Summary: Because shit happens Edward had to stay and Bella had to leave. She was placed into the Witness Protection Program after James tried to take her life. Edward stayed behind to make sure that James could never hurt her again, he knew what that meant; James had to be killed. Edward knew that the only way to keep her safe was to hide her where no one would ever find her... even if that included himself. Six years later his search for Bella led him to her apartment in New York City.

My Hero

By: Twipen.

Twilight & Characters belong to SM

Edwards' POV

I wasn't sure what to expect.

I didn't know what the right words to say would entail.

There was never a strategy.

If there had been a plan, it wouldn't have taken me six long fucking years to finally get to her.


The one thing that I was absolutely certain of was that I had to attempt and mend my wrong.

I had to make her see that I did it for her.

That I loved her more and more every single day.

And that her face and name was on every breath I took.

Standing in front of apartment number 2012 I knocked on her door.

"Edward!" I heard her excitedly call to my right.

"You're early today!" she said running towards me.

I wasn't listening... I just stood there, stunned by her beauty.

She had gained some weight... Thank God...

Last I saw her she was too thin and ill. The anxiety of being stalked and practically hunted like an animal warring on her.

"Bellahhh..." I sighed.

She didn't regard me as much.

And could I blame her really?


She turned from me and unlocked her door to let me in. I did and she quickly closed it behind me.

She took my hand next and I watched as she jumped up and slightly bolted at our connection.

But that wasn't anything new. Every time we touched sparks and electrical conductivity would induce.

"Oh Edward... I'm so glad you're here..." She said throwing her purse on the couch.

Our laced fingers hugging and crushing as she pulled me and practically ran into a room at the end of a hall way.

It was her bedroom.

I couldn't pay attention to anything else but my Bella.

"Bellahhh... You've forgiven me...?" I asked.

She pulled me onto her bed and crawled after me. Turning around so that I could spoon her.

Just like it used to be.

"There's nothing to forgive Edward... I know why you did it..."

I held her close to me. Hugging her small frame against me... molding our bodies together. There was no other place I wanted to be.

There was so much I wanted to say...

So much I wanted to tell her...

Worship her and plead for forgiveness... but she already had...

"I love you so much my Bella. All these years... I had to wait to make sure that you were safe first... And then I had to find you... I didn't think it would take me so long Love... I'm so sorry..."

"Stop it... I don't want to hear another story... Just hold me... Okay?"

Another story?

What did she know?

"Tell me what you've been doing all this time... All of it... I want to know everything." I said.

She sighed loudly, "I don't want to talk about that today... Masen will be here soon... And then you'll have to leave me again..." she complained.


She had found someone.

"Is this Masen good to you Bella?" I asked as I held my breath and my heart sputtered.

"He loves me unconditionally. And I would die for him. But I still love you so much... It never stops... It wont go away... Ever... I'm such a masochist..."

"You tell him you love me?"

"He knows..." She said shaking her head, "Edward?"

"Yes Bella..." I sighed.

I'd lost her...

"This is the best one yet... It's so real... As if you were really here with me..."

"I am here Bella. I came back for you."

"Ahhh... Yes... There it is... That sounds familiar... I am dreaming... Touch me Edward, please touch me..."

Did she think that she was dreaming...

"Bella... turn around sweetheart..."

And she did.

And then I saw her.

Six years can change a person... yet she still looked seventeen...

So beautiful.

Velvet skin.

Pink cheeks.

Rosy lips.

Long lashes.

But her deep chocolate eyes were closed to me.

"Open your eyes Bella."


"Bellahhh...? Why wont you open your eyes?"

"You always ask me the same thing... And then when I open them you disappear..." She said sounding like a spoiled child, "Just a little bit longer Edward... Please...?"

My tears ran from my lids as if they were running from fire.

I had hurt her in ways that I could never take back.

The damage was done.

She thought of me as an illusion.

"How often do I come to you Bella...?" I asked as the salty flow disappeared into her hair.

"Everyday... Every night... When Masen sleeps... When he's gone..."

"Tell me about Masen...?" I asked reluctantly... Did I really want to know anything about him?

"No! Not now... I don't want to talk about him... Just you... Edward?"

"I'm still here love." I said but I knew that she could hear the desperation in my voice.

"Are you crying Edward...?"

"I cry everyday for you Bella... Every night..." I said sobbing softly and reflecting her words back.

"Oh please Edward... Don't cry..." She said but she was in tears herself.

"Why did it have to be us Bella... Why are we here if only to suffer... Why can't we be happy?" I bellowed.

"I am happy... You are here with me Edward." She whimpered trying to convince herself.

"But you think of me as an illusion..." I contorted.

"I'll take what ever I can get Edward..."

"Please open your eyes Bella? I'll prove to you that I am real... Can I kiss you?"

She smiled at me still with dampen eyes and nodded.

I leaned in and rubbed her tears away with my fingers and then brought them to her lips. Everything was the same; her lips were soft and plump.

Closer, I brought my lips to hers and the embrace was just as before; pure and loving.

I slowly lifted myself from her not wanting to overstate my welcome.

"Oh Edward!" she said excitedly hugging me closer to her, her hands were around my neck as mine laid on her hip. "This is the best one yet!" she beamed with excitement.

"The best what love?" I asked as my smile reached my lips. This is how I remembered her. Always happy.

"The best kiss ever! Silly?! I kiss you everyday! But this kiss was... Just... Was just more... It feels so real... This is the best dream ever Edward! I don't ever want to wake up!"

"You're not dreaming Bella..." I said sighing once more. "Please open your eyes... I'm here Bella... I'm here with you..." I begged.

She smiled wider and shook her head.

"I can smell you... You always smelled so good..."

"I know..."



"Please make love to me..."

I leaned back onto the bed letting go of her and brought my hands to my hair pulling at it slightly in frustration.

"We can't..."


I snorted. How could we? First of all she doesn't think I'm real and last but certainly not least she has a fucking boyfriend.

Fuck my life!

"We can't!" I scoffed.

I felt her little hands on my chest as they crawled up to my face. "I love you... I'll always love you... and I'll wait for you."

"I am here now Bella!" I said in frustration.

"I know... please don't be mad..." She said catching my irritation.

I combed her hair back and slowly caressed her soft cheeks with my finger tips.

"I'm not mad at you love... I could never be mad at you." I said. "I'm sorry..."

"Masen will be here soon..."

"Should I go...?"

"No! God! No!" She laughed.

"He's starting to write... he's very creative... like you..."


"It's on top of the dresser..." she started, "It was a school assignment for our son... 'describe in three sentences a hero' so he decided to write it on you."

I shot up and looked on top of the dresser.

Is this really happening?

Or am I the one who is hallucinating?

"I'm keeping it for you so you can see it when you find us... along with all the birthday pictures and keepsakes that you've missed out on. He loves you so much Edward."

I heard every word she said but then everything fell silent as I read the scribbled assignment.

The heading read Masen Cullen Jones.

First sentence: 'A hero is a pirsen that wud dy for someone els.'

Second sentence: 'A hero is fast and strung.'

Third sentence: 'My Daddy is a hero even dough I never met him yet I now he loves me very mush.'

I gasped loudly and the back of my knees gave way.

My hands shot to my thighs to stay afloat and not fall to the ground.

The paper left my hands and cascaded to the floor.

I screamed and cried real tears.

Not, I'm a man and I hold it in crap.

I was delirious.

Laughter came next with the realization that I had a son and that although she was supposed to be in hiding, the name would have given her away. She used my biological and my adoptive parents' surnames.

"Edward... please don't cry..."

I ran to her and carried her, spreading her legs around me twirling her in the air.

"Ahhh... I love to see you this way... So happy... And care free..." She laughed with me.

"Bella we have a son together!"

She laughed, "Of course we do! I talk about him everyday!"

"How old is he?"

She snickered, "Do the math Edward! He's in kindergarten. But why do you have to ask?"

"Is that where he is right now?"

"No... Today is Saturday silly... He's on a play date with Matt and Ben. But they'll be here soon..." She took a deep breath and then let it out slowly, "And then you'll have to leave again..." She said unwillingly.

"I'm not!" I said.

Next we both heard the front door open.

She sighed heavily and crawled off me pushing me away.

She went and sat down on the foot of the bed.

I stood silently on the side of the bed ready for the inevitable confrontation.

She would soon realize that this was not a dream.

"In here Maze..." she shouted.

I was hyperventilating. I thought I was going to faint and made quick to scrub my tears from my face.

She turned slowly back to me and asked, "Why are you still here?"

I smiled and looked from her to the small boy at the door.

He was pale white and had green eyes. Lean yet full and with a straight posture. He looked between Bella and me and then I noticed that Bella was staring at me dazed.

"Edward?" She gasped.

"Yeah... I'm still here... and I'm not going anywhere..." I said to her.

"Masen... Son... I'm sorry it's taken me so long to find you... You're... My hero..."

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