Resident Evil: Code Genesis

Disclaimer: For once in a while, I'm writing this for two of the greatest Albert Wesker fans I've met: Wesker's Countess and Madam Wesker of DeviantArt. All three of us wish for a sequel where Wesker returns. Honestly, is it Resident Evil without the guy? He MADE the series. I can accept his death, but I don't have to like it. So, for your reading pleasure, I create a story featuring his utter return. This is for fans, not to be taken too literally.

"Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix."

-Christina Baldwin

"Life, death, and rebirth are inevitable."

-Rig Veda

By: VampireQueenAkasha

"Sure I'm not human anymore! But LOOK at the power I've obtained!"

-Albert Wesker, Code Veronica

Chapter One: The Dawn

Planet Earth.

A sinister silhouette loomed by the gleaming azure globe. It was a satellite in a geostationary orbit that appeared to be in a fixed position. It was collecting audio files and speeches from information across the entire planet; cell phone receptions, data transfer through radio, television signals, etc. All across the world, information was being received and sent back in such a short time through the large dishes situated on both sides of the drifting machine.

The satellite's plates had all but been scratched and dimmed of their normal black color; you would have never guessed that it wasn't that aged. It had no visible markings of possession on it, save for a bizarre, and color-less logo of the Umbrella Corporation lying just beneath the "belly" of the machine.

" - - You could make all sorts of things."

" - - Got a pulse? No, boss. Hold it. We got it right here."

" - - It's Uncle Ralph, long distance from California!"

" - - Come on. I promise, Mom."

" - - What book? Any one you want ... Spiderman ... "

The satellite continued with its menacing, silent orbit around the world, devices whirring around it, knobs beeping and gears whirring. Its solar panels folded slightly backwards as a gleam of the fiery star that could only be the sun appeared around the corner. It seemed focused on a particular spot inside planet Earth, just over the Pacific Ocean.

200 Miles from Kijuju

The ocean was placid, carrying graceful, delicate waves toward an isolated fishing trawler. It seemed to be the only massive boat for miles with music that blared loudly across the soundless ocean waters. Along the sullied, aged hulls of the ship, faded burgundy words spelled out the words "Jersey Baby".

The seagulls passing by high in the sky circled it slowly with chorus' of caws and chirps, watching an extensive column of smoke, caused by a smoking grill on board the ship. The grill was roasting with scrumptious burgers and hotdogs and other delectable foods.

Standing at the grill was a man appearing to be in his late 20's, singing to Korn's "Word up" and using a spatula as a microphone. Here was Jonas Burton, a somewhat overweight man wearing a brown cap to cover his eyes and a thin Hawaiian shirt with auburn shorts. He was an unusual man with a charming sense of humor and an optimistic clutch on life. Jonas was a good friend to most people and like all friends, got on their nerves at times, but most of the time, he was there for anyone who needed him.

"The meat's almost done guys!" he hollered. "Hope you guys are as hungry as I am!" He added then, in a low voice of amusement. "Impossible, but hey … "

He was making hamburgers and even T-Bone steaks for his friends who were…as usual, working and he was not. It wasn't like he was entirely useless; he was in fact, a physics researcher like the rest of them-very intelligent. But from time to time, he would get easily bored rigid with his work to the point that he would slack off and usually get in trouble for it. But his trouble was wavered often times due to the connections that he had. He could be serious, but most of the time, he just chose not to be.

Jonas had been a part - time gas - station assistant before he went off to college. He remembered wanting to be a physicist because he was so good with statistics, chemicals, and all that implied. He was usually bored with working a lot and felt that sometimes, one could work too much. He had never been in trouble too much growing up and usually kept to goofing off in subtle, harmless ways. He believed that it kept you smiling and never let the terrible times get you down.

"Word up!" Jonas sang, grinning, with his words. "It's the common word … " He leaned back dramatically and pantomimed playing a guitar.

"Jonas!" came the shout from 25 year old Kirk Matthews at the Doppler placed on top of the communication's tower just overhead. "Get that jolly ass up here and do some work for a change!"

"Jonas? Work?" a woman called from inside of the ship through an open door. "That would be the day, Kirk!"

Kirk Matthews was a handsome man with a very cynical outlook on life and sometimes, when situations got bad, it took a while for him to get back onto his feet. He wore glasses that constantly fell down his nose and was quite scrawny, wearing a thin turtle neck shirt and jeans beneath a soiled white apron. He had some muscle mass to him, but more or less, he was more of a "scholar" and not a "lifter", studying molecular subjects and viruses.

He had a problem with Jonas and didn't really consider him a "friend" but more of an acquaintance.

It wasn't like Kirk had too much of a problem with his fellow worker and he wasn't a jerk all the time, he just hated the fact that Jonas got away with a lot of things that would normally get someone fired. It wasn't fair to the rest of them who actually DID a lot of work.

"Hey, come on, baby!" Jonas laughed, over his shoulder. "You know that greasy shit ain't for me!"

Kirk rolled his eyes and shook his head with dismay at the joke. He turned to go, thought about that, and pointed one finger down at the grill. "Yet you shove it down your fat gut all the time!"

Jonas flipped him off without looking back and smirked dryly. "Fuck you!" he hollered. in a comical voice.

Kirk scoffed and curled his nose sourly at the curse. "Why does she put up with you? I don't get it!" he called down to him.

Rose Bedford was their team leader and an intelligent researcher of 23 years. Their tasks were to observe the ocean waters for any bizarre changes since the "zombie" incidents and to make sure no wildlife had suffered any sudden changes that would suggest a repeat of anything like that again. It was a tedious job, because most of the time, they found nothing too serious. But it was a job nonetheless.

Kirk remembered the first time that he had heard about the viral outbreak in Raccoon City. Many doctors and researchers had tried to gather samples of this "T - virus", but with the destruction of the city, everything had been wiped out off of the face of the Earth. Many rumors went around that Umbrella had been the cause of the virus and the destruction of so many lives.

Unfortunately, any implications of the organization soon disappeared and Umbrella was let off of the hook. Shortly after that, however, Umbrella's stocks had begun to plummet and soon, the company began to degrade. After that, Umbrella became nothing more than a memory as various other 'competition' took the chance to rise to the top.

Kirk had never really spent a lot of time thinking about it, but he knew that Umbrella was at fault.

Jonas suddenly turned and made a very rude gesture down to his stomach and swayed his hips from side to side. "Cuz I got da lovin' in my oven!" he joked, laughing.

Sitting at a desk underneath an awning was 22 year old Tanya Harding, as sarcastic and witty as Kirk was, even when she wasn't trying to be. Tanya was your average young college graduate who had just entered into business with these researchers. She was ignorant to their ways and their ideas, but she had been with them long enough to know that Jonas was a pain in her ass. She liked him a little bit, as he could make her laugh sometimes, but work came first, that was her motto.

She was beautiful too, wearing a white lab coat and going over several data files. Her hair was tied in a ponytail and occasionally, whipping her in the face from the ocean winds. She smirked over at Jonas and gestured with the point-end of a compass.

"It's all in that ass." she added, laughing.

"Yeah?" Jonas snapped, waving the spatula at her. "I know a certain ass that can go without lunch, then!"

"You should be down in the kitchen," Tanya told him, a light frown now touching the corners of her forehead. "That smoke is going to attract too much attention to others out there. We don't need to run into any pirates right now."

No sooner had she spoke, Rose appeared at the top of the cruise ship, smiling. She was wearing a black tank top beneath a white lab coat and reading glasses set on her face. She was wise-cracking, bold and courageous, and quite attractive considering that it was obviously not a focus of hers. She had that natural beauty that most men delighted in; her hair was short and black, ruffling around her cheeks where she occasionally brushed the locks behind her ears.

Rose was also a woman, who put focus on her friends before herself, but like all people, she had the compatibility to be selfish but she kept those feelings aside. Her friends still knew very little about her. Rose had a peculiar secret, one that she never let interfere with her work.

"Jonas?" she said. "If you don't do something constructive, I might have to consider tossing you overboard. I hear sharks like a good side of beef every now and again."

Jonas blew her a kiss at the joke and took nothing literally by it. "Promises, promises!"

Kirk scoffed and rolled his eyes, giving Rose a sideways glance. "You know, for the life of me. I cannot understand why you hang out with that asshole," he said, "All he does is eat us out of ship and food."

"He's a friend, Kirk," Rose told him, keeping her attention on the machine before her. "Sometimes you might not always get 'em, but they're friends and that's good enough for me."

"I'd rather have a new dishwasher. It does more work in a few hours than he does his entire life … " the man snapped, rolling his eyes.

Rose turned to the Doppler with a small laugh; a large satellite dish with a computer system attached to it below that digitally relayed information regarding weather changes and patterns in storms. Only this particular device traced contamination that may or may not reveal itself in the rain.

Rose slowly looked out toward a storm that seemed to have been heading their way; large, black ominous clouds rumbled heavily and jagged bolts of lightning danced wildly through them. Various seagulls seemed to have been flying away from the storm, shrieking out warnings to one another to get to safety.

"Kirk!" she said. "Give me a reading!"

Kirk hurried down the stairs at the console as soon as the words left her lips. He immediately typed in a few keys, bringing up digital sheets of information and equations that displayed data of the storm ahead. He chuckled softly and leaned back, cocking his head to one side as he called up to her.

"Alright, boss," he replied. "Which way do you want it pointed?"

Rose continued to watch the stormy clouds, the wind rustling her hair into her eyes. "Give me a sector scan west, northwest, check for rotation in the mid - levels and increase the PRF."

The music on the radio had changed to AC/DC's "Back in Black". Jonas was grinning and dancing to it, lip-synching. Tanya rolled her eyes at his dancing and tossed her pencil at the back of his legs. He jolted and spun around, giving her a confused, yet playful shrug.

"Have Beth take samples of the precipitation once it starts," Rose continued. "And make it quick, too. I don't want the equipment getting wet."

"Sure thing, boss lady. As you command." Tanya said, flashing a grin. She bent down to her collection of documents and gave an angry groan, feeling how soggy they were. "Goddamn it, Jonas!" she snapped, "I told you time and time again not to leave these near the tanks!"

"You tell me a lot of shit … " Jonas said, casually shrugging his shoulders. "Doesn't mean I'm listening."

Rose tapped the Doppler's Auto Focus with a frustrated sound. Its lighting flickered in and out slightly with a few weakening humming sounds to follow. Rose sighed and she gave it a swift kick to the side. She hated this; her equipment was dying out on her. She didn't need that right now during the studying. Kirk watched her aggravations with a quiet laugh and a shake of his head.

"Dammit, this thing's fucking useless." she cursed.

"Sorry, Rose!" Kirk called.

She paused and looked out toward the ocean, something in the distance catching her eye. She ignored the sounds of Kirk and Jonas arguing yet again and continued to watch the drifting object curiously, stepping to the side to attempt to get a better look at what it was. It didn't look to be moving at all.

"Hey, Jonas, don't eat all the hot dogs!" Kirk protested.

"Why?" Jonas countered, "I thought you wanted me to stuff greasy shit down my gut?" Jonas countered. He watched Kirk finger through several black and white photos before he smirked broadly. "You're nervous, aren't you?"

Kirk pretended like he wasn't fazed by the question. "Nervous? No. Why, do I look nervous?" He casually glanced up toward Rose's position and heaved a sigh, knowing exactly where this conversation was going to go. "I'm not. Okay?"

Tanya got into the conversation and chuckled. "Well, yeah you do, a little."

"Look, Rose always shines you every chance she gets," Jonas told him. "Just do your job and forget about asking her, alright?"

Kirk gave him a sour look and rolled his eyes. "Yeah?" he snapped, "And when are you going to do your job, Jonas?"

"Hey, I'm just saying. Don't kill the messenger, bro."

"I ain't your bro."

"Hey, Tanya!" Rose called, keeping her eyes on the object out at sea. "Can you tell Sam to pull up the ship out toward that?"

Tanya quickly climbed up to see what it was she was talking about and furrowed he brow, confused. It looked like a dead animal from where they were standing, but they couldn't be too sure due to the distance of it. It could have been anything.

"Sure." She said. She cupped her mouth and walked away to the bridge of the ship. "SAM! Take the ship 15 feet north, northeast!"

Sam, the crew's servant was sitting in a lounge chair at the Bridge, taking a drink of soda and keeping watch on the sonar. All around him were contemporary electronics, including navigation and communication equipment, fish detection devices, and equipment to control and monitor gear.

Much of this equipment could be controlled from this particular spot on the ship. Smaller trawlers have wheelhouses, where electronic equipment for navigation, communications, fish detection and trawl sensors are typically arranged about his chair.

Sam was quite old and feeble - looking, not to mention bitter, like most elderly men could be. Sam had once been a soldier for the US Army and retired, looking for some side-work to do in the meantime. It wasn't much, doing what he did; but anything was better than nothing at all.

When he heard the command, he gave an annoyed grunt, sitting up in his chair and walking to the wheel. He wrapped his hand around the lever that activated the thrusters of the ship. The propellers roared to life and he immediately spun the wheel, performing a slow, calculated turn in the direction that he was ordered.

Once he stopped it at the desired coordinates, he scoffed and sat back down, opening a porno magazine.

"Yeah, you're welcome … " he muttered.


Rose and her comrades stood at the edge of the ship, looking down into the water. Their eyes were wide in shock and disbelief at what they saw floating there. It was obviously a man; his body tattered and burned beyond all recognition. He was drifting face - down, so it was hard to tell who it was at the second.

"Get the net," Rose ordered. "Reel him in. And tell Beth that I want the med bay prepped S . T . A . T . "

"You got it." Tanya replied. "Beth's been bored all day anyway. She'll like having something to work on."

Jonas uttered a closed - mouth chuckle at that. It was true; Beth had been complaining about having nothing to do these past few hours.

Once the dead man was brought onto the ship through a large fishing net, he was turned onto his back for proper identification. Unknown to these scientists, this was Albert Wesker, the legendary traitor to various corporations, but mostly to Umbrella. They had not known what transpired before he had ended up like this. All they saw was a dead man with no name, no past and obviously no present. Should this man have been alive here with them; they would have been in grave danger.

He was tall, his broad shoulders singed with black and a strange ooze-like mass, abdomen rippled with muscle. His right shoulder had various pieces of metal and wire jammed into the flesh there, two of them at least a foot long. The smell coming from him was horrible - - sour and ripe, like he had been dead for a while.

Rose coughed against the smell, nearly retching. A hand went to her mouth and she forced back several hard swallows to keep down the vomit.

Jonas turned his head, grimacing, wafting the air and waving a hand in front of his face. "Jesus, that's rank as hell... " He turned back, making a small note of the blackened, yet yellowish, pus-filled flesh where Wesker's chest used to be. His face was covered in burns and mild lacerations from what could have been a concussion due to a heavy explosion. "What the hell happened to this guy?"

Rose furrowed her brow and she spoke behind her covered mouth. "I don't know, Jonas," she said. "But we're going to find out."

Wesker's body was taken to the medical bay. The room itself was poorly lit, but just enough light revealed that the room itself was not very big. Rows upon rows of equipment took up nearly half of the space in the room as well as an operating table in the center.

27 year old Beth Underwood immediately performed checks and study onto the subject. She was an African American woman who did not tolerate any nonsense from anyone and was bold above all things. She had no real fear of any man or thing in the world and had faith in her Christian God. She was also very intelligent and close friends with Rose. Beth had always taken care of Rose the day they met as children.

Beth was also quite beautiful as well; her eyes stood out the most, a bright frightening blue and her hair was long, tied in a bun. She had a strange scar on her right arm which was from a bar-fight that she had gotten into protecting Rose from two perverts who had picked the wrong day to piss her off.

"Shit, this guy's immune system is so out of whack!" she gasped, using a set of tweezers to pry a piece of metal from Wesker's arm. Her movements created sick, wet sticky sounds that caused Jonas to visibly grimace in disgust.

Rose nodded and looked to the other doctors in the room. "I want that tested for any abnormalities," she told them. "Any changes in blood count, tissue … anything." She gave Jonas a look. "That goes for you too."

He smirked uneasily under her unwavering glare and hurried over to a strange machine. It would test the blood cell count, fluids, and any other liquids in his body for anything that might cause concern.

Beth inhaled deeply and looked down at the wide, lifeless eyes, frozen in horror and pain. "I don't know who this guy is … but what's all over him has got me … " A sharp grunt of effort as Beth removed a piece of bone from the jutting rib alongside Wesker's torso. "… a little concerned."

"Why do you say that, Beth?" Rose asked, watching Jonas check the piece of metal underneath a microscope. She raised a brow as he absently rubbed his left foot with his right one.

"It's not … a virus … " Beth told her. "It looks like more like a separate organism. It … seems to have a will of its own, a unique structure of sentience." She gestured to the computer near them, displaying samples of Wesker's blood. "It seems to have an irregular effect on the ocular tissue. This guy's muscle seems to be very unhinged as well. It limits itself to muscle tissue and the lower organs, leaving the brain relatively undamaged. This breakthrough means that the subject's mind is retained and no ill effects take place."

Rose blinked at that and looked toward Jonas. "What about the chemistry panel?" she asked.

Jonas reached for a computer print-out of Wesker's chemistry and shrugged his shoulders. "Blood sugar level is three times below the median, phosphorous and uric acids are off the scales." he told her.

"Is it dangerous?" Tanya asked, worried.

Beth shook her head. "The man's took some nasty hits from something and the burns should guarantee that whatever was inside him is long dead by now. It should not be contagious to humans through direct contact, but I still want to be careful, just in case. I don't entirely know what I am dealing with here."

One of the doctor's at her side suddenly gave a sharp cry of pain, jerking his arm back into his hand. All heads turned in his direction. He had cut his hand on the shards of metal in Wesker's arm and a pool of crimson began to form in the center of his hand. The doctor cradles his hand and looked at them pitifully, mostly embarrassed for his clumsiness.

"Hey!" Beth shouted, angry as well as concerned for her fellow researcher. "Wash that shit off right now! I'm still not sure if any contact will still guarantee an nasty infection. I don't want to have to put a bullet in between your eyes."

The doctor nodded anxiously, several drops of blood dropping uselessly onto Wesker's chest and face. He was far to concerned for his own well - being to worry about something like that at the very moment. He went to the sink and began to wash his hand off with soap and water.

"We need to continue with this first thing tomorrow morning when we're up and alert," Rose said. "It's getting late and we need to get some sleep before the storm hits. We've been at this for a while. I don't want anyone falling asleep on the job."

"Thank the lord." Jonas muttered, dropping his things and walking out of the room.

Beth covered Wesker's body with a large white tarp and they all left the room, shutting the lights off in the process. While they disappeared into the hall, their conversations fading in the distance, Wesker's fingers suddenly twitched once.


Rose was brushing her teeth in her personal bathroom and a large, Golden Retriever walked into her room, tail wagging wildly and mouth open in a pant of happiness. Rose smiled and petted the dog with her free hand.

"Aww, hi, Mac, what's up, big guy?" she crooned, mouth full of froth and foam, "You just want some attention, huh, boy?" A soft whimper answered her and she laughed. "I'll get you a treat in a minute, okay?"

Rose's room was small, but still quite comfortable for her. A bed in the corner was covered with books and a few clothes. A few trinkets and objects littered a desk across the room and a few photos were hung up along the walls.

Kirk walked into the room, hands stuffed in his pockets. He smiled at her and knocked on the doorway once to indicate he was there. Rose turned and smiled, holding out one finger to tell him to wait while she spat her leftover toothpaste into the sink.

"Everyone's asleep and Sam's on duty tonight," he told her, as soon as she finished. "I was wondering if I can check the radar once more before I get to bed. The rotation had me a little concerned. I'm sure it's nothing, but I want to check, just in case."

"Sure, go ahead."

Kirk watched her for a few moments. He was always hoping that some day, he and Rose would get together. He secretly had a thing for her, but she was so busy with work and everything, she did not acknowledge this at all. Maybe she did and did not show any interest. Either way, Kirk had wished she'd at least let him down easy if not any time soon.

"Hey, Rose," Kirk began. "Uh, after this job, do you want to … you know … ?" He trailed off and watched Rose's lips part in a quiet sigh. "We can always go and get us a coffee and talk small talk. I mean, I'm cool with any of that."

Jonas had been quietly hanging out by the door in the hallway, grinning with pity at the poor attempt on Kirk's part. Wow, this poor guy was persistent and almost pitiful. Kirk sensed his presence there and picked up his shoe, tossing it in Jonas' direction with an angry growl. It rebounded off of the walls as Jonas ducked out of the way with a laugh.

"Kirk, I'd love to, but that data is going to take weeks for me to finish up for Chief," Rose told him, with a faint smile. "Maybe some other time."

That was something that Kirk was constantly used to by now; Rose always making up an excuse or using a situation to stay away from him. He respected it nonetheless even though he hated it. He turned to go and chuckled sadly. There was an edge to his voice that couldn't be hidden from the woman.

"Okay. Um … goodnight," he told her, with a casual wave. "I'll see you tomorrow, then. I guess."

Rose smiled and sat down at the edge of her bed. She waved back at him as he slowly shut the door. "Goodnight, Kirk."

And with that, he walked out of the room with a sad look, hiding it from her so she would not see. He could hear Jonas snickering at the corner of the hallway and scowled, chasing after the man. Jonas yelped loudly and took off, still laughing. He nearly bumped into a passing man carrying a box of fish and quickly uttered an apology.

Kirk finally caught up with him.

"You do that all the damn time!" Kirk shouted, angrily, struggling to keep Jonas' head in a wicked choke-hold maneuver.

Jonas smirked and wriggled free from him. "Well, Rose ain't into you, man!" he insisted. "You ever read that book, 'She's Just Not That into You'?" He pointed a skeptical finger at Kirk and then, pointed in the direction of Rose's room.

"Yeah, but it can't hurt to keep trying, right?" Kirk said, sadly.

"Sure it can!" Jonas sneered, playfully. "It makes you look like a sad little school boy!" He gave Kirk a goofy punch and rushed off, before the man could hit him back. Kirk gave chase with a growl. "Hey! Can't take a joke, can you?"

"Come here, you asshole!" Kirk hollered.

Meanwhile, beneath the covered sheet, the hands of Albert Wesker curled into a tight, shaking fist, joints cracking. His leg jerked slightly and his heart began to beat into his chest once more, pulsing hot, warm blood throughout his entire body. The doctor whose wounds had dripped with blood onto him had somehow given him life again; life and with it, blood lust. His dead, cold state had done great damage to his body and mind. Whatever he needed right now, he would have to heal himself through more primitive means.

Wesker's hand grasped the tarp and he yanked it swiftly off of his body. His eyes opened and with them, flickering a horrible red and his mouth parted in a long, deep gasp; air filled into his parched lungs. His burns and wounds throbbed more than anything in the world and hurt something fierce as they began to perform their regeneration duty. He could hear the sounds of two people arriving and bared his teeth with a cold snarl.

Two doctors entered the lab, walking over to Wesker, who was lying down once more, eyes shut as if he had never once moved. They were talking and laughing to one another, until one of the doctors noticed something odd about the seemingly cold corpse on the table.

"That's weird - - " he said, tilting his head to one side with a frown.

"What?" the other doctor asked.

His friend cleared his throat and leaned over Wesker with a small penlight, shining the beam onto Wesker's face and neck. There was a change in the burns and cuts. They were less severe, as if he had regenerated in the time that Rose and her friends had left.

"Maybe it's just me but ... he looks different now; his burns and cuts are less extreme than before," the first doctor told him. "some of these wounds look like they may have closed up - - " He gestured for his friend to take a look too and he did; taking out his penlight and flicking it on.

"That is weird," the second doctor said, curiously. "I've never seen that in anything before." He walked over to the light switch to get better light and the first doctor looked over at him.

Wesker suddenly sat up, as silent as air.

"We should wake up Rose and - - " the second doctor spun around and his eyes grew wide in his head. "LOOK OUT!"

The first doctor spun around at the warning, just as Wesker lunged with a hideous, wet snarling sound. His mouth latched onto the man's throat, teeth piercing the flesh and a swift jerk snapping the neck in two. The second doctor stumbled backwards, sending autopsy tools clattering to the floor as he struggled to back away from the living being before him.

Wesker rose from the table, flinging the doctor's lifeless body aside. He advanced toward the second doctor with a fierce hissing sound escaping his lips, just as the doctor opened his mouth to scream.


Sam was leaning back in his chair, a small television set plugged in against the console. It was playing a wrestling station and two men were fighting in the ring. Sam was stuffing Ramen noodles into his mouth with a fork and laughing a little at what he watched while it began to rain outside. It gently pelted the glass window.

"Heh, what a bunch of pansies … " he mumbled, spilling a little soup down the length of his jaw.

A shadow passed off to the side and Sam quickly looked over his shoulder. There was nothing so he went back to viewing his show. A dark shadow slowly cast over him and Sam glanced down at his hand, noticing it now and looking up.

A snarling set of blood - drenched teeth came down upon him, just as he uttered a scream. It carried across to the aft side of the ship, where Tanya had been busy reeling in some of the fishing lines. She glanced back to the bridge tower and frowned.

"Geez, Sam, what now?" she murmured, stopping what she was doing to go and check up on the man.

As she walked across the ship, a dark shadow moving between the chimneys of the engines caused her to pause in her steps. She squinted through the rain to see if she could make out who it was.

Wesker staggered across the ship's top deck, his body shuddering and his back arching in a peculiar gesture of pain. His eyes were struggling to focus on everything around him, through a red haze of pain. Snarling, he gripped his head with both hands and wailed in agony. It was a terrible sound, almost like that of a wounded, tortured beast.

Tanya reacted with horror at the sight. She glanced to the side where a fire hatchet hung inside a glass case. Slowly, she reached over and unlatched the door, carefully taking out the axe.

Wesker moved with robotic grace, a pained hiss escaping his lips. His eyes struggled to focus on Tanya's form cautiously moving against the wall. He moved toward her location, listening to the deepened, rapid breathing and the speeding heartbeat that filled his ears. As soon as Wesker turned the corner, Tanya shrieked and swung the hatchet, staggering back to view what she had done.

The hatchet was buried deep inside Wesker's shoulder and he didn't look to be in any pain by it at all, rather aggravated than anything. He stared down at the axe, chest heaving in and out and low gurgling sounds filling his throat.

Tanya stepped back a bit in revulsion as Wesker reached up to grasp the handle of the axe, yanking it from his body with a sharp murmur from his lips. He tossed the weapon aside and Tanya watched it rattle over the side of the railing and into the water below.

Wesker's lips pulled back from his teeth and he shrieked, lunging for the woman just as she screamed.


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