Well here it is! The story I promised. This tells who Lilly is for those of you who don't know. It's going to be a long one but broken down into chapters.

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"...." = Speech '.....'= thought ~ ' .....'~= mental thought.

The story of Lilly

Vegeta Jr. (A descendent of Vegeta that lives 100 years after gt) was spending time in his mothers' lab, tinkering with unfinished inventions and playing old computer games on Bulmas old computer.

" What are you doing?" Patches came into the room. (Patches is my person. I'll write another story about her. Basically she saves the world, is Vegetas granddaughter and is very close to him or was while he was alive)

"Nothing mom!" She shuttled all the tubes and CD-ROMs that he was playing with.

" Vegeta Jr., I told you, you have to stay out of my stuff. When your older maybe you can run C.C." She said putting her hands on her hips. " Ever since your father ran off, it's been a little harder around here."

" But mom these are just the old ones that great grandma made." He said waving the disk in the air.

" Vegeta Jr.!" She snatched the disks from him. " I told you not to do that! These disks are all I have since the vault was closed on Vegeta-sei." (I'll write about that to( Koron, vegetas little sister) Basically a lot of saiyans survived and live on another planet with Korons children as the rulers.) " They're important. these have the moon ray designs on them!" (The ray that turns Vegeta into a ssj4, created by Bulma).

" Those plans are useless now, he's not living anymore mom."

" Vegeta Jr. theses plans will work on any saiyan, you, me, Goku Jr. any one."

" But why would we need them?"

" You never know." She looked back into her darkest memories. ' Honey you don't know. Mom didn't expect anything either but because of that she lost her life. we were supposed to meet Dad together, but because of delandoue, it was taken from us. What was that?'

" Mom what's that weird feeling in my stomach?"

" I think someone's coming. Not too far. Outside! Vegeta Jr. stay here!"

" But mom."

" Stay!" She commanded walking to the window leaving the room the same way her grandfather had so many times. She flew around to the front slowly. 'So familiar. Who is it?' she thought to herself ' Oh my god! that's Grandpas and Kakerotttos ' Ki'. And Yamchas and piccolos and Dendes. My god all of them! But I can only sense two people! What's going on?!"


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