A Tale of Two Spyros

Sinrah: It's time for the not-so-anticipated sequel to Spyro meets Spyro!

A Wonderful Reunion

It has been five years since Bianca opened the portal. Artisan Spyro, Ember, and Flame are now eighteen years old and are fully grown adults. Cynder and Legendary Spyro are now sixteen years old (which is twenty-four years old for dragons in their world). And their children; Inferno, Umbra, and Dizzy, are five years old (which is 7 1/2 for them). Artisan Spyro has finally gotten over the Gnasty Gnorc incident. Ember and Flame are now married.

One day in the Artisan land, A. Spyro was having a flying race against Flame around the Town Square district. "Come on, Spyro! You gotta try harder if you want to beat me!"

"Alright then!" A. Spyro suddenly moved with a burst of speed and zoomed past Flame. As he finished the final lap, he and Flame landed on one of the buildings. "Looks like I win this one."

With a laugh, Flame said, "You could have told me you were holding back!"

"Yeah... but the look on your face was so priceless!" A. Spyro suddenly noticed it was getting dark. "Hey, we should probably head home."

"Yeah. Ember's probably wondering where I am."

A. Spyro suddenly chuckled. "Dude, you're whipped!"

"Shut up! I'm not whipped. Ember just wanted me home before dark."

As Flame entered the portal to return to the Artisan home, A. Spyro said under his breath, "Whipped." He then jumped in.

After they appeared back at the Artisan home, they saw Bianca and A. Hunter waiting for them. Flame and A. Spyro used to be much smaller than them, but now they towered over them. "There you are!" said Bianca.

"Hey guys," said Flame.

"What's up?" asked A. Spyro.

"Spyro, you won't believe who just showed up!" said A. Hunter.

"Elora?!" he asked enthusiastically.

"Whoa, slow down, Lover Boy," said A. Hunter, who couldn't help but laugh.

A. Spyro blushed.

"No, it's not Elora," said Bianca. "It's the other you! He showed up twenty minutes ago with Cynder and their kids!"

"Wow. They've never come to this world before! It's always us who visit them," said Flame.

"Where are they?" asked A. Spyro.

"Just follow us." A. Spyro and Flame followed Bianca and A. Hunter for about ten minutes through the large land. On the way, they passed by the portal that Bianca had created five years ago. They finally made it to a large cave lit by crystals.

"In there?" asked A. Spyro.

Bianca nodded.

The four went in and soon found L. Spyro and his family. When looking at the two Spyros, they are very similar and yet very different. They were both purplw, but it didn't mean anything to A. Spyro, his purple scales made him unique but not powerful. And they both had golden colored wings, horns and underbellies, and purple eyes. L. Spyro had curved wings, a spade-shaped tail blade, a rounder face, and a trail of spikes going down his spine. A. Spyro had angular wings, a spiral-shaped tail blade, a more square-shaped face, and he had a mohawk of spikes on his head and neck. "Hey, guys! What brings you here?" asked A. Spyro.

"Well, our kids are old enough to adventure now. So we decided to finally see this other world. And it's pretty cool," said L. Spyro.

Everyone had fun talking and exploring the Artisan world and its districts. By the time they were done, it was dawn.

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