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Chapter 9

Sirens blared throughout the base. Alarms were going off for the first time in a year, the henchmen scrambling to their positions. Laser pistols were brought out, the turret guns acitvating. Laser-fire could already be heard in the upper levels. Security cameras all over the base were displaying the intruders on their monitors, making every goon there shiver in fear and grin in anticipation.

The Biker Mice had finally found them. But those furry freaks were outnumbered more than 30 to 1. They were outgunned, their puny aresenel nothing compared to combined might of the base's hundreds of laser guns and cannons. They were in unfamiliar territory. Surely they knew they couldn't win!

But then again, those Martian Mice had won against odds like this before.

They were the epitome of 'quality beating quantity.'

Modo was having a ball, his missles and arm cannon carving holes and gapping tears in the walls of the first level. He roared in victory as he found the ammunitions storeroom, lacing it with timed bombs and destroying several caches of chemical and biological weapons. Throttle was using his bike's cannons to carve out the floor, sending tons of wood and metal from the base's unloading dock to the next level down. He raced down to the lower levels to start the same over again, wanting to make sure that this base never survived their arrival.

Vinnie was working off the anger and rage of more than a year of being denied the vengence he'd craved. Goons and henchmen were screaming in terror as they ran from the hail of laser fire and white phospherous flare that he unleashed. Not many survived if they were caught by his terrible fists. His war cry echoed throughout the base, a chilling sound that promised death to anyone that he targeted.

But what terrified Limburger's men the most was the gaze of the girl. The woman they knew was dead, had made sure she was dead. Hell, they'd thrown a huge beer bash on the day of her funeral! She was walking around like it was nothing to come back from a pile of ashes!

She gazed up into the cameras as the docking bay burned around her, seeming to lock eyes with every man in the base that saw the monitors. Her face was chalk white, her blue eyes burning with cold fire, the black marks that sliced down her face that only her enemies could see shining like whorls of fresh ink. Charlene Davidson smiled into the camera, her smile cold and deadly as she said only one thing.

"Hello boys. I'm coming for you."

The alarms rang in the lounge room, several villians glancing up in surprise. Nearly the entire Scum of the Universe were assembled in the more comfortable levels of the base; since Limburger wasn't blowing money to rebuild his Tower, he could now hire the entire group for his exclusive protection. It was especially nice now that they finally had those Biker Mice on the ropes. They'd constantly badgered those three Martians, never letting them rest or recuperate enough to truly be effective at fighting with the villians. The bad guys were finally winning on Earth, and victory was close at hand! And now this had to happen.

Electro-Mag waved a hand and the monitors clicked on as Limburger's voice sounded over the intercom system. "Could someone kindly take care of those ridiculous rodents and their new little friend? NOW!"

"Alright, we're up, cheese," Tunnel Rat growled as he got up from the couch. He glanced over at the monitors to assess the situation and froze. "Isn't - hey," he grabbed a passing Lugie brother by the shoulder and pointed to the screen. "Hey, isn't that chick that Davidson girl they killed awhile back?"

"Ya, that's her," Hacka said in his heavy accent. "Looksa lika they messed that up, eh?"

"But we saw it!" Tunnel Rat said in shock, letting go of the foul-smelling Plutarkian. "We saw them burn her body!"

"So what?" Corroder Cody said as he was heading out the door. "The Mice snapped and dug up her ashes and made her a zombie or something, who cares? It ain't nothing my corroding can't handle," he said proudly, the metal door melting and rusting at his touch as he headed out to face the Biker Mice.

"But its not possible," Tunnel Rat muttered to himself, a voice in the back of his head screaming that he knew what that 'zombie' really was. "No human can bring someone back to life. No one can do that!" A flutter of motion from the monitors drew his eyes back to the screen, and what he saw there made him freeze, his body locking in terror, his voice choking itself in absolute horror and fright.

Black wings. A black bird. No antennae, not the black shaka-bird of Mars, but - He gulped as he saw the large black bird perch on Davidson's shoulder as she walked through Vincent's flames like they were nothing, casually knocking away any henchman stupid enough to try and attack her. A white face with black markings around the eyes, a black bird that guided their soul back from the land of the dead-Tunnel Rat felt his body start shaking as his brain went numb with shock, backing away from the monitors as he babbled out, "Black wings, black death, its starting, oh gods, she's coming for us, coming to kill us all! Run! Run, you can't stop her! She'll kill us all! She's a Black Winged Shaka! An Avatar of Death! Run! Run!"

The Martian Rat turned and ran as fast as he could to Karbunkle's lab, knocking over goons and staff without heed as he raced through the metal halls. He nearly sent Karbunkle over his own lab table as the rat lunged for the transporter, frantically pounding in the coordinates to Black Rock Asteroid. "Oh gods, she's here, I didnt' do it, I didn't kill her, I had nothing to do with it, I didnt' even drink that much at the party, she'll kill us all - work, you stupid peice of Plutarkian shit! Work!" The booth glowed electric yellow as it finally booted up, the Rat jumping in without a second glance. The machine suddenly sputtered and began to smoke, the controls fizzing ominously before frying completely, the panel sparking as it died.

Karbunkle growled out curse words as he righted himself, absently ordering Fred the Mutant to use a extinguisher to put that electrical fire out. You just couldn't find reason ably insane, quality mercenaries for hire these days! And what the hell was the stupid Rat talking about? He clicked on the security monitors to check the base and gaped in horror. No. The Biker Mice are here? How did they find us? It was impossible for them to have found their way here on their own! He yanked open the transporter's control panel, horrified at seeing the smoking mess of wires and circuits that remained. It would be days to fix this mess. No one could leave the base by transporter now.

He glanced over at the monitors to double check the mice's progress, judging how close they were to reaching his lab. And who is that wretched woman with them-

The mad scientist stared in shock. It couldnt' be. It couldn't be! How? She was dead! How the hell had she managed to come back to life? No, don't be ridiculous. Its some kind of cybernetics, or a robot, or some kind of magic hocus-pocus. But then where did those rotten rodents manage to find something like that? It couldn't be that stupid mechanic!


Tunnel Rat was from Mars. Mars had a history of bloodshed and war even before the Plutarkians came. Vengence was in the blood of all three sentient species. All of them told stories about a wronged person coming back to life, a black shaka bird said to guide them to their enemies. They were called the Avatars of Death, a Shaka Warrior. Mars had dozens of legends about people coming back from the dead like that.

Earth had them too, and not too long ago, some of their contacts out in Los Angelas had reported seeing one of their victims come back from the dead a year after they had been killed. Some man named Eric Draven, was it? The entire Plutarkian operations had been burned to the ground in that city, and every Plutarkian agent and spy had been killed; the human employees all screaming that it had been some guy with a crow by his shoulder.

Karbunkle looked back at the sceen, where the mechanic was racing through the levels of the base, searching for someone. That white mouse wasn't far behind her, firing lasers and missles to clear her path as she ran. A black crow was flying low to the ground behind them both.

Tunnel Rat was right. A Crow had come back from the dead.

The scientist had researched them before, back when he'd first arrived on Mars. Especially after several prominent Plutarkian generals had been assasinated, each one in different areas, different ways, and apparently all by the same person. A Mouse that was said to be dead, led by a black shaka-bird. That mouse had been shot, stabbed, gassed, poisoned, drowned, even beheaded, and still he had completed his mission to kill the generals. He had been immune to death, and that shaka bird had something to do with it, Karbunkle had been sure. He'd looked up the legends incase anything like that decided to come after him one day.

That day was now. Charlene Davidson had come back as a Crow.

He grinned his gap-toothed, evil smile. He would finally be able to experiment on a Crow and learn the secrets to immortality! He then frowned. He had a bird to catch. The trick would be getting past those raging Biker Mice. Karbunkle grinned. It had been a year since he'd had a real challenge. To think he'd actually started to miss those miscreant Mice.

Charley ran at a fast clip, her boots pounding down the metal hallways. Vinnie's laser cannons shot out any turrets or guns that threatened her path, the white mouse refusing to leave her side. She hadn't tried to stop him. The girl feared that is she did, he might do something very, very stupid to try and catch up to her.

They were heading toward the worst smelling part of the base, sure that this was where Limburger was hiding. Unfortunately, Hacka and Honka Loogie were legendary for their stink, even among Plutarkians. "Look, brother! Its the Mouse and his dead girlfriend!" Honka cackled as he charged his laser rifles.

Vincent's eye twitched and his mouth pulled back in a snarl, his hands clenching around his bike's handlebars. His bike revved deeply, its anger fully apparent.

"Ohh, I think calling her dead made him mad," Hacka giggled.

Vincent's fingers twitched on the triggers of his laser cannons. "Babe, you don't mind if I beat the hell out of them, right?"

She smiled, "Oh no, not at all. Have fun!"

"Don't go too far ahead of me," he scolded, casually aiming for Honka's head and shooting it off his scaled shoulders.

"I won't," she promised, wincing as some of the foul-smelling blood touched her boot. She went to wipe it off as Hacka screamed in fury, attacking Vinnie with his laser rifles. The white mouse kept the Plutarkian flunky busy as Charlene headed deeper into the level, her Crow telling her that Limuburger wasn't far ahead.

The Big Cheese would die tonight.

Unknown to her, the security cameras moved, their sites locked on the black bird that flew by her side.