A Perfect Fit



"But Mum will be crushed if you don't wear it to supper tonight, Draco."

Ginny pleased with her boyfriend, who was staring down his nose at her with disdain. She had resorted to guilt-tripping since attempts at goading and threatening him had fallen on deaf ears.

"I don't care if it upsets her to the point where she runs headlong off a cliff. I am not wearing that!"

Draco pointed to a silver and green wool jumper with a large 'D' embroidered on the front. It was tacky and repulsive, and he wasn't going to put the dreadful thing on. He'd chance sleeping on the sofa for the next few days.

"But Mum made it especially for you," Ginny cajoled, trying to cater to his ego. She knew it wouldn't work, but she had to try.

"Like she'd notice if I handed this off to another member of your brood. One of them has to have a name that starts with 'D'." He picked the damnable thing up by the collar and tried to pawn it off on her, but she only pushed it back into his hands.

"No, Draco! Put it on!" Ginny felt like she was trying to reason with an infant. "Look, I'm wearing one, too." She pointed to the red and pink wool jumper she had on. It had a large letter 'G' plastered across the chest.

"Yes, and it looks horrid," he said with a sniff, the silver and green jumper still dangling from his fingertips.

Ginny fell back onto the sofa in defeat, her skirt flipping up past her thighs. She leaned her elbows on her knees and cradled her face in her hands.

"Draco, can't you please do this one favour for me?" She was, trying desperately not to beg. She would hold off begging as the last possible line of offence.

"I'm living in this hovel here with you, aren't I?" He gestured dismally to their surroundings.

They were living in a two thousand square-foot, three-bedroom condo loft in middle of Soho, London. His idea of a hovel, not hers.

"Communing with Muggles at that!" He crossed his arms over his chest in a huffy, princess-like manner. "Don't say I've never suffered for you."

"Draco—" She sighed, feeling her inner defences begin to crumble. Her Gryffindor pride was slowly being dismantled by the implacable Slytherin. Begging, on her part, was almost inevitable.

"It is not going to happen, Ginevra." He turned his back to her, throwing the jumper behind him onto the couch.

At times his obstinacy surpassed her own.

She picked up stupid article of clothing and sighed once more. Why was she with this arrogant and petulant man again? Let's see... he was passionate, loving, possessive, strong, confident, gorgeous, and 'hit' her in all the right, yummy places.

Ginny grinned foolishly, looking faraway as she reminisced about the romp they'd had in the shower not some twenty minutes ago. She shook her head and snapped herself out of her naughty daydream.

Right. Pressing issue at hand here, Ginny. Must convince the stubborn prat to wear Mum's handmade jumper or else. C'mon, Ginny! Think like a man. What does he want?

She glanced down at the green and silver jumper in her hands and grinned mischievously. She knew just how to entice him in her favour. Quietly standing up, she began to undress as she watched him step out onto the balcony to sulk. Soon, she followed suit.

"Draco, my love," she purred in his ear, putting a soft, delicate hand on his shoulder.

"Sweet talk isn't going to work on me, Ginevra." He stared forward, ignoring her plays as he took in the view. He had to admit that they had a rather nice panorama of the city from their pitiful perch (right, loft).


She nipped at his ear with her teeth, and he turned around to properly chastise her, to let her know that any type of seducing would not work on him. That was when he noticed something quite alarming. His girlfriend was dressed in nothing but that dreadful green and silver wool jumper!

The jumper about half way down her thighs and hugged tightly at her chest. While he was larger and broader than Ginny, Miss Weasley must have assumed that Draco was the same size as her daughter for the jumper was much too tight on Ginevra. What was more was that the design of the jumper allowed for somewhat large gaps in the pattern, exposing the redhead's pink little nubs, permitting them to poke through the woollen fabric.

She was naked underneath!


She cut him off with a slender finger to his lips and gently pushed him back down onto one of the lounge chairs that they had set on the balcony.

"It fits perfectly, don't you think?"

She straddled his lap in no time and he brought his hands to her behind, feeling her bare skin beneath his fingertips. She really was naked underneath, completely naked. Maybe her seducing him could work...


"Draco, that jumper looks wonderful on you!" Molly was beaming at the blond. "I really need to measure you for your size though, love." She clucked her tongue in a disapproving manner. "I made it entirely too small."

Ginny smiled at her mother and then turned to look at her boyfriend whose hand was affectionately squeezing her knee underneath the table.

"Oh no, Mrs Weasley—" a characteristic smirk settled on his lips "—it's a perfect fit."

Author notes: Written for the D/G Forum Writing Challenges.

Kim's Prompt: D/G centric fic of any genre or rating (300-900 words). Must contain the lines "I am not wearing that."