Hello! Eyezra here!

I know many of you who may know me from my previous story. If not. Then I will tell you now...I am very NEW at this. My story may not start out to fast but please stay with me on this. This is PART ONE of my series on Night Crawler/Kurt Wagner and Myra Krowski.

I've done a little research on Kurt's background and language and with a little imagination I created a mixed version of his origin.


And without further ado ::Bows:: Please enjoy the presentation.

"A mutant is a mutant. A human is a human. That's just the way it is. But what happens when a human befriends a mutant? Or dare I say falls in love with one? What happens then?"

Myra sat next to the window and watched a storm slowly making its way to her, she shuddered at his thunderous form. Thunder was not her most favorite thing to hear. Especially on a night like tonight.

'First night in my new apartment and I'm already ready to leave.' she thought bitterly, as a lightening bolt crossed the horizon causing her to jolt at its crackling roar, 'I hate rain storms.'

Slowly she reached for her hair brush that was resting on a glass table near her seat and started brushing out her long brown hair that stretched to her waist, 'I wonder how my first year in College is going to be?'

Myra stood from her chair and stretched her arms up causing her belly to show under the pink tang top and black sweat pants she was wearing to bed. Peering one last time out her window as the rain began to splash against it. She quickly shut her curtains and reached for her Ipod. Myra couldn't handle the loud noise from outside and needed something to drown it out.

A song then began to slowly consume her train of thought as she rested her head on her pillow and shut her eyes. Quietly mouthing the words to the tune that was playing.


Suddenly, Myra jolted up at sound of her phone going off on her table she grunted as her feet touched the floor, "Here we go."

"Myra Krowski?"

"Here!" she raised her hand to Mrs. Lynda, who nodded in response.

"Joshua Muggle?"

"I'm here, Mrs. Lynda!" A long haired blonde boy sitting beside her cried out in more excitement than needed. Myra looked over his Slip Knot T-shirt and baggy jeans with chains he had on along with the silver piercing in his ears.

Mrs. Lynda peered at the Joshua above her square glasses but continued, "Caren Rose?"

"Yo!" a black haired goth lifted an index finger in recognition.

Myra glanced at the girl from across the room, her hair had green highlights in it and she wore a red 'kilt' colored skirt and leather jacket. She had piercing' all around her ears and one on her lip and she glanced at Myra with purple eyes (that were fake). Myra gulped as she quickly turned her attention to her desk. Missing Caren's smirk at her.

"For those who may not know!" Mrs. Lynda announced to the class, "Though I wrote CLEARLY on the board! My name is Mrs. Lynda." the woman looked to be in her mid 30's she had black square glasses and a slim figure. With a red scarf she wore around her neck that covered a bit of the white dress shirt and black knee length skirt she had on. Her black heels clattered on the floor as she paced the class examining every student like a predator, "Just for the record," she seemed to raise her nose, "this is COLLEGE not HIGH SCHOOL! Therefore, if you so much as flunk my class you will NOT re-take it! Unless you want to pay a large sum of money! So I suggest everyone in this class take notes and start studying! Its no skin off my nose if you fail!" her chest seemed to puff out, "We are ALL adults here."

Myra listened to Mrs. Lynda's demands and felt her muscles tighten in her stomach, she wasn't very good at tests or studying. It took literally 50 tries for her to finally memorize the alphabet when she was in KINDERGARTEN! Though, she had reminded herself that this was English class and it was fairly easy for her to pass. But the way Mrs. Lynda had described it- this class was SEVERE Geometry!

"Now then!" the teacher huffed as she opened the text book in her hands, "Open to page 101, please."

Quickly digging through her back-pack Myra opened to the desired page and gasped, 'Ah!'

"You my all know this story, 'Dante's Inferno'." a smile crossed Mrs. Lynda's face, "That is why we are taking this to the next level! I want you to think JUST LIKE Dante Alighieri!" she gave a 'dramatic' pause before continuing, "I want you all to write YOUR assumption on the story by RE-CREATING it!"

A huge commotion of mumbles and groans started in the classroom.

"However!" Mrs. Lynda sighed sadly, "I will have you only chose ONE of the 9 floors of Hell!"

The commotion died down a bit, "BUT I want it 4 pages long! And it has to be a STORY! YOU are Dante!"

Myra quickly started to ponder and scan the levels of Hell pro-trade in the story,

'Hard to understand why this is called Divine Comedy...there's nothing funny about it.'

Mrs. Lynda then announced that the rest of the period was devoted to figuring out what level to choose.

"Hey, Miley!"

It took a moment for Myra to notice that the blonde boy sitting next to her was trying to get her attention, after he reached over and snatched her textbook from her sights, "I'm talking to you!"

"Lay off, Josh!" the goth girl named Caren bellowed as she somehow morphed into the empty seat behind the girl, "Class hasn't even ended and you're already being a d!#!"

"I just wanted to know what level she was going to do!" he bellowed at the goth, "GD Caren! You're such a d-"

"Don't say it! I'm tired of your Dane Cook comebacks!"

Myra sweat-dropped, "Excuse me?"

"Ah! What up, Miley?"

"It's Myra." she corrected, "And may I have my book back?"

"Oh sure, Miles!" he winked as he handed her the text book, "So what are you going to choose?"

"I don't know yet."

"That's cool," he shrugged, "Neither do I."

Caren then grinned, "Maybe you should-"

"What is going on here?!!" Mrs Lynda yelled at the two students, "You are supposed to be choosing your project SILENTLY!"

Myra glanced up and unluckily made eye contact with the woman, "You!" she pointed at her, "Did you start this?!"


"We were just discussing our choices, Mrs Lynda," Caren butted in, "and it got out of hand, sorry." her apology was weak but Mrs Lynda just snorted and marched off.

"You're pretty shy, ain't you?" the goth asked Myra who blushed slightly, "No, I'm just nervous."

"Don't be nervous, Miley."

"It's Myra."

"Right, I'm Josh by the way!" he reached a hand to her that she shook politely.

"I'm Caren." the goth announced, "And you'd do best to wash your hand after class."

Josh grunted a cuss under his breath at her.

"I'm Myra."

"Yeah, we know." they both chuckled.

After class, Josh and Caren sat next to Myra at the lunch table, "So," Josh asked with a bag of nacho chips hanging by his mouth, "mere r u mum?"

Myra chuckled a bit at his words, "I live about three hours away from here."

"Ah!" Caren grinned holding a burger near her mouth, "So you're living in a dorm?"


"Sweet!" Josh cooed, "I got a neighbor!"

"Uh, you do know the dorms are like MILES apart to separate the sexes?"

Josh rolled his eyes, "Whatever!"

Myra had been meaning to ask this and finally got up the courage too, "How-May I ask? Do you two know each other? School?"

Caren and Josh then got wide eyed before turning away from each others gaze, "Something like that."

Myra laughed weakly, 'Wrong question to ask I guess.'

"So what room number are you?"

Josh cocked an ear and Caren threatened to squirt him with her juice box, "258"

"Really?!" the goth beamed, "That's right near me! Just two doors down!"

Myra couldn't help but smile, "Cool."

"Man!" Josh moaned, "I wish they would let males and females be allowed together."

"When you're married you can!" Caren smirked, "Not like any female in their right mind would be attracted to you."

'Oh boy.' Myra sighed as she sipped her soda, 'Something tells me I better get use to this.'

"Hey Caren!"

All three of them turned to a boy with jet black hair that was cut just bellow the chin, he set his hands on the table between Myra and her; "Rumor has it a Mutant has been spotted lurking around campus." his rather large tongue 'ring' clicked as he spoke.

Everyone's eyes grew wide. Myra noticed his jacket looked similar to Caren's and wondered if this was some sort of new style for goths and punk rockers. (She's dense XD)

"So you in?" his red eyes seemed to burn into her gold, "Not tonight, Reggie." the goth sighed, "I want to keep my hands CLEAN tonight."

"Fine!" Reggie pushed back and spotted Myra's stare on him, "What are you looking at?" his eyes narrowed.

"Nothing!" Myra quickly faced her food.

Josh glared up at Reggie as he snorted before walking off.

"Who is that?" Myra asked a little shaky, "I feel like my graves been walked on!"

Josh snickered, "Yeah, Reggie has that effect on people."

"He's not to be trusted or under estimated." Caren said coldly as she glanced back at Reggie's disappearing figure, "Stay clear from him, Myra."

Myra nodded before taking a bit of a cookie.

"Ah!" Josh yawned, "If he gives Miley crap, I'll deal with him!"


"MYRA!" Caren snipped in her place, "She's told you a 100 times!"

"Sheesh! Sor-ry!"

It went down hill from there with those two. -_-;