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The Price of a Life

"Gohan are you still in bed! Hurry up! You are going to be late for school again!" Chi-chi yelled upstairs at her eldest son. 'That boy takes after his father far to much.' she thought to herself, giving a warm smile to her recently revived husband who was at the table with Goten the two of them putting away enough food to feed a small village. They looked up at her with noodles hanging out of their mouths and grinned identically. 'But not as much as that one' Chi-Chi added mentally.

Gohan, who was in fact still in bed, rolled over to look at the clock on his desk. "Seven-thirty!" he exclaimed falling out of bed in his haste to get up. "Oh man, there's no way I can make it to school on time!" He began to yank on clothes as he ran down stairs. He bolted past the kitchen greeting his parents as he went by, "Hi guys! Bye guys!" He was halfway out the door before Chi-Chi stopped him.

"Gohan dear! You forgot your lunch!" she yelled running after him.

"Thanks mom!" he stopped to kiss her on the cheek before he took off. As he gained altitude he pressed a small red button on his watch, transforming him into The Great Saiyaman. "Man how do I always manage to over sleep? " he groaned as he raced towards his school. "Why me?"

Meanwhile at the kitchen table, Goku swallowed and looked over at Chi-Chi as she entered the house. "You know I could have just used instant transmission to get him there on time" the man said, thinking out loud. Next thing Goku knew he was lying on the floor and his wife was standing over him holding a frying pan with a rather large dent in it.

"Well why didn't you think of that before he left, huh? If my baby gets kicked out of school and can't go to college because he was late, I'm blaming you! And do you know what that means?" Chi-Chi yelled, glaring at her husband. "Well? Do you?"

Goku whimpered, "No dinner?"

Chi-Chi sniffed. "That's right. And you'll have to cook for yourself from now on." Goku's eyes widened and filled with tears.

"But Chi-chi! You know I can't cook!!!" wailed the Saiyan.

His wife smirked maliciously. "Well, maybe you'll be more thoughtful in the future."

Goten stopped eating for a moment and looked at his mother. "Will you still cook for me mommy?"

Chi-Chi smiled. "Of course sweetie."

Goten reached up and scratched the back of his head laughing, looking just like his father in miniature. "Good cus daddy can't cook!"

They all started to laugh.


Gohan wasn't the only one running late this morning. Over in Satan City another young crime fighter had managed to oversleep. Videl Satan rolled over and snuggled her pillow closer, she'd been having a very nice dream. She and Gohan had been having a picnic by a lake near his home. She opened her eyes with a smile and glanced at her alarm clock. "Damn it!" she yelled jumping out of bed and running to her closet. She yanked out some clothes and hastily began to dress.

She ran through the kitchen grabbing some toast on her way past. As she past her the dining room, her father yelled "Good morning sweet pea!"

She stopped running to yell back at him. "Dad! Why didn't you wake me up?! It's seven-fifty! I'm gunna be late"

Buu continued to eat everything in sight as Mr. Satan looked down at his hands and twiddled his thumbs. "Well, I was gunna but you had the happiest smile on your face and just looked so darn cute, me and Mr. Buu just couldn't bring ourselves to disturb you."

"Well umm…" How could she be mad at him after that? "Just wake me up from now on ok?" she said trying to still sound angry.

"Sure thing Princess!" he yelled after her as she ran out the door. When she got outside she threw down her hover car capsule before she had even come to a complete stop. As she started the ignition she saw a familiar figure flying toward Orange Star High School. 'Oh great!',she thought 'Gohan's running late too. I wonder what everyone will think of us coming in late together again!' She blushed. What did she want them to think? She shook her head trying to get her mind on something else. With that thought she cranked up the radio and drove full speed to school trying to think up an excuse.


In another part of the city, a meeting was going on.

"See? There that punk is! Landing right on top of Orange Star High! Again!" said a short fat balding man in a purple suit. The man he was speaking to was standing back in the shadows and all that could be seen of him were glowing red eyes.

"So what exactly is it that you want me to do sir?" the man asked from the shadows.

The short man chuckled as he lit a cigar. " Find him. Then kill him."

The man in the shadows smiled. "Yes but i feel certain he won't reveal himself willingly. Am I to take a hostage?"

The short man sat down at his desk, puffing on his cigar thoughtfully. He blew out a ring of smoke before replying. "You are right. He won't reveal himself of his own accord. Make that Satan girl tell you who he is. They spend a lot of time together, I bet she knows who he his. And even if she won't talk I bet seeing her tortured will bring that goody two-shoes running out." He smiled wickedly. " You were referred to me by a man I trust very much. He said you were the best and for the price I'm paying you, you better be!"

The man in the shadow cleared his throat, " Yes about the price we discussed…" he paused. "I want double!"

The man behind the desk choked on his cigar and began to cough uncontrollably. "D-double!"

The other man nodded. "Double. And if you try to double cross me…. It won't be pleasant for you." he said menacingly"

The short man became pale. " I-I would never dr-dream of it!" he gasped out.

The man in the shadows smirked. "Yes I thought not. Well, my team and I must go now. We will be back this evening to collect our money. Cash. No bills over a hundred. Got it?"

The short man in the suit nodded..


Back at Orange Star High School a bubbly blonde was busy interrogating her best friend. "So Videl, what's the deal with you and Gohan?" Erasa whispered to Videl behind her book, hoping the teacher didn't see her.

Videl blushed. "Umm, what do you mean?"

Erasa rolled her eyes. " You know what I mean! You guys are always coming in late together! So spill, what's going on with you two?"

The blonde boy on Erasa's other side snorted. " Yeah right! Like Videl would have anything to do with that weakling bookworm when she could be with a strong guy."

Videl's eyes glinted with anger. "Do you mean you Sharpner? Please I'd rather date a frog. At least he might turn into a prince." Erasa giggled.

Gohan looked up from Videl's other side where he had been busy taking notes. "What are you guys talking about?" he questioned. (he had in fact heard everything they said thanks to his enhanced Saiyan hearing he just wanted to hear their excuse)

"Nothing!" Videl answered a little too quickly as she ducked down to write furiously. Gohan did a double take. Was she blushing? Just as Gohan opened his mouth to ask Videl why she was blushing the alarm went off and the principal came on the intercom sounding frantic.

"Everyone we have a situation. Don't panic! Several men have forced their way into the building. They are armed and dangerous. Find shelter immediately. I repeat, they are armed and danger---" his last words were cut off in a blast of rapid gunfire. Several people began to scream throughout the classroom. Gohan clenched his fists, his knuckles popping.

Videl and Gohan leaped to their feet as the announcement went off. "Everyone sit down!" The teacher screamed. Everyone except Videl and Gohan began to return to their seat. The teacher looked at them. "Mr. Son! Sit down NOW!"

"But ma'am-" He started to protest

"NO BUTS! Miss Satan I know that you often assist the police in these kinds of situations and if you must go then go. Please be careful. But mister Son I have no idea what you plan on doing! So if you would just get into the shelter in place position until we find out more about what they wa--- AHHHHH!" Her words became a scream mid-sentence as the door flew open and several men rushed in. The one in the front looked vaguely familiar to Gohan but he couldn't place him.

The man was slender with a dark braid pulled over his shoulder. He reminded Gohan of a cross between a snake and a pompous peacock. He had some kind of contraption across the upper half of his head that made his eyes glow red. His hands appeared to be mechanical and he was wearing a pink uniform with the words "Kill You" emblazoned across the back.

'Ten' Gohan thought to himself. 'Ten guys. Even with guns I can take them out easily.' But then to Gohans horror he realized he couldn't. 'I can't do anything without everyone finding out who I am.' He glanced at Videl still standing up. Ten men with automatic weapons couldn't even harm him if they wanted to, but Videl wasn't bullet proof. 'Damn' thought the demi-Saiyan 'What should I do?' He decided that for now all he could as wait and find out what it was these men were after. And he didn't have to wait long.

The man in the pink gave an evil smirk. "Hello everyone, my name is Mercenary Tao."


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