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Summary: Natsume wanted to express his feelings towards Mikan but will she feel the same way too ? please R&R .

Natsume met his eyes before he shook his head a little. "I'm sorry ..." He apologized but didn't move. He couldn't. His eyes were trained on the girl in front of him. The same girl that found a way into his fantasies at night and left him desiring more then just imaginative feeling. Natsume could feel his heart speed up as his eyes slid down from Mikan's face to her neck, shoulders, stomach and hips. The water that still dripped off his band mate only added to the eye-candy in front of him.

"Natsume." Mikan's voice brought his attenting from the girl's body to her face once more. And as his band mate opened her mouth to speak again, more then likely to tell him to get the fuck out, Natsume stepped forward, his hands taking hold of Mikan's hips and forcing her back against the wall. Lips on lips followed the previous actions and a sound of protest came out of Mikan's mouth.

The girl squirmed against the wall in shock before she regained her barings and her hand took hold of Natsume's upper arms, forcing him back.

"What the hell are you doing?" She snapped, her eyes narrowed on the older boy.

Natsume wouldn't have been able to tell her what he was doing even if he'd really known. "Mikan ... I ..." He shook his head. "I don't know...but...it was just..." He couldn't finish his sentence.

Mikan pushed herself off the wall but it wasn't long before she was against it once more and this time, Natsume's lips fell against his neck. The younger girl gasped faintly as an unexpected shiver ran down her spine, causing her back to arch just faintly. She felt hands at her hips once more before they slid further up her sides and then back down again to glide over her stomach.

"Natsume...s-stop..." The words came out as a soft moan as she felt her body starting to weaken against his will. As Natsume's lips reached the front of Mikan's throat, her head canted back automatically. Her plea for Natsume to stop was weak and all around became futile as lips and tongue continued to trail over his neck and down to her collar bones.

Natsume's hands began to venture further than the younger girl's stomach, tracing along her towel and letting his nails scratch faintly over the flesh. His lips broke away from Mikan's throat and instead came to claim her mouth, nipping gently at her lower lip. The fingers that had been tracing along the towel now tugged at the material so that it fell away from Mikan's body. Natsume trembled faintly in half nervousness and half excitement as he let his fingers wander lower and lower until they finally brushed of at Mikan's -dot dot dot-

Eyes snapping open, Mikan let out another sound of protest. Breaking her mouth away from Natsume's, she shook her head. "Stop!"

Shoving at the older boy until Natsume stumbled back enough to allow him room to move, Mikan scooped up the towel on the floor and wrapped it tightly around her petite body. She didn't say anything else to Natsume as she left the bathroom, her body shivering from the sudden uneasiness she felt.

When Mikan left the bathroom, Natsume leaned against the wall, letting his head fall back with a thud. His eyes closed and he let out a shaky sigh. "Damnit..." He bumped his head against the wall once more.

He was sure nothing would be the same after this.

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