album he decided to move to a secluded area to think on his next album, to relax, and possibly to forget about his troubles even for a while.

Being 19, close to 20, he applies for a teaching job at Forks, Washington, his new home. He becomes the new Music and Combat (Electives) teacher. It just so happens that his best student was a Vampire. This Vampire was falling for his teacher, and he was falling hard.

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