Nack the Weasel stood in the lunch line behind the other inmates. Most of them had him running scared. It was bad enough to be a bounty hunter in a jail, but worse when half of the inmates are the ones you put away to begin with!

"So what are you in for?" a burly African-American asked folding his arms across his broad chest. Nack knew this guy. Wanted on drug dealing. Nack got him life, but he never expected to be his roomie.

"I sort of killed Armadillo Rex, I think." Nack replied hanging his head.

"Whho boy! I knew you were tough, but taking someone like Rex out? That's just plain crazy! Everyone knows Rex can't die!"

Nack's ears perked up. "What did you say?" he asked in a nervous tone.

"Yeah, Rex can't die. He's got some sort of super small robots crawling inside him, healing his wounds. He's invincible!"

Nack dealt with some wild cards before. Idiots in tights trying to play superhero but killing the wrong person, disgruntled postal workers with nasty firepower, even Robotnik was normal compared to this. What was he hearing? Immortality? Could it be true? After some of his weirder cases, he was willing to believe anything.

The big guy threw his trash away and left back to his cell. Nack stared over the food-like substance in front of him. First Sonic hiring him to take Rex out, now Rex is immortal. Why would his hardest case send him on an even harder case? Nack was beginning to understand why Sonic hired him. Sonic was afraid too. Sonic knew of Rex's inhuman capabilities, so sent Nack to kill him since he was still stalking him anyway. Like Rex said, what better plot.

Nack lie awake in his cell that night. When everyone was asleep, he made a break for it. He managed to escape from this place, and try at round 2 against Rex. Bounty hunters never give up, do they? Now with the police hot on his tail, he hoped that he would at least catch Rex and endear himself to the police. That way they would take Rex instead of him.

He found Rex exactly where he left him. He drew his Magnum from his holster. He knew if a Magnum shot to the brain couldn't keep this guy down, a stun gun would be worthless.

"I heard that you were locked away for 'killing' me." Rex smiled. That insane grin of his spread across his face.

"Shut up! I want to know why you became this way. You were such a good kid in collage." Nack ordered.

"Well I was never right after high school. Ask Sonic, he'll tell you what he did to me." Rex said slyly.

Rex's tail extended to an impossible length and shined like metal. It swung with a tremendous force that ripped the desk in half. Nack was even more frightened than before. Immortality was one thing, being a cyborg was completely different.

"Want to know who gave me the hook up with Robotnik's little empire? Who put me on the Doc's good list and enabled me to take over to what this is now? Well I'll tell ya Nackie-Boy! It was none other than your DEAR OLD DAD!!!!!"

Nack staggered backwards and dropped his gun.

"N-no!" he said faintly. "It can't be…" he couldn't believe it. Nack's own father giving Rex a job with Robotnik. In a way, dad was responsible for how Rex got all this power in the first place.

"Yes! It is all true, your dad was Robotnik's job recruiter! I got this power from his connections. I guess double dealing runs in the blood line." And with that, Rex bolted out the window, landing perfectly and painlessly on the sidewalk nine stories below.

Nack lie awake that night. He couldn't sleep. The biggest criminal since Robotnik, and it was all because of daddy. "Why, dad?" Nack asked to the stars out of the motel window. "Look what you've created."