Well, this story is pretty much exactly as it says on the tin...aren't cats wonderful animals? My Gizmo did this to me last night when I was trying to sleep.

Soundwave was prepared for a nice, peaceful recharge. This was one of those rare moments where he didn't have Rumble and Frenzy arguing and not-touching each other in his chest plates or Ravage's glowing eyes watching him from across the room while he tried to sleep. He decided to make the most of it before everyone else decided to come barging into the room for no apparent reason than to just say hi.

And then he heard a loud crash downstairs…

Swearing to himself, he debated whether he should ignore it or check on his cassettes, but then remembered what had happened the last time he ignored them in favor of recharge. He was pretty sure the local law enforcement could remember that day too. And all the neighbors. And the S.W.A.T…

Stomping down the stairs and mumbling angry gibberish, he stopped in the doorway to the living room and noticed that a cabinet had been knocked over. Ratbat, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw were hanging off the side of a ceiling light, shaking in fear, and Rumble and Frenzy were sitting atop the entertainment center. All of them were watching Ravage, who was running from one end of the room to the other, jumping on the furniture and knocking dishes and magazines off of the side table.

Ravage jumped up on the armchair. "THIS IS MY CHAIR! NOBODY SITS HERE BUT ME!" he shrieked threateningly before jumping up on the coffee table and making a break for the curtains, climbing all the way up to the top and clinging to them upside down. "THIS IS MY CURTAIN TOO! I AM THE KING OF THE CURTAINS! NOBODY TOUCH IT!" He noticed Soundwave standing there and made a break for him. "Soundwave! I love you!" he said happily, brushing against Soundwave's leg before catching sight of his tail. "You again! I thought we settled this the last time!" he growled, flopping over onto his side and spinning in circles on the floor, trying to catch it. "Hey look! I found my tinkle ball!" Soundwave winced when he flipped the coffee table over on its side to get to his tinkle ball that was hidden underneath and started chasing it all over the room.

Rumble and Frenzy noticed Soundwave glaring at them both. "Which of you gave him catnip?" he asked.