The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina

By Mutitoon90

Chapter Five: Tom and Thumbelina Meet

Thumbelina had reached the end of the river and exited out of the sardine can, which floated away. She looked up at the tall trees and saw that there was no turning back and continued her journey.

Meanwhile, Tom continued his journey with the humming, he heard earlier, still in his mind.

Thumbelina parted the grass to walk through it and found herself near a tree. She walked to the tree and sat down with her back on a tree root and her head on her arms.

Then, Tom arrived at the tree at the opposite side of where Thumbelina sat, and sat down on a stone. And so the two sat there, unaware of each other.

Thumbelina looked at her surroundings, closed and pointed to a direction; while Tom pulled out his compass to see which direction he was at. Thumbelina walked from where she was at to get a better look, then she saw the mole tunnels. Not knowing what moles are, Thumbelina hid back behind the root. Tom saw the tunnels after Thumbelina hid herself and hid behind the same root. They were so close that Thumbelina's right hand was near Tom's left hand, but they finally bumped into each other. They turned to each other and screamed, having been spooked by the tunnels. They ran from each other, but Tom saw what he bumped into was a girl about his height and decided to run after her.

The moles, following Thumbelina's scent, crashed into the roots of the tree.

"OW!" Daniel moaned as he popped out of the ground and rubbed his head.

Godfrey also popped out of the ground and saw Tom.

"There's another one, and it's a boy!"

Daniel looked and saw Tom run away.

"I hope there's nothing serious between them."

Up in the tree, the raccoons, Sly and Carm, were grinning as they watched the events, and they said together, "Not yet."

Tom chased Thumbelina into a flower patch when Thumbelina stopped running and glared at Tom. Tom, seeing the girl's glare stopped and backed off. Thumbelina leaped at the retreating boy and grabbed him by the legs. Tom jumped from the grip, but he landed into a puddle, splashing Thumbelina. The girl walked up to the boy and asked, "What are you?"

Frowning at being call a 'what,' Tom answered, "I'm not a 'what,' I'm a 'who,' like you."

"You are, aren't you?" Thumbelina said, agreeing with Tom, "Where did you come from? What are you doing here?"

"I'm on a journey to find other little people like me." Tom answered.

"Me too!" Thumbelina agreed verbally, Wow! I've never met anyone like me!"

"Me neither." Tom said, "Where are you from?"

"I don't know." Thumbelina said sadly.

"Neither do I!" Tom said with a smile.

Thumbelina looked at Tom strangely but then smiled to see that she was in the problem with someone else.

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