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Patches Found a person with the power of Vegeta and Goku, piccolo and Yamcha, Gohan and Trunks. Who is it? Find out.

" Lilly? Lilly please answer me!" A Young boy held a small child wrapped in rags. The boy was no more then 14-years-old, the small girl, no more then 3 or 4. " Lilly don't you leave me too!"

" Who's there?!" Patches came around the corner. " Oh my!" She gasped putting her hands over her mouth when she saw them. " Who are you? Where are your parents. Oh my is she okay?!" It was the middle of winter and snowing outside.

" Help her please.?" He begged of Patches.

" Come on inside, hurry!" She rushed them in to the house.

" Mom! Who is it?!" Vegeta Jr. ran to the door.

" Vegeta Jr. get some extra blankets! Hurry!" He nodded and sped off in the other direction. " Sit down here. Let me see her?" She asked of him.

" She's my sister, help her." He handed her to her his hands trembling from the cold.

" She's freezing, so are you!! My God! How long have you been out there?!"

" I don't know anymore."

" Where are you parents?"

" My mom was murdered. We don't have a father. Is she going to make it?!" He was more concerned about her then himself.

" Yes, just needs rest." She ran her hand through her hair. it was platered together with blood. " Who's blood is this?!"

" Our Mothers." Was all he could say before he blacked out. He dreamed of his mothers cries from a man with a brown fuzzy tail and the name Vegeta ringed in his ear.


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