AN: I wrote this for fun only and I don't own any of it.

It is my first foray into another 'verse besides Grey's Anatomy, so sorry to my Grey's fans, this is True Blood. Maybe you'll like it too, if you try it. Anyway, big smooch to y'all, I miss you.

The action takes place in the Dallas vampire lair after Godric returns and before the bomb. In this AU, Sookie is the long haired, natural blond, blue eyed, large bosomed, wasp waisted, genuine Southern Belle, that I see in my head when I imagine Sookie, as per Ms Harris. I have been reading her work for years, and have had that Sookie deeply entrenched in my head, long before the HBO series started. She bears zero resemblance to Ms Paquin, (who, I confess, I don't care for in the role). She also is quite aware of her own attraction to Eric as well as to Bill. She does not "hate" Eric. That seems strange to me on the series. Who could hate Eric? The others are pretty much as they are in the HBO series. It will be a very short story a couple chapters long.

I hope y'all enjoy this enough to leave me a word to two on the review. ; ) sam

Pieces of Peace

Slowly, gracefully (for a human), in spite of her injuries, Sookie Stackhouse side stepped through the crowd centered around Godric, quite aware that the vampires she slid between followed her with hot, hungry, and sometimes curious eyes. They barely moved out of her way, so that she was forced to brush against their hard bodies, leaving her tantalizing, delicious "other" scent. Predatory vampire nostrils flared as they sucked in enough air to delicately taste her bouquet as she passed among them. Sookie smiled brightly, self consciously ignoring both the interested vampires and their jealous human pets and companions.

Y'all really have no need to worry, she thought as one scantily clad fang banger sent her a particularly vicious glare, I'm not interested in picking up another vampire admirer. Lord knows, I have a few too many already.

The vampires in this nest are just curious about me because I found Godric, Sookie uneasily reassured herself. Most of them never expected it. They didn't really believe my gift would do the trick. She'd proven the value of her telepathy and most vamps had an eye to the bottom line, yeah, she knew that also.

They're not really hungry just for me, she told herself again and again, feeling the increasing waves of vampire glamor fruitlessly sweeping over her from vamps all over the room.

The humans' reactions, however, were harder to rationalize away. She was too tired, beat up, and traumatized by the last few days to keep up her normal mental barriers, so she heard the humans' every thought ...

Why is she so special?! Not a bite on her anywhere and that face! all battered... Look at that bitch – all uppity ... She's thinks she's all that!! ... I need a taste, just one more, just one, please, God, make Ryan give me one more lick ... That dress! Target must have had a sale ... She never looks at me that way ... what is it about her? ... I think that girl's retarded or somethin', that's a crazy smile ... It's the big boobs, I need to get big boobs ...

The snide, whining, jealous cacophony in her head rose louder and louder as she passed through the crowd until her inane smile stretched tightly across her face in a frozen grimace. Finally, beaten to a mental pulp, grace gone, Sookie stumbled into the respectfully maintained inner space around the powerful, two thousand year old vampire. Sookie nervously tugged at her short skirt, and leaned forward into Godric's immense vampiric mental quiet, sighing thankfully.

"Godric?" Sookie said very, very softly, knowing he would hear, even though his head was bowed and his eyes were closed in meditation, it seemed, "You asked for me?"

She gulped nervously, and she fought not to fidget, when he raised his head in response, staring at her through fathomless dark eyes, his ancient, young, white face absolutely expressionless. Frissons of fear and excitement slid icily up her spine and she couldn't stop herself from instinctively looking around the room for Bill. It was just her luck that Bill had been called from the room by Isabel, Godric's lieutenant, just before Godric had summoned her. But, surely, by now, Bill felt her need of him?

Bill will be here any second, she told herself, glancing around once more for her man – uh, vampire.

Her eyes lighted on Eric instead, all six foot five of him, leaning with his arms crossed in absolute stillness against a bookcase. A slight smile crossed his face and he winked. Sookie blinked in surprise, her quaking, cold insides warming, and then jerked her attention back to Godric when he spoke.

"Ah, Miss Stackhouse, yes. Please sit beside me," Godric said in his slightly accented English. He waved an elegant hand, tattooed with ancient blue designs, to indicate the modern, white couch cushion beside him.

Instantly, the interest in the room ramped up. Godric had primarily enjoyed men and boys for food, sex and companionship for over two thousand years. The only women he'd bothered with were vampire. All eyes carefully examined the battered, broken, and bruised Sookie Stackhouse again. Godric's power was such that any attention from him was noted and valued by his entire nest.

Godric hadn't consented to make a vampire in over seven hundred years, even though Isabel and others had urged him to, worried that he was becoming too alone, even inside the nest. A newborn would have given him an interest to combat the terrible ennui that eventually overcame ancient vampires. All vampire eyes switched from Godric, to the human, to Godric. The Sheriff had been so odd lately. No one in the room, except Eric and Sookie, gave credence to the idea that Godric was suicidal. No. They looked to another idea. Was he finally planning to make another? The girl from Louisiana was another gorgeous, blue eyed, blond - like Eric, and Godric's other nestlings - but she belonged to Bill Compton. Every vampire in the house stood very still in contemplation.

"Thank you, please call me Sookie," Sookie's southern manners took over as she painfully sat next to the ancient youth, smoothing her skirt under her hips and crossing her legs, before carefully stacking her hands, one on top of the other, over her raised knee. Her beautifully displayed legs and high heeled feet drew many admiring looks from both humans and vampires.

"Sookie," for a brief moment Godric smiled boyishly after he pronounced her name, silly to him, she was sure. Then, light as a feather, he traced a fingertip over her broken collar bone, a spark of blood hunger in his dark eyes.

"Broken from being dragged down the basement steps and questioned, or broken from Gabe attempting to rape you?" he asked as if asking the weather, not at all concerned with asking a private question in a public space.

Everything and everyone here is his, after all, Sookie reminded herself.

"The fall down the stairs," Sookie stuttered a little, more than a little terrified by Godric's flaring nostrils and questing touch. It was as if he were touching all her hurts at once – and then he did. Sookie held her breath and froze in self preservation at the first delicate stroke.

That one questing fingertip frosted over her bruised lips, eyelids and cheekbone, slid down her side to her mightily bruised ribs, barely tapped her two broken fingers and then traced the outside of her thighs until he sighed at the last, "And the inside of your thighs, of course. He was brutal."

Fangs sprang out in mouths all over the room.