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"There they go again" Kitty sighed as she heard Meggan and Brian's raised voices from several floors up, indicating that they were having another argument. Lockheed, Kitty's familiar, made a sound that was equivalent to a sigh before curling up and going to sleep under the coffee table.

"Storms seem to be coming in frequently around here fraulien" chuckled Kurt as he stepped into the living room where Kitty and Lockheed were currently situated. "Perhaps ve should have vaited to see vhat other buildings vere for sale before buying ja?"

Kitty could not help but laugh at Kurt's joke as she threw a cushion at him only to phase as he sent it straight back. It was times like these that she was glad Kurt was here as he always managed to brighten up the day or hers at least. It was ironic that someone who looked like a devil had the personality of a saint, or at least the patience of one with all the arguing going on.

"I just don't get how two people in love can fight so much" she said as she lay down on the sofa so her head was on Kurt's lap, who had just sat down.

"I may have a couple of theories as to vhy Katzchen" Kurt said as he began stroking her hair causing the girl to relax.

"Oh?" Kitty asked as she closed her eyes, enjoying the massage Kurt was giving her. "Let's hear them then"

"Vell the first von" Kurt explained "Is based on the old saying 'two people vho fight really care for von another'. Apparently the more you fight the more you care for that person"

"It does sound similar to those two" Kitty agreed opening one eye to look at the blue furry elf. "But if that's true then shouldn't we be fighting more as well given how close we are"

"I'll agree that ve do fight at times" Kurt nodded "But ours is just over small things like not using a cup when drinking milk or-"

"Forgetting to remove all the fur from the plug hole after using the tub?" Kitty asked a mischievous smile on her face as she remembered the time she rushed into the bathroom, mere seconds after Kurt had left it, for a quick shower before school only to run into Kurt's room to yell at him for not removing his shed fur from the bath tub.

"I still think you only did that so you could get a glimpse of me in all my glory" Kurt threw back receiving a half hearted slap to the chest from a red faced Kitty,

"Well how was I supposed to know you weren't dressed yet?" she mumbled as she turned to face away from him.

"By knocking instead of phasing through my door?"

Kitty, knowing that Kurt will forever tease her about it, phased through the sofa and floor to the room below, which luckily enough was hers, only to land in Kurt's arms as he teleported below her. He apparently teleported in haste as he then lost his balance sending the two of them onto Kitty's bed.

"So what's the second theory?" Kitty asked from her new position on top of Kurt straddling his waist.

"My other theory" Kurt started clearly unfazed by the position they were in "Is that they argue in public about unimportant matters so that they can save the more important matters for when they're alone"

Kitty suppressed a shiver as she understood what he meant before lowering herself down so that the two of them were nose to nose.

"Speaking of important matters. Whose room are we using for ours?" she asked kissing him on the lips lightly before pulling back.

"Vell since ve're in your room" Kurt said as he wrapped his arms around the young lady atop of him "Ve shall just stay here" With that he pulled her down to continue the kiss as whilst his tail wrapped itself around her waist making her moan in pleasure as she felt the soft fur against her skin.