Fandom: So Weird

Rating: PG13

Word Count: 370

Characters/Pairings: Bricriu/Fi

Disclaimer: Don't own. Kring can have it.

Spoilers/Time Line: Lightening Rod

Summery: Bricriu's Still trapped.

Title: Deep Inside of You

Bricriu lurked inside of Fiona's newest computer. She had uploaded him into it without knowing, without remembering all the wonderful times they spent together. As the years had gone by her memory of the supernatural world had wined, but the strange new codes that bound him to the machine were sagacious in nature, if the machine had a nature. It seemed to Bricriu that the sole propose in its existence was to bind him up, just out of reach of the things he wanted.

So close.

The computer monitor blinked.

The change suited her making, her just as boring as the rest of the drooling cattle that was the human race. But 'Little Duck', had grown up very nicely.

She left her lap top opened frequently. And he bounced across as her screen saver. He still couldn't escape, not that he really ever tried beyond the first few (hundred) times. Before, there was such entertainment to be had.

He watched as she exited the bathroom, hair still wet and tank top clinging to her flourished woman figure. It was times like these when he really hated being locked up inside of this box of new magic.

Even though she was blank when it came to the hidden world, she some how made sure he was locked tightly away. In his sight, in his mind, out of reach. If he had legs he would kick something.

He missed the bodies, even if they were so cumbersome and always producing unnecessary amounts of water ... And speaking of ...

He watched Fiona towel dry her hair, the swirling tresses reminded him of the ivy in the forest where he came into being. He bounce a bit more around the screen as she began to take out a strange jelly and apply it into her skin.

Boyo! Did he miss bodies.

He hated this buzzing whirling contraption. This cold chamber bed, when just a few steps away was a soft, warm, (forbidden, protected) vessel.

If only he could get out. If only he could just get in.

If only they would let him.

He would fill her up. And then he and his 'not so Little Duck', would have so much fun together.