Baby Book - First Picture

Captain James T Kirk turns toward the Science station. He has asked his Science Officer the same question three times now and has not received any response whatsoever. This is extremely odd. Spock is bent over one of the display panels on his console, his attention firmly fixed on whatever is being displayed there. Kirk rises from his command chair and crosses the few feet of deck to lean over Spock's shoulder to see what is so intriguing that his Science Officer is not even aware of his queries.

There on the display is something he cannot quite decipher - all in tones of grey and white on black. Streaks of light on the sides, some sort of blob in the middle - he tries to interpret it. Then the blob in the middle moves, turns, and he sees small limbs. "My God, Spock, what is that?"

"That, Captain, is my son." There is something in Spock's voice that Jim has never heard before - that is definitely emotion.


"Dr McCoy has patched it through from Sick Bay. I believe it is what they call a sonogram - some old Earth technology. Apparently he thought I would be interested in seeing it." Spock does not raise his head and continues to stare intently at the image before him.

"I take it Uhura is having her weekly checkup, then."

"You surmise correctly, Captain."

Jim watches a moment more, then makes another remark. "I assume you are recording this?"

"Recording?" Spock's head jerks around to look at his friend for the first time, then back to the image. "I could have been recording this." There is a very strange sound in his voice.

Jim backs away, presses his hand to the communications button on the arm of the command chair. "Kirk to Sick Bay. Come in Bones."

"I'm kinda busy here, Captain."

"Bones, you are recording the transmission you sent to the bridge, right?"

"Of course, but it's not for public broadcast, you idiot!"

"No, but our Science Officer is so fascinated by what he's looking at that he forgot to record it himself." He hears laughter from speaker in his chair arm. Then a soft female voice.

"Thank you, Jim. I wish I could see that."

"Just get Bones to give you a copy to watch later on in your quarters. This is a sight not to be missed." Having done his good deed for the day, the captain settles himself down in his chair again, a broad smile on his face.