This poem represents how Bella felt after the Cullen's left her…again

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight, Stephanie Meyer does!!!!

Forgetting You

Sitting here, you're all I think of,

My eyes start to tear, with the thought of your long gone love.

Feeling the cold metal against my skin, all it does is remind me of you,

I don't feel as if this is sin, because all I feel is the blade going through.

I think I should know by this day, that all I've ever done,

Is slowly dwindle away, and look towards the midnight sun.


As the days go by, my heart continues to rip and tear,

And now I barely sigh, gladly rejecting my own air.

I look again at my scars, for they are all I have left,

And these now golden stars, are from your forbidden theft.


Filling the tub with water, I write this letter once more,

I am a catatonic daughter, and it is my love you ignore.

My last tears are starting to fall, and I begin to sink fully dressed,

And now my heart breaches the wall, and the whole burns my chest.

I hear the most perfect thing, your voice yelling at me,

And I now as I cling, your once emerald eyes are all I see.


Seeing your face one last time, all that I now can do,

Is close my eyes at my hearts last chime, and know I could never forget you.

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