Title: Chance

Author: Memories Left Abandoned

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Summary: Luna wraps her arms around her legs. "So you're saying I can't get a date before the Ball?"

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0ther Players: Perca alannalover, Iris A. Draven, fallingstar93, IndigoNightandRayneStorm

Author's Note: PM IndigoNight if you want to join in the drabble-y fun. This occurs in a theoretical 7th year for Harry, in which Luna has become a slightly different person and they're good friends. Oh, and this will be continued (probably next week).


Luna wraps her arms around her legs and raises her eyebrows at Harry. "So you're saying I can't get a date before the Ball?"

"Not a chance," says Harry with a smirk.

"I bet you…" She bites her lip and looks away. "Five galleons that I can get a date before you, since, in case you haven't noticed, you don't have one either, hotshot."

He mulls it over for a moment, then turns back to her. "Make it ten and you're on."

Smirking, Luna holds out her hand. "Deal."

They shake on it; moments later, Luna begins concocting her plan.