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Chapter 1: The Escape

Romeo Candore Van de Montague, kept running, he couldn't stop. Not because he wanted to, but because he had to. In one hand—a sword—a sword he had taken from a fallen Montague guard. In the other was a hand—the hand of his true and only love—his father's so called 'enemy'—Juliet Fiammata Erss de Capulet. Romeo picked up his pace; he could hear the guards behind them. Juliet, picked up her skirt higher to help her run faster, fourteen years in pants only handicapped her. Juliet could hardly believe this; Romeo was risking his own life to save hers.

Only two days ago, Romeo and Juliet were secretly married in an old abandoned Church in the center of a field of iris, their flower—the symbol of love and hope. Their only witnesses were each other and the Goddess. The two had tried to live a new life as newlyweds, yet with Archduke Montague's guards on their trail, it was only a matter of time. They were captured, only a day after their wedding, trying to defend a town from Montague's wrath.

"Romeo!" cried out Juliet "Where are we going?" Romeo slightly turned his head, his sea-green eyes locking onto her amber ones.

"To the South side of the Castle, the corridors are like a maze there, we can lose the guards there." Juliet nodded and too picked up her pace. The Nobles Apartments of Neo-Verona Castle was an extensive maze of corridors, hallways and doors, anyone could lose themselves inside. Romeo knew the Castle by memory inside and out. The South Tower was the highest point in the Castle; a perfect location for the Capulet Allies to rescue their lady. Suddenly the clanking and shouting grew louder from the behind and the front of them. They were trapped and if they were recaptured, Montague would…

Romeo shivered at the thought. He looked for anyway to hide Juliet. An open door was to their right, thinking quickly, Romeo turned to Juliet saying,
"In here," Once inside Romeo closed the door and locked it with the key still remaining inside the lock. Juliet and Romeo hid in the darkest corner on the room. Romeo pulled Juliet close, both trying to quite their heavy breathing as much as possible. He pulled Juliet close with his left arm, his right arm slightly raised with the sword pointed at the door. Juliet buried her head into Romeo's chest as they heard the guards run past them. Romeo narrowed his eyes so that he could see the door in the dark. The corridor went silent, the guards were gone. Too frightened to move, neither moved from their tight embrace.

"Juliet," whispered Romeo, looking down at the top of her head. Juliet pulled away from him slightly, looking up toward the sound of his voice,

"Mmm?" she responded back. Through the dark she felt Romeo's fingers run over her cheek.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes," she whispered, tilting her head higher. Her amber colored eyes glinted in the moonlight through the open window. Only a sliver of her face showed, yet Romeo's heart jumped. She blinked at him. Romeo blushed, then looked away.

"They're gone, let's go," murmured Romeo, quietly the two snuck to the door. Romeo stopped and put a hand out, stopping Juliet. "I'll go first," he said calmly, his grip tightened on the sword. He looked back at the red head who nodded in agreement.

With his back against the wall, Romeo slowly turned the key, as to not make any noise. Romeo peeked his head out the door. Both ends of the hallway were clear. Romeo gripped his sword tightly and grabbed Juliet's awaiting hand. The two then bolted down several corridors, until the reached the South side of the Castle.

Romeo slowed his pace when they reached the South side. Juliet skidded to a halt beside him. Romeo put a finger to his lips. The two stood frozen in the center of the hallway. It was silent. Romeo turned to face Juliet.

"We should walk from here," Juliet nodded in agreement. The sound of running footsteps in the disserted hallway would attract the guards. The couple had to peak around corners and check hallways for guards. The sword kept changing hands at every corridor; the leader checking for guards. Halfway through the maze of hallways the couple came upon a dead end.