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Mikan and gang- 16 Tsubasa, Misaki- 18

Mikan's POV

"What do you want?" I asked coldly. A boy had come up to me. He stared at me.

"Those people over there dared me to ask you why you are so ugly." The boy said. I gave an icy glare at the group. They shivered from the coldness. I glared at the boy in front of me.

"Never mind. You don't need to tell me." The boy said, cowering away. He ran out the door with his group of friends. I knew they were from a different class. I liked being invisible or at the bottom of the popularity charts. It helps being a tomboy to add onto that. The only reason why few people recognized me was because I was captain of the soccer, basketball, swimming, volleyball, and tennis team. Though I feel that tennis is too feminine for me, it is still a sport, so I play. I don't talk to my teammates. I only do that in soccer...sometimes…rarely. Basically, I leave it all to the coaches. It doesn't really mean anything to be a captain anyway. You just happen to be the best player. If I play so many sports, why don't people know me, you ask. No one watches the school games anymore. Everybody goes out shopping and drinking and get guys and girls to go on a date with, rather than watching a school sport. I'm okay with that, because I don't like attention. I shun people away from me. How do I do this? I act extremely cold and quiet. Nobody wants a friend with a cold stare who appears to be mute. And whenever I do talk, I make sure it comes out icy. Shrieks came down the hallway from guys and girls. They are so childish. Obviously, it is the most popular people in the school going down the hallway to their class. Thank god it's not the same as mine. Oh you must not know who is going down the hallway. Natsume Hyuuga, Ruka Nogi, Kokoro Yome, Mochiage Okayama (made up his last name), Hotaru Imai, Anna Unemoniya, and Nonoko Ogasawara,. I personally find them all snobs and rich bastards, but this is what somebody would describe him as, and let me tell you, that somebody is not me.

Natsume Hyuuga: The number one heartthrob of the school. He has "alluring" crimson eyes. He has messy black hair. Supposedly the sexiest man on Earth. He is rich because he is the heir of Hyuuga Corporations. Along with being very unsocial he is stoic and poker faced 24/7.

Ruka Nogi: The number two heartthrob of the school. He has cerulean eyes with blond locks. Supposedly he is the most beautiful man on Earth. He is rich because he is the heir of the Nogi Resorts. He is the most gentlemanly of the group, though I wouldn't know since I don't pay attention to them. He carries around a bunny with him all the time. I think its name was Usagi or something. I don't care.

Kokoro Yome: Third heartthrob of the school. Brown eyes and blonde hair and a huge smile on his face at all times. I feel that that is just freaky, but don't take my word for it. He is supposedly the funniest man on Earth. I can't tell you cuz I have never heard any of his jokes. Heir of Yome Psychic Readings, a very popular psychic place that people say always is correct so they go there practically every day. They say that Yome has some sort of mind reading power. I don't believe it.

Mochiage Okayama: Fourth heartthrob. I don't know what in god's name they see in him. He has weirdly shaped eyes and is practically bald. He is the heir to Okayama Airlines, a very successful Airline that heads all over the world. Supposedly the most foxy man in the group and is nicknamed Mochu.

Hotaru Imai: There is no heartthrob list for females, but all of the popular females on equal terms in beauty. Imai has jet black hair and amethyst eyes. She is stoic and poker face just like Hyuuga 24/7. She is unsocial as well. She tends to blackmail people, loves money, and eats a lot of crab roe. She is the heiress to Imai Electronics. Many people go there because the technology is high end and has good quality to it. She is the quietest of the female group.

Anna Unemoniya: With pink hair and blue eyes she is supposedly the sweetest of the female group. She loves to cook which is why she is rich. Her parents own Unemoniya Pastries, meaning she is their heiress. Unemoniya Pastries is well known around the world. She is the most feminine of the group.

Nonoko Ogasawara: Blue hair and midnight blue eyes are her combo. She is supposedly the calmest of the female group. Her parents own the Ogasawara Salon chain around the world. Everybody goes there for the best hairstyles. She loves to mix potions and chemicals to make knew hair shampoos and such.

That's the entire group. Though it may seem like they are separated, they stick together all the times. It is rumored that one of them never leaves without having another with them. How do I know all of this information? It's called eavesdropping and pretending not to pay attention. It's not that I want to know all of this stuff; it's just that you can't survive in this school without knowing about the people in it. How did you think I knew to avoid the popular group? Obviously through eavesdropping. The shrieks in the hallway stopped. So they arrived in their class. Now just for the extra shrieks from their classmates. And there we go. They are seated and the class has had their shrieks.

"Morning Class!" Naru yelled. Narumi is so gay. He's my homeroom teacher and the language arts teacher.

"Morning Mr. Narumi." Everybody said, of course except for me. Class went by quickly because I already knew everything in the book and I was paying attention out the window. At the beginning of the school year, I read the entire textbook and took my midterm and final exam. I got an A+ in both of them. Did I mention that I'm smart? I don't think so. I am the top of my class but not in the entire school. I leave that to Imai and Hyuuga. Hyuuga comes in first every time and Imai comes in second. Unless you are talking about the gender separated list where they both come in first.

Lunch time Mikan's POV

I always eat my lunch at my special Sakura tree. I sat on a branch with my back leaning on the trunk and started eating my bento. I don't eat school lunch. I make myself a bento every morning. I only eat school lunch when I'm broke or lazy.

"Have you seen the new issue of In Style Magazine?" I heard. I looked down and saw the popular group walking towards the direction of the Sakura tree.

"Let's eat lunch here. It seems very peaceful." Nogi said. They all sat under the shade of my tree and talked very loudly. I dropped a rice ball purpose and it landed on Nogi's head. They all looked up.

"Who's there?" Hyuuga asked. I jumped down from the tree.

"This is my tree. You have to leave." I said coldly.

"I don't see your name on it anywhere." Mochiage said.

"Then you haven't looked well enough." I snapped. I walked to the back of the tree. My name was carved on it.

"Oh, it is." Mochiage said.

"Leave." I commanded.

"You can't just claim a school tree." Nogi said.

"This isn't a school tree. I planted a sakura seed here at the beginning of high school and it has been here since. Now run along. I need my peace and quiet, and you in my presence disturbs it." I said. From the very beginning they were surprised at the cold tone I gave them. It didn't show on all of their faces, but in their eyes. They got up and walked away. Once or twice they looked back to see if I had a victorious smirk on my face but I didn't. I had a cold and harsh glare shooting directly at them.

Ruka's POV

We walked onto the roof.

"Did you see that girl?" I asked when we sat down and started eating lunch.

"Yeah, she didn't jump on any of us." Anna said.

"And instead she gave us a cold glare." Mochu added.

"Nobody has ever given us a glare before." Koko pointed out.

"I never imagined that to happen. And Ruka, you still have rice in your hair." Nonoko said. I pulled the rice out of my hair.

"I find her quite interesting." Hotaru said.

"What do you find so interesting about her?" Mochu asked.

"You spelled out yourself idiot." Natsume said.

"You just said that she is the only glare that instead of forming hearts in her eyes and jumping us, she gives cold glares and throws food on our heads." Hotaru said.

"What do you think about her, Natsume?" I asked.

"Probably on her period." He said. Mochu, Koko, and I laughed. Anna and Nonoko had frowns on their face.

"So Hotaru…if you find her so interesting, I trust you are going to get some information on her." I asked.

"You knew it a long time ago." She said, taking out her laptop. She always carries around her laptop.

"Do you guys remember the name carved on the tree?" she asked. We all shook our head.

"It's gonna take me a while then. I need to get into the principal's office and hack the school system." She said. She put away her laptop.

"Tell us at the end of the school day. We'll hack the system together." Anna said.

"Okay." Hotaru said.

After School Natsume's POV

After getting rid of the fans, we walked towards the administration office. The administration office was in a completely different building from the high school. We have to cross the soccer field to get there. Right as we were about to get onto the field, a soccer ball came swirling at us. We ducked in time and didn't get hurt. I can't say the same for the tree behind us, though. We were still on the floor from covering ourselves when our sun was blocked. Everybody looked up and saw somebody in the soccer uniform walking towards the team with the soccer ball that almost killed us under her arm. Wait. Her? A girl can kick that hard?!

"Wait!" Anna yelled. The girl didn't stop. We walked after her.

"Were you trying to kill us?!" Mochu yelled as we tried to catch up to her.

"You just got on the field at the wrong time." The girl said. The voice was icy. We instantly knew who it was.

"What's your name?" Imai asked stoically.

"Why do you ask? So that you can get information on me. I don't think so. You're disturbing soccer practice. Leave. You already got my teammates all screwed up now." She said. We walked off the field, seeing that she was standing in front of a line of soccer balls. The girls were still staring at us. She started kicking the balls at the girls admiring us. They all screamed and ran out of the way. She gave them all a glare and they got back to their drills, trying their hardest, with no avail, to ignore us. She walked up to us.

"Stay away from the field or stay where nobody can see, hear, or even smell you. I can tell your presence very easily." She said. Damn, this girl was icy enough that she could compete with me. We walked away from the field.

"We should go home. It seems like she is the captain of the soccer team or something. For now that is enough information, right?" Anna asked. Imai nodded and we headed to our house. By our house, I mean our house. We all live together in a huge mansion. Everything in the house is basically huge; the kitchen, the bedrooms, everything! We headed home.

Next Day After School Natsume's POV

We walked to the soccer field after shaking the fan girls. The soccer players were practicing and jumped toward us when they spotted me and Imai up front.

"Where is your captain?" Imai asked.

"Oh, she is at basketball practice. Court B." a girl said. We nodded and walked toward the basketball courts. There we saw her. She made a dunk into the hoop. The coach blew the whistle and the girls went to wipe the sweat off their face with towels and drink water. We walked up to the icy one that we were trying to get to know. Before we even got close to her she spoke.

"What?" she snapped. We were taken by shock that she knew we were there. We were dead quiet.

"Are you gonna tell us your name now?" Anna asked. The coach blew the whistle to get back on court. We sat down and watched from under the bleachers. If we disturbed her team's practice, she would probably nail us with a soccer ball and a basketball. She is pretty good at basketball. I think she is better than the guys during gym.

"Wow, she's awesome." Mochu said. We all looked at him.

"Last night you were pissed off at her because she proved you wrong with the tree thing and now you think she is awesome?" Nonoko asked.

"Well Koko thought she was awesome after she almost killed us with a soccer ball." Mochu said, turning the subject to Koko.

"Did you notice the mark on that tree? If we touched it, it would have fallen down." Koko said. We all rolled our eyes and continued watching the game. She was like the star player. We were all in awe, even though Imai and I didn't show it. We were snapped out of our thoughts when the final buzzer went off. The girls ran into the changing room. I saw her come out with some cargo pants and a t-shirt. What bad taste. I noticed she was riding a skateboard.

"As the captain, you should know that there is no skateboarding on the courts!" the coach yelled. She continued skateboarding and glared at the coach.

"Never mind." He said out of fear. She went faster before pushing the court doors open and riding out of the school. We got out from under the bleachers.

"So now we have more information. She hates us. She is the soccer captain and she is captain of the basketball team as well." Nonoko said. Imai nodded, agreeing with the information.

Next Day After School

We walked to the soccer field after shaking the fan girls. The soccer players were practicing and jumped toward us when they spotted me and Imai up front.

"Where is your captain?" Imai asked.

"Check if she is at basketball practice." The same girl from yesterday said. Again we nodded. We walked to Basketball court B. The basketball players threw themselves at us. It was an all girls team anyway. But just because we are all gorgeous is why they throw themselves.

"Could you possibly tell us where your captain is?" Anna asked sweetly.

"Yes Anna-sama! She is at swimming practice!" a girl said. We walked away with a nod.

"This girl must be a tomboy to play three sports." Ruka said.

"Not to mention she wears the Do Nots of In Style Magazine." Anna said.

"And she skateboards. Very unfeminine." Nonoko added.

"Let's just find her. There is the school pool." Imai said. We walked inside. I smelt the chlorine from the minute we opened the door. The pool was very clean. We hid under the bleachers again. None of the girls on the bench looked like the icy one. We looked at the ones standing on the blocks to go next. Nope, not there.

"She is probably swimming right now." Nonoko said. We nodded.

"Don't talk, she is gonna finish her lap soon and she will not be pleased that we watched her swimming." Imai said. We looked at the first girl to come out of the water. Target located. I saw her figure. She looked like her legs ran for miles. Everything about her was sleek and slender. Too bad the school swimsuit is a one piece. I could have seen her every curve. Woah, where is my mind leading me? It must be the chlorine. She walked up the steps. None of us moved. We stared straight forward.

"Get out from under there." She commanded (again coldly). We stood still. She stepped on the bleacher above us, making it very cramped.

"Ow, she is stepping on my head." Anna whispered.

"We give!" Mochu called. She took her foot off the bleacher and we all crawled out. When we all stood up properly, we saw that icy girl had the school swimming team jacket on, covering any curves, and her arms were crossed with a icy glare on her face.

"Whatever the hell you are trying to do, stop it. I'm tired of you showing up at my practices. I'm not gonna give you my name nor am I gonna tell you anything about myself. We stay away from each other for all types of reasons." She said (from now anything she says is cold unless notified).

"Hey Captain, Yumi thinks she sprained her ankle!" a girl called from down the stairs.

"Shit." Icy girl muttered under her breath. She went down the steps to the girl and tended to her ankle. The entire team noticed us and ran over except for icy girl and the girl who sprained her ankle but the girl who sprained her ankle still had hearts in her eyes. Icy girl turned to us and glared, so we walked off knowing that it meant to scram.

"So she hates us. She is the captain of the soccer, basketball, and swimming team. She rides a skateboard and doesn't pay attention to fashion." Anna said. We all nodded. I called a chauffer to take us home.

Next Day After School Again Natsume's POV Again

We walked to the soccer field.

"Your captain?" Imai asked when they ran up to us.

"Check the basketball courts." They said. We walked to the courts.

"Where is your captain?" Ruka asked gently.

"Check the pool!" they said. We walked off. Again, I smelt the chlorine from the minute I opened the door. The girls ran up to us. The girl with sprained ankle came up on crutches with bandages wrapped around it.

"Do you know where your captain is?" Koko asked.

"Volleyball practice." They all said. We went to the volleyball courts. We stood behind the fence enclosing the court. Icy girl was on her knees bandaging a girl's arm, as the girl held it out for her. When she finished, she nodded and the girl thanked her.

"Capt! Without Rina, we need another player. Can you take her place? We only need one more point." a girl called holding onto a volleyball. Icy girl ran over and took the ball. She did a perfect serve. She then switched places with a girl, heading up front. A girl on the opposing team tried to spike but the girl next icy girl set it up. Icy girl then spiked it really hard. That made a point.

All of the girls on icy girl's team gathered around while icy girl just walked to the bench. She took out her water. She took a sip and then closed the bottle. I blinked and saw the water bottle coming straight at us.

"What the hell?!" I yelled.

"I told you to stop stalking me, didn't I?" she said.

"That is no reason to throw a water bottle at us like that!" Nonoko yelled. That is very rare.

"There is a fence in between you and me, if you remember. And the water bottle wasn't even open. I wouldn't have had to throw that water bottle though, if you had just left me alone and stopped following me." She said walking up to us. She had a towel placed around the back of her neck and was picking up her bottle. I analyzed her. She was wearing the volleyball practice uniform, consisting of a jersey and some shorts. Again, her legs seemed to go on for miles. I noticed she was no longer in my sight. I looked around and saw her on our side of the fence.

"Stop following me around. You look like lost puppies." She said. She went to the outdoor lockers nearby. She took out her clothes. She entered the changing room and changed into another pair of cargos and a t-shirt. She walked to the lockers again. She put her uniform inside and took out her skateboard. She got on it and started riding off.

"How dare she call me a lost puppy?!" Anna yelled.

"She is so weird. Most people would be honored to have us following them around." Nonoko said, now calm again.

"We'll catch her tomorrow. Just ignore her remarks." Imai said. We left for home when she was out of sight so that it wouldn't seem like we were following her.

Next Day After School

Here goes the same drill.

"Try the basket ball courts." The soccer players said. We walked in there.

"Try the pool." The basketball players said. We walked to the pool.

"Check the volleyball court." The swimmers said.

"She has tennis practice today." The volleyball team said, while drooling over us.

"Finding this girl everyday is like a chase." Anna said. We all nodded. We got to the tennis courts.

"Do you know what court the girl that is always cold and practically never talks is on?" Mochu asked.

"Oh the captain. She is on Court 1. That girl is a tennis genius." The girl we asked said. We walked away with a nod. We walked very silently when approaching Court 1. She was hitting the tennis balls with her eyes closed.

"Didn't I tell you to stop following me? When in god's name will you understand what it means?!" she snapped, keeping her eyes closed and still hitting the tennis balls. We were behind the fence. Each outdoor court is surrounded by a fence so that nobody gets hurt watching and people can pick up the balls faster.

"How did you know?" Ruka asked.

"Leave." She said.

"We just wanna talk." Anna said.

"No." she said. I walked towards the door that let people in and out of the court.

"Don't open that door, or you will get hurt." She said. She didn't open her eyes at all.

"Do you have like a psychic ability or something?" Ruka asked. I just opened the door a crack when a tennis ball came at it, shutting the door immediately. Icy girl opened her eyes and looked at me. I walked back to the rest of the group and she stared at us. Then she got out of the court and walked up to us.

"If I tell you my name, will you stop distracting my practices?" icy girl asked. We all nodded.

"You're stupid for geniuses." She said.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Imai asked. She does not like being called stupid.

"My name was carved in the Sakura tree." She said. I really felt stupid.

"Mikan Sakura." She said. She sounded extremely cold, as if she didn't want to tell us her name. She added a glare to her cold combo.

"The way you talk and glare at us sends a shiver up my spine." Mochu said.

"Good. Leave." She said. She walked back into the tennis court and turned the ball shooting machine on again. We went home.

Hotaru's POV

When we got home, everybody headed into my lab. I have a knack for inventing things, so I made the basement my lab. I sat down in front of the main computer in the room.

"Let's get started." I said.

"Search her on ." Anna said. I typed in her name and nothing came up.

"Doesn't the school have an online interactive yearbook? She is probably in that." Ruka said. I went on the school website. I searched last year's school yearbook. Why they still had it up? I have no idea.

"Here she is. Mikan Sakura." I said. I clicked her picture.

"She didn't even smile in the picture." Anna said.

"I doubted that she was gonna smile for this thing. Don't you see how she is now?" Hyuuga said. Anna nodded.

"Click forward, for this year." Mochu said.

"I know what to do." I said. I clicked forward and her picture turned up again with a few statistics.

"Age 16. Captain of soccer, basketball, swimming, volleyball, and tennis teams. Noted to be very quiet and cold. No other information available." I read out loud.

"That is not as much information as we would have, or anybody." Nonoko said.

"You're right. We certainly didn't find out anything we didn't know. This girl doesn't do much. That or she keeps her information on the down low." I said.

"We should find a way to talk to her somehow." Ruka said.

"Yeah." Nonoko said.

"I have a great idea! What if we each were to join a sport?! I could join tennis. Nonoko could join swimming. Hotaru could join volleyball. Koko could join the basketball team with Mochu and Ruka and Natsume could join the soccer team." Anna said.

"Boy teams are separate from the girl teams." Mochu said.

"Doesn't matter. When a person joins or wants to join a team after tryouts, captain of the boys and girls team must watch. Along with the coaches." Anna said.

"That's right! And sometimes they play unisex games." Nonoko added.

"That's good then. We will discuss it with the coaches of the teams on Monday." I said.

"How did you know about the joining a team and everything like that?" Mochu asked Anna.

"Yeah, how did you know?" Koko added.

"Nonoko and I watch the guys practice soccer sometimes." Anna answered.

"Why? What is so interesting about soccer players? You girls don't even like sports that much." I asked.

"Hotaru. The soccer players are hot guys. And they practice by playing shirts against skins. You get to see every guy's muscles." Anna said.

"So you are the boy crazy one in this group." I said. Anna and Nonoko started daydreaming. I could practically see what they were thinking about in a little thought bubble.

"Sorry, correction. You both are the boy crazy ones." I said.

Monday Beginning of School Mikan's POV

"Okay class. We have transfer students!" Naru said, jumping into the room.

"Actually not transfer students. They just switched classes. I'm sure you all know them." Naru said. What the hell can he be talking about? Hyuuga, Nogi, Yome, Okayama, Imai, Unemoniya, and Ogasawara walked in. All the girls and guys shrieked out of happiness. No, this can not be happening.

"Free period." Naru said, skipping out of the room. Every person in the group came up to me.

"We searched you. There isn't much information on the school website." Imai started.

"Tch." I said.

"So we went to the high school principal." She continued. My eyes widened under the cap I was wearing.

"He probably didn't give you anything. He is not allowed to give out student information." I snapped, icily at them.

"Well he did." She said, holding up what looked like my schedule.

"Your schedule and after school programs chart." She said with a smirk.

"That traitor." I muttered under my breath. I opened the window next to me.

"Sakura-san, what are you doing?" Unemoniya asked when I put one foot on the window sill.

"What the hell does it look like?" I snapped. I jumped.

"Sakura-san!" I heard her yell.

Anna's POV

"That traitor." Sakura-san muttered under her breath. She opened the window. She put one of her feet on the window sill, then the other holding herself with the side of the window.

"Sakura-san, what are you doing?" I asked.

"What the hell does it look like?" she snapped. She jumped from the window sill. Is she crazy?! We are six stories high!

"Sakura-san!" I yelled, running up to the window along with the rest of the group to see if she was okay. She reached the floor safely and ran towards the administration building.

"Did you see that?" I asked the rest of the group.

"She just jumped down from a six story building on the sixth floor and made it out alive!" Koko mused. A boy with dirty blonde hair and big round glasses came up to us.

"Though Sakura is the quiet type of person, she is allowed to skip classes like that. And it is not the first time she jumped out the window. I can assure you she is and will always be alright. I'm Yuu Tobita, class president. Please tell me if you have any questions." The boy said. We nodded.

"That was amazing. She jumped out of a six story building, man!" Koko mused once again.

"She looked like she didn't want to see us." I said. They all dropped anime style. They got back up, though, immediately knowing that they lost their cool.

"Well, too bad for her. She is gonna see us everyday even if she skips all her classes." Hotaru said.

After School Mikan's POV

I have tennis today. I went to the tennis courts with my racket swung over my shoulder in its case. I walked towards my court, which is always number 1. I saw Unemoniya and the coach standing there.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, even more icily than when I usually talk.

"Anna has decided to join the tennis team. I hope you wouldn't mind showing her everything. She is gonna be practicing with you for a while." My coach said. She walked away without a second thought. I glared at Unemoniya and she sweatdropped. I started walking away.

"Wait! Where are you going?! Don't you need to help me learn?!" she called after me. I gestured for her to follow me. She walked behind me and we reached the full courts. Courts 1-12 are self practice courts. Courts 13 and 14 are full courts.

"You gonna be playing singles or doubles?" I asked.

"Singles, I guess." She said. I walked to one side of the net. I pointed to other side and she walked over.

"First we are gonna have a match. I'll see what you need to work on." I said. She nodded. I served the ball. She hit back easily. I can't blame her, it was an easy serve. We hit back and forth.

"I didn't think you would play tennis." Unemoniya started while returning the ball. I could notice the sweat beads on her face. I raised an eyebrow from the statement she made before.

"Most people consider tennis a feminine sport. But you seem like more of a tomboy person. Why tennis?" she asked.

"It's a sport." I said, I answered not as coldly as usual.

"It's a what?" she asked. I returned the ball and she missed it because of paying attention to what I said. She picked up the ball and walked to the net.

"Work on your backhands and use eastern grip. You don't seem too well on western grip." I said.

"Sure, but what did you say before?" she asked.

"Nothing." I said coldly. I walked away and took my skateboard home.

Anna's POV

When she answered my question the first time, it didn't sound as cold as usual. It let up a little. I should tell this to the others. I called for a chauffer and was driven home.

"How was tennis practice? Did you see her?" Hotaru asked when I walked in. Everyone was propped in the living room. Hotaru was reading the newspaper. Natsume was reading a manga. Koko was daydreaming. Nonoko was reading the latest issue of instyle magazine and Mochu was watching tv. At the question Hotaru directed at me, all of their attention turned to me.

"It went well. I played against her. She was playing easy on me but it was extremely hard for me." I said.

"Did you notice anything different? Get any dirt on her?" Hotaru asked, still looking at the newspaper.

"I didn't really get any dirt on her. But…I asked her a question, and she didn't rely as coldly as usual." I said.

"So that means that she is putting up the barriers. Tomorrow she has volleyball. While you're playing, Imai, you should try asking her a few questions to see if the same thing will happen to you." Natsume said. I walked up to my room to take a shower and everyone went back to their usual stuff.

Next Day After School Mikan's POV

Volleyball Practice today. I walked up to the volleyball court.

"Imai! You're gonna join the volleyball team!" I hear the players scream. Are you serious? I stopped my skateboard and everyone looked over in my direction.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. All the girls couldn't believe how cold I was acting to the Hotaru Imai.

"I'm obviously here to play volleyball." She answered. I glared at her and went to the changing room. I changed into the practice uniform. I came back out and found Imai talking to the coach. I walked to the bench and sat down.

"Sakura!" the coach called. I got up and walked over to her.

"Play one on one with Imai-san and tell her what she needs to work on." The coach said. I nodded and walked to an available court. I saw all the girls crowding around it. I glared at them and walked to a farther court.

"Where is this? It is not on the school map." Imai asked.

"It's my court. Don't tell anybody about it." I said. She took one side as I took the other.

"First to ten." I said. She nodded. I bumped the ball slightly in front of her, to see what she would do. She carried it back. I returned it overhand and she did the same. It went back and fourth.

"How do you go for this long without breaking a sweat." She asked.

"Practice." I said. I noticed I took a tone a little bit lighter and warmer than my usual, though still cold. She missed the bump I gave.

"Careful with carrying. Bump instead." I said. I walked away.

Hotaru's POV

She walked away from me. When she said practice, she said it in a lighter tone of voice. So it is that she is putting up walls. I had a chauffer drive me home.

"So how'd it go at volleyball practice?" Anna asked. Nonoko was playing around with some chemicals on the coffee table. Hyuuga was reading his manga. Koko and Mochu were watching tv. And Anna was reading a fashion magazine.

"She is the one putting up walls, it seems. That is not just her normal nature. She took a slightly lighter tone with me too at one point." I said.

"So now, we know that she is putting up walls. Now all we have to do is get one of us to break them down." Nonoko said, not taking her eyes off her chemicals. I nodded and headed up to my room.

"Nonoko, you have swimming practice tomorrow." I said as I headed up.

Next Day After School Mikan's POV

At least I can swim without any of their interruptions. I walked into the changing room and began changing into the school swimsuit.

"Hi Mikan-chan." I heard. I looked around my locker and saw Ogasawara changing as well. I went back to my side and ignored her. I changed and walked out of the changing room. She came out right behind me.

"Sakura!" the coach said. I walked up to her.

"I know. Help the new girl." I said. I walked to the other and smaller swimming pool we had in the corner.

"Mikan-chan!" Ogasawara called after me. I pointed at the water. She got inside and I followed.

"Specialty swimming?" I asked.

"Back stroke." She answered.

"Go." I said. She started swimming. I followed at her side so that I could see everything she did.

"So Mikan…" she began in between breaths.

"Sakura." I said. I am not addressed by anybody as Mikan

"Why do you swim?" she asked, again in between breaths.

"Cuz I love the water." I answered. My tone was lighter again. Damn! Stay focused Mikan. Focused! Ogasawara finished her back stroke.

"Work on your breathing and arm movements. Seemed kinda sloppy." I said.

"Anything else?" she asked.

"Tie up your hair when swimming." I said, and walked away.

Nonoko's POV

Her walls are breaking down. Three people in a row. My chauffer stopped the car in front of the house. I got out and walked up the steps and into the house.

"How was swimming practice?" Hotaru asked.

"I think her walls are going down. Three people in a row." I said.

"It might not be that her walls are breaking down though." Natsume said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Everything you have asked was related with sports. Maybe se is just really passionate about sports." Natsume said.

"True. Very true. We'll see though. Next are Koko and Mochu with basketball tomorrow." Hotaru said. I went up to my room to mix chemicals.

Net Day After School Mikan's POV

I wouldn't be surprised if one of them showed up at basketball practice too.

"Sakura. The boys' team has people that wanna join. Sit and watch with us." The coach said.

"It's Kokoro Yome and Mochu Okayama." She continued. I sighed. They came out and each played a one on one game with a person already on the guys' basketball team. They were good. When they ended we were supposed to put in a honest answer with our thumbs. Being the sport that I was and not holding a grudge against them, I gave the honest answer and put my thumb up. They smiled gratefully and started jumping up and down like girls.

"Wow you're lucky. Sakura-san is the hardest captain in the school. She is very picky and doesn't give a thumbs up to just anybody. You have to be really good to join late and be approved by Sakura. Good job." My coach said. They nodded and walked into the changing room. I nodded to my coach and went to the girls' changing room to get into my uniform and start playing.

Koko's POV

"Wow you're lucky. Sakura-san is the hardest captain in the school. She is very picky and doesn't give a thumbs up to just anybody. You have to be really good to join late and be approved by Sakura. Good job." The girls' basketball team coach said. I guess she is really giving us her honest opinion.

"She must be really passionate at sports." Mochu said.

"Yeah. She holds a grudge against us and still gives us her honest opinion." I said.

"I think we should leave her alone today and not watch her play." I continued.

"Yeah. Let's go back home and report." He said. We quickly got out of the school and went home by chauffer.

"How'd it go?" Nonoko asked.

"She is really passionate about sports." Mochu said.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Even though she held a grudge against us, she still said yes to a tryout. Not to mention that her coach said that she is really hard on people who join or tryout late. The coach also said she is the hardest captain in the school." I answered.

"So no matter what, when it comes to sports, she is very honest." Hotaru said. Mochu and I nodded. We turned on the tv and changed the channel.

Next Day After School Mikan's POV

I bet myself that at least one of them is gonna be here too.

"Sakura. The boys' team has people that wanna join. Sit and watch with us." My soccer coach said. Yep. Same as yesterday. I sat on the bleachers and focused. Nogi and Hyuuga came out. Two boys who were already on the team went out as well. My coach blew the whistle and the game started. I have to admit that I am impressed. I heard those were the best players on the team and Hyuuga and Nogi are a challenge to them. Hyuuga is in control of the ball right now. And Imouto is running up to him. And Imouto goes for the dig. By accident he hit Hyuuga's ankle instead of the ball. Hyuuga collapsed to the ground. Everyone went running. Hyuuga was holding his ankle.

"What do we do? The nurse has probably gone home by now." My coach said. I stood up from the bleachers. They all looked at me as I walked up to Hyuuga. I kneeled in front of him. He was wearing long sweats, so I pulled them up and cuffed them to above his knee. I removed his cleats and sock. Everybody was staring. His hands were clutching it.

"It won't help to clutch it so hard, Hyuuga." I said coldly. He let go of his ankle as I picked it up with my hands. I twisted it around a little to see if any bones were popping out or anything. There was a small cut on the side from Imouto's cleats but know bone problems. His ankle was kinda blue and purple.

"Imouto. In my knapsack, there is a first aid kit. Get it." I said. He ran over to the bleacher and looked in my knapsack for the first aid kit. A few seconds after, he came back with it. I opened the kit. I took out a cotton ball and alcohol. I dabbed the cut as he winced. He pulled his leg back, but I grabbed onto it.

"It's gonna hurt more if you struggle. Stay still." I said. He stopped. I dabbed it again with the cotton ball, and although he winced, he didn't pull his leg back. After dabbing it a few more times, I took out a bandage. I placed it perfectly on the cut. Then I took out the gauze I had in the first aid kit.

"It's gonna be a little tight. You'll get over it after a few hours." I said. He nodded and I started wrapping the gauze. He winced when I tightened it a little but tried to ignore it. I used the gauze tape and taped the gauze in place.

"There. It's just sprained but don't walk on it." I said, putting his leg down.

"You did a very good job, Sakura. I didn't know you knew were a medical specialist. But Hyuuga, you look like you're still gonna need crutches though." My coach said.

"I have at home." I said.

"Well, how are we gonna get to your house when Natsume has a sprained ankle?" Nogi asked.

"Stupid. Call a limo and have the chauffer drive behind my skateboard." I said. Nogi took out a cell phone.

"We'll meet you at the front gate." He said to the phone. He took Natsume's shoulder over his own, and started walking off. I walked ahead. We arrived at the front gate to find a limo waiting for them. I opened the passenger's seat and popped my head in.

"Follow me. I'm gonna give Hyuuga some crutches." I said. The driver nodded and I got on my skateboard once Hyuuga and Nogi were in the car.

Ruka's POV

The chauffer started driving behind Sakura.

"Wow." I said. Natsume looked up at me and nodded.

"Did you see that? She tended to your ankle and is lending you some crutches. She wrapped the gauze professionally too." I said.

"Did you notice how her tone was kinda lighter even though it was still cold?" he asked.

"Yeah. When it comes to sports and injuries, her walls go down a little." I said. He nodded and the car pulled over. It was a fairly big house, not too big, not too small. I helped Natsume out of the car and to the front door. Sakura opened the door and allowed us to enter first. The house was very clean. She held a finger up to us, signaling to wait. She went up some stairs and came back down a few minutes later with crutches.

"Height?" she asked.

"6, 0" Natsume answered. She adjusted the crutches to his height and passed them to him.

"Don't walk on your foot. Soak it in hot water every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to sleep. If in a week or two it doesn't lose any color, talk to a doctor." She said as we walked out the door. When we were out and in the car she closed the door behind us.

"She told you exactly what you need to do. Follow her instructions." I said.

"She sounded like my personal nurse." He said.

"Maybe she is." I said to joke around.

"Don't play like that. She hates us, remember?" he said.

"She can't hate us that much. She treated your injury and you crutches. Just be grateful." I said.

"I am." He said. The chauffer pulled over a few seconds later. We walked out of the car and into the house.

"Natsume! What the hell happened to you?" Koko asked. Everybody looked over to us and looked at his foot with wide eyes, except for Imai, who had her regular stoic expression.

"Soccer." He answered.

"You went to the hospital in that little time. Obviously, that was professionally wrapped." Anna said.

"Sakura-san did it." I said.

"Sakura?!" they said jumping to Natsume's foot to observe her work.

"Then where'd you get the crutches?" Imai asked.

"Sakura." I answered.

"Sakura, again?!" they asked. I nodded.

"We went to her house, following her skateboard and she lent us the crutches she had in her house." I said.

"She did a really good job at this." Anna said, still observing Natsume's foot.

"Not to mention, he gave him directions on what to do everyday." I said.

"And what exactly are those?" Imai asked.

"I can't walk on my foot. I have to soak it in hot water before I go to bed and when I wake up. And after a week or two if the color doesn't let up, to go to the doctor." He said.

"She sounds like your own personal nurse." Mochu commented.

"Maybe she is his nurse." Koko said.

"That's what I said." I said.

"So what happened?" Nonoko asked.

"A guy was trying a dig and hit my ankle instead of the ball." Natsume answered.

"He was probably using a lot of strength to get your ankle hurt." Mochu said.

"It's just a sprain." Natsume said. They all nodded.

"Watch your foot while you're walking. Go upstairs and soak your foot so that you don't have to do it later." Anna said. Natsume headed upstairs while I sat and read a book.

Next Day Mikan's POV

The popular group walked in.

"Oh my god, Natsume-sama! What happened?!" all the girls screamed. I walked up to him.

"Did you soak your foot?" I asked coldly. He nodded.

"Nogi." I said, turning to him.

"Both you and Hyuuga were approved by me and the coaches and are in the soccer team." I told him.

"Hyuuga, you're not starting practices for two weeks." I said turning back to him. He nodded again and I headed to my seat.

"Sakura, why do you already know about it?!" the girls screamed. I ignored them.

"Answer the question!" they yelled. I glared at them and they backed away. Naru came in and all of the students sat in their seats. I was bombarded by questions the whole day. But thanks to my glare, I didn't have to answer any.

PM Homeroom

I was packing up for home because I don't have any practices today when the group that has been disturbing me all week came up to me.

"What?" I snapped.

"Thank you for aiding Natsume's injury." Unemoniya said. I didn't bother to answer.

"Well, will you come to our house for dinner, as a thank you?" Ogasawara asked. I shook my head.

"Please!" Unemoniya pleaded.

"No." I snapped. She jumped back a little from my tone.

"We already asked the high school principal. He said he'll give you detention if you don't accept." Imai said.

"He wouldn't say that." I said.

"Why not?" Imai asked.

"Because the high school principal is my uncle." I said.

"Shit." She muttered under her breath.

"Fine then. We'll show up at every single one of your practices, even if it is not our sport. I expect that all the girls will be distracted by that." Imai said. Damn, I can't risk the practices.

"Fine." I said with a glare to show my anger.

"Great. Here is our address. We'll see you at six." Unemoniya said cheerfully, handing me a small paper.

"Fine, but I'm just gonna wear some jeans and a t-shirt. Not something you guys would wear." I said, walking out of the door.