Baby Book - Baby Sister?

Mid September, 2270

Grayson looked up and saw baba standing in the door. He jumped up out of the sandbox and ran across the room, holding up his hands to be picked up. "baba baba!" He hugged baba hard and baba hugged him back.

"How are you doing, Grayson?" baba brushed the side of his face with his fingers, letting Grayson feel the nice warmth.

"I am fine, baba. I have been very good. Can I go home now? Is mama all better?"

"I am pleased that you have been good. Yes, you can come home now. Mama is much better. She is still tired, but a day or two of rest and she will be fine." Baba walked over to talk to Miss Betty for a minute, and then headed out the door. "We will go to sick bay to get your things, and then we will go to the mess hall and get food to take home to mama."

"Can we get her macaroni and cheese, baba? She likes that when she is tired. I like it too."

Baba's lips quirked up. "That sounds like a very good idea, Grayson. Macaroni and cheese it is. And some other things as well."

"Blueberry muffins. She likes those."

"They may not have those at supper time. We will have to look. Perhaps cheesecake instead."

"Yes! Cheesecake with blueberries on it." Grayson gave baba a big smile. Mama would laugh at their choices for her supper.

When they got to sick bay, baba went straight to the pediatrics ward and collected Grayson's small duffel, checking to be sure everything was in it. He thanked the nurses for looking after Grayson and Grayson gave them all hugs. Then baba headed for Dr McCoy's office.

McCoy looked up as baba stood in the doorway. "Well, hello there. Everything's all right at home, then?"

"Yes, she has been sleeping for several hours. And seemed almost herself during the time she was awake before that. I believe a day or two of rest will return her to normal functioning."

"Well, don't forget to keep pushing fluids down her. She's probably still dehydrated."

"I have not forgotten. Thank you for your assistance in this matter."

"Just part of my job, Spock. And part of bein' a friend as well."

Baba nodded. Grayson waved goodbye to the doctor. Baba headed out the door, down the corridor, towards the mess hall. When they got to the mess hall, Unca Jim waved at them. Baba walked over and set down the small duffel. Unca Jim reached out for Grayson. "Why don't you leave him here with me while you go get food? It'll be a lot easier without your hands full."

Baba agreed and passed Grayson over before heading for the serving line. Unca Jim asked him how things were going. Grayson proceeded to tell him everything that had happened since he had seen him last night. Unca Jim listened carefully, nodding in all the right places.

Baba came back with a tray full of food. He also had the carry-out boxes. He proceeded to move the food off the plates and into the carry-out boxes. When he had all the carry-out boxes filled, he stacked them in the disposable bag that was on the side of the tray. He held out his hands for Grayson again, then picked up the duffel and the bag of food. He told Unca Jim that they would be back on the bridge on Monday and headed out the door.

When they got to their quarters, baba placed his finger on Grayson's lips. Grayson nodded. Mama might be sleeping, so he should be quiet. Baba walked softly to the table and set down the duffle and food, then set Grayson on the floor. He moved across the room silently and peered around the doorframe into the bedroom. "Are you awake, Nyota?" his voice was very soft.

"Um, hm. Tired, but awake."

"I have someone here who is very eager to see you." baba motioned to Grayson to come and Grayson went flying across the floor, not stopping until he was right beside mama and baba's bed. Mama was leaning back against several pillows, covered with a warm blanket. She smiled widely when she saw Grayson.

"Hi, little boy. How are you doing?"

"I am doing fine, mama. How are you doing?"

"I am doing fine, too, Grayson. Just tired. And hungry. I sure hope my guys brought me some supper."

"Yes, mama, macaroni and cheese and cheesecake with blueberries!"

Mama laughed. "I hope there's some salad in there too, Spock."

"Yes, I would not forget your salad. And there are a few other things as well." Baba's eyes were sparkling, so Grayson knew he was happy.

Baba reached down and picked mama up, blanket and all. Mama laughed and said she could walk, but baba ignored her. He set her down in one of the chairs at the table and started opening the carry-out boxes. Grayson went to the cabinet where the dishes were kept and got the silverware and brought it to the table. Very carefully, he carried one plate at a time to the table. Mama smiled at him and ruffled his hair. Baba picked him up and sat him in a chair and started putting food on his plate. It was very nice to be home again.


After supper, baba picked mama up again and put her on the couch. Baba sat down on the couch as well. Grayson came and held up his hands to be picked up and baba lifted him up on the couch, too. Mama laid down with her head on baba's lap, and pulled Grayson over onto her tummy. Grayson hugged mama and snuggled up. Baba laid one hand on Grayson's back and rubbed him gently while he told him a story about a small boy and his pet seh'lat, roaming the sands together. Grayson liked those stories. He would like to have a seh'lat, too.

When the story was over, Grayson patted mama on the cheek. "mama, mama. Question."

"Yes, Grayson, what is your question?"

"Baby sister, mama? Did you and baba make me a baby sister?"

Mama burst out laughing. Baba's ears turned green. Mama hugged him harder. "We just can't keep anything from you, can we, little boy?" She pulled his face close to hers and whispered to him. "This is our secret, okay? Don't tell until mama says you can."

Grayson nodded, his face covered with a wide grin. Baba leaned over and moved his hand down onto mama's tummy, then he touched Grayson's face with his other hand. Grayson gasped in awe. Such a bright, pretty spark! And so happy! "What is that, baba?"

"That is your baby sister, Grayson. All safe and warm in mama's tummy until she grows big enough to come out."

"Happy baby sister."

"Yes, she is." baba moved his hands, ruffling Grayson's hair gently. "And now I think it's time for you to get ready for bed."

Grayson gave mama a big hug and climbed down off the couch, heading for his bedroom. It was going to be nice to sleep in his own bed again. And he must remember to count the days. He did not want to miss his baby sister's arrival.


Author's Note: This is the final chapter of this story. Tomorrow starts the 8-chapter story "Unca Jeem's Adventures in Babysitting Class." When that is finished, "Baby Book - Phase Two" will start.