"IF ALL THE WORLD"S A STAGE, THEN I'M THE NUMBER ONE PERFORMER!" Rex shouted as he jammed the gun further into Tecumseh's skull, ready to pull the trigger.

"Wait! It's me you want! Not them. I'm the one who hurt you and I'm sorry." A familiar voice called. Rex looked up immediately and Nack and Nic spun around. All three gasped as Sonic the Hedgehog stood before them.

"I herd the whole thing. I never knew you felt that way, and I'm sorry for the pain I caused. I let my judgment get the better of me." Sonic said hanging his head slightly.

"I said it's too late for apologies and I meant it!" Rex said getting angrier.

"I know, but if it makes it any better, and saves all these lives, then I'm gonna do it anyway."

Rex felt something, something he never felt before. He was about to cry. He let his hostage go and ran towards Sonic, hugging him.

"Oh, Sonic! I feel so bad for what I did! But after that day, I just didn't know what to do with myself! I never knew so many people would be hurt because of my anger."

Rex sobbed in Sonic's shoulder as Nack and Nic tended to their father.

"Thanks Sonic, I owe you one!" Nack said with a smile.

"Don't mention it Weasel Boy! I knew you weren't so bad. We got a lot in common, you and I. We should become allies instead of enemies."

Nack smiled.

"Sorry Sonic, but I work alone. We can still be in touch."

The three weasels left as Sonic continued to pat Rex on the shoulder. He noticed that he had stopped crying and was starting to laugh.

"No apology can undo the emotional damage you did to me! Now feel my pain!" and Rex pulled the gun on Sonic. He fired and knocked Sonic down.

"I accept your apology, but I can't let you get in the way of my revenge!"

He ran off after the weasels.

"Maybe we can get out this way." Nic said pointing to an escape jet.

They leapt into the jet and pulled dad in. They were about to start it up when a loud banging startled them.

The side of the hull ripped open, and the smoldering, flaming remains of Ultra Mecha.

[NOW I will DesTroY You OnCE anD For ALL!} he said in a very distorted voice. He held up his blaster and fired a stream of fire at the jet, melting it away.

[YOU Are GoinG TO PAY FoR what You Did tO mE!]

Nic jumped up and swung from the rafter above and slammed Ultra out into the open sky. He tried to fire his rockets, but was to badly damaged. He plummeted to his 'death' and hit the ground way below with an explosion.

"How are we gonna get out now?" Nic asked looking at the remains of the jet.

"Sonic got here somehow, maybe he can give us a ride!" Nack said snapping his fingers.

They ran back to where Sonic was, but found him out cold. Nack saw the door Sonic had cut into the hull and the Tornado outside.

"Hey kid!" Nack called out to Tails. "We need a way out of here, and Sonic's hurt."

Tails brought the plane in closer. Nack and Nic loaded Sonic into Tecumseh's lap. They rode on the wings, just like Sonic dose. The wind felt good as they flew away from that hell.

"YOUR'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" a voice boomed, and Tails narrowly missed being sideswiped by a jet. It was black as midnight and donned the Rexco insignia.

"I WILL DESTROY YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL!" and he gave chase to the bi- plane. Tails pushed the speed limits to the max and got an idea.

"I've got you in my sights now you little brat!" Rex said to himself as he readied the target. He looked up in time to see Tails make a sharp vertical turn and go straight up. Rex was caught off guard and tried to turn, but was going to fast to control. He slammed right into the side of his beloved fortress. A huge fireball erupted as fuel tanks and missiles exploded. It was a horrible sight. But a signal of victory! They had done it. Nack and Nic, took down the most feared villain since Robotnik and saved the world in the process!

"On news tonight, the fortress of destruction has been destroyed. The world is saved once and for all and it's all thanks to Nack and Nic the weasel!"

"Thanks, but we couldn't have done it without Sonic's help!"

Sonic smiled as he patted Nack on the shoulder. Sonic made a new friend, and they both vanquished an evil that should have never been.

"It was all you man, I was just the distraction!" Sonic said winking. Nack smiled. Sonic got enough credit and awards, he let someone else have the chance.

Nic and Nack held the hero's plaque high as the press cheered and applause filled the air. Even Sonic and Tails clapped at their new friends and their achievements. Tails wiped away a tear.


Somewhere….out in the middle of the fortress wreckage. A figure was digging. Digging away at the rubble, looking for something.

Lucretia emerged victorious with Rex's hardhat and laughed as she vanished in a cloud of smoke.

"You may have defeated Rex, but you still have me to face, and I will show you what true power really is. Then I will have two trophies, Rex's hat and your head!" her voice echoed off.

In the wreckage, a skeletal hand was visible. All traces of flesh and muscle were burned off in the explosion. Suddenly, a finger moved, and a silvery substance flooded over the stripped bones. A faint, muffled laugh could be herd carried off in the wind……