So my friend found my story and laughed at me. Girls shouldn't be writing about stuff like that! Well it made me a bit upset so I decided to try and write an awesome chapter. I am terribly sorry if I fail.

Link had taken to sitting on the roof of the scientists house. He figured that it would be the best place to see the wolf if he decided to attack or if the scientist came outside to call him in for Sheik he would be right there.

The scientist had made sure that Link stay outside until he was done working on her. Even though he was called a scientist he had some practice in the medical field as well. Although not many people came to see him. The sun had just started to set when Link heard him.

"Link! Come in here! I need you!"

When he walked in his heart tore. Sheik was laying on the cot with her leg wrapped in bandages. Her clothes were torn and bloody but other than that she seemed fine. "Whatever it is that bit her." The scientist began. "Had some extremely strong power. I had to make one of my strongest potions that I normally never make. You're lucky I had my frog here otherwise she might have been in trouble." "Thank you so much." Link said as he shook his hand. "How much do I owe you?"

"Well you are the Hero of Hyrule but I can't say that frog isn't rare." Link reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of rupees. "This should cover it." The scientist nodded. "She just needs a few days more sleep and then we can remove the bandages."

Little did the two of them know what was going on in Sheiks mind.


Sheik knew she was in a dream this time. How she knew that was a mystery. She was walking across Hyrule field to the castle. The walk was longer than it normally was and by the time she was halfway there night had fallen and the bridge had been drawn up.

I guess I'll just go back.

Once she turned around however she realized she didn't know which way home was. The night was becoming darker. She remembered Lon Lon Ranch was across from the castle. She could barely make out the path and when she did she started following it to the ranch.

Suddenly she noticed she could see her feet. There was light coming from somewhere. Looking up she saw the moon coming over the horizon. But that wasn't what stopped her in her tracks. There was an outline of a man against the moon. He was just standing there watching her. Sheik knew who it was even from this distance.

She didn't know what made her do it but she started walking towards him instead. His glowing eyes slowly became brighter as she got closer to him. When she reached him she stopped and stared him in the eyes. He crossed his arms and smirked. "Well?" He said. "Well what?" Sheik asked.

"Aren't we going to formally introduce ourselves?" His eyes seemed to glow with amusement. "Are you really asking me that? After following me around and hurting me you want me to formally introduce myself?" In the back of her mind she couldn't believe she was having this conversation with the man. . .

No . . .creature.

Who had put her through everything. "Yes. I guess I am." He acted as though he were playing a game. Well if that's what he wants then I'll give it to him. "I am Sheik." She said proudly, standing tall. "I am a black Sheikiah and one of the last Sheikiahs." The creature laughed. "You think highly of yourself don't you?" His eyes quickly shifted down to see her necklace before going back up to her face. Ignoring this, Sheik continued. "Aren't you going to tell me your name?"

"Ah, yes!" He held out his hands. "Where are my manners?" Sheik was becoming angry with all of the sarcasm he was using. "My name is. . .


"It's been two days doctor, don't you think we can wake her up now?" Link looked at Sheik with a look of worry on his face. He didn't like seeing his friends in this kind of state. "Yes I think it's time."

Link gently shook Sheiks shoulder. "Sheik?"


The earth had started shaking before the creature could speak the last word. The most important word. "Well it seems I'll be going now." And with that he looked up at the moon and howled. If she had been in any other situation Sheik would of laughed but the fact that she had fallen because the ground was shaking so hard made her fear of him start to return. The howl he created sounded almost silly. But then it changed. It got higher and smoother. The man started shrinking. All Sheik could see against the moonlight was his silhouette. He bent over as his arms became shorter, his legs started shrinking, and a tail was growing out behind him.

He had become the wolf once again.

With wide eyes Sheik started crawling backwards. "Sheik!" The wolf said. It sounded more like a bark but as a word. "Sheik! Sheik!" She kept crawling back. The night slid over her again.


"Sheik! Sheik!" Link was starting to shake her more than before. Her face started forming into a scared expression even though she had her eyes closed. Link couldn't take it. "SHEIK!"

Her eyes opened as though it was the first time Link said her name. The scientists house was dark and it was hard to see. Shadows were dancing across Links face. "No!" Sheik backed into the corner of the cot thinking it was the dark one. The Dark Link. "Sheik what's wrong?" She had pulled the covers up so she was completely covered except for her eye. The candle light bounced off her scar, making it more noticeable than before.

"Sheik?" Link sat on the end of the cot. "It's me. It's Link." She looked at him slowly. Upon further inspection she realized he was right. His eyes were a royal blue. Nothing like the other one. "I'm so sorry Link!" She said. "I guess I had a nightmare and you scared me when I woke up." "You've been out for two days Sheik." Link started telling her the story of how they escaped from the village and how the wolf had grabbed her to drag her back underwater.

"I'm a Sheikiah!" She cried out. "I'm supposed to be able to defend myself! What's wrong with me?" Link didn't know what to say. It was true Sheikiah were supposed to be talented in all forms of fighting. Even when injured, Link had seen Sheik fight. What was so special about this time that made her unable to do anything? "It's the wolf." She said bluntly. "Excuse me?" Link asked.

"A dark wolf has been following me for some time now and I know it's why I'm not able to fight. It haunts me in my dreams. Everywhere I go! It's time I do something about it. I've been running this whole time. People have been forced to save me and take care of me when they shouldn't have to! Link I'm going to fix this problem." As Sheik finished she punched her fist into her palm.

"Well, Sheik." Link stood up. "I'll help you to the best of my abilities. Right now I think we should heal your leg." It was as though he was waiting for Link to say that very line as the scientist walked in at that moment. "Time to see what we've got on our hands." He slowly unwrapped all the bandages to reveal a deep cut. It wasn't bleeding, but it was obviously not fully healed. "Your Sheikiah clothing should be able to keep it in place."

In the back of Links mind he told himself to give Sheik a potion when they left. "Well good luck to you both." The scientist opened the door and forced them both out. Sheik had a bit of trouble walking at first but quickly got her bearings. Her clothes were slightly torn so she got a new suit from the tree in the middle of the lake. Sheikiahs hid things for each other everywhere.

"Ok Sheik." Link said as he rubbed his hands together. "Last time you tried to get whatever that thing was you almost died. How are you going to defeat it this time?" Under her cloth Sheik smiled. "This time I'm going to have something I didn't have before." She turned and walked towards Hyrule field.

It was true that she had failed last time. But she realized something. The second he realized she was a Sheikiah, he wanted to know who her mother was. A plan started forming in her head. All she needed to do was to find Owl.

I know people have been saying the plot is going to slow so I'm trying to get it going again. I feel like it's a giant rock that I have to roll down a hill and I'm not quite close enough for it to start rolling on it's own. I hope it's as good as I was planning in the beginning and I'm sorry if it was too short this time too. It's been awhile and I need to get back into the swing of things. :)