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Chapter 38: Together for Eternity

The ground then shook and moved under their feet. Juliet toppled back into Romeo's arms. As the ground shook harder Romeo and Juliet fell to the ground. Ophelia was slowly rising off the ground a light green light surrounding her body. The girl spoke in a prayer-like song as Escalus began to glow brighter. The light changed from light green to a sparkling, bright gold.

The shimmering gold of the tree was bright, that one had to shield their eyes. Juliet peeked her eyes open just a bit to see, the tree surrounded by golden light. Golden fruit dropped from the tree is large numbers, pinging into the water.

"The earth will begin anew with this act of blood," Juliet watched in fear as the girl rose higher and higher into the air. Juliet just sat in horror as the earth shook under her, the light glowed, and Romeo's arms around her. This was a sight to behold, beautiful and terrifying at the same time. The dead roots around Escalus began to strengthen and grow healthy with each passing second. The leaves on the tree grew as gold light surrounded it. Ophelia seemed to in ecstasy as Escalus grew. Oh, yes it was terrifying.

Romeo knew they had to get out of there, they had to get out of there now. Juliet was so awe struck by the sight that Romeo had to forcibly get to his feet. He grabbed Juliet under her arms as he pulled her to her feet. Finally pulling her from her shock, did Juliet finally grasp Romeo's hand tightly and run.

"Daughter of Capulet!" shouted Ophelia, Juliet stopped, her arm yanking forward with the force of Romeo's weight running forward. The couple stopped, Juliet looked up at the girl floating in the air. "The ritual will continue in the next two hundred years. Understand?" Juliet slowly nodded, though she did not wish to damn her descendants to make the sacrifice she did not have to make. Some how, some way she'd find a way to stop the blood sacrifice once and for all. Once Neo-Verona was safe.

"Juliet?" Juliet turned to look at her husband, "Come," Squeezing her hand tightly the two turned around and continued to run. Each step was difficult. The ground seemed to shake harder and harder under their feet as they ran up the staircases. Faster and faster they ran until they reached the palace floors.

Even then the rumbling did not stop. People were screaming, bells were clanging as the distress of the people grew. Romeo kept tugging Juliet beside him, much like that night that seemed so long ago. Romeo kept running, trying to reach the South Tower.

As they reached the South Tower, they ran into Montague's guards. Romeo swiftly pulled out his sword, his blade crashing with the guards'. Juliet came from behind to take on the other two. The clashes and clangs echoed around the darkened halls. Juliet it seemed to drag on for hours. Her armor made it harder to swing her blade and aim, also the ground shaking under them made it harder for her to plant her feet properly. Finally they defeated the guards.

"Come on!" shouted Romeo to Juliet as she finally knocked out the guard she was fighting. Romeo was afraid that they would run into more trouble if they did not move. He was right.

"ROMEO!" Romeo turned to see his father standing just down the hall. Juliet turned to see Montague, his clothes were covered in blood, his clothes in rags. His sword drenched in blood. Juliet felt her breath freeze inside of her lungs and throat as her memory whirled back to that night. The night he had killed her parents.

"Run! JULIET! RUN!" shouted Romeo as he charged his father. Juliet blinked back the tears and the memory as she watched her beloved charge his own father.

"ROMEO, NO!" shouted Juliet as she watched father and son clash. She stood there in shock as blades crashed and clanged. Sparks flew from blades as they crashed against each other.

"You are not my son…" hissed Montague as their blades met, locking together. Romeo glared at his father.

"There are times, I wish I wasn't your son…but…I am," Romeo then unlocked the blades and continued a number of different attacks. Juliet heard footsteps coming from behind her. Juliet readied herself for an attack, but was surprised when the person was Tybalt. He rushed past Juliet, bloodied with gore. Juliet was worried, if the blood was someone else's or his. When he pasted her he gave her a small wink, the blood probably was not his.

"Montague!" cried Tybalt, "Romeo, let me take him!" Romeo ducked out of the way just in time as his half-brother collided with their father.

"Brother!" shouted Romeo, the clashes and clangs of blades echoed around the hall. Tybalt took a slash at Montague, as he quickly looked to his half-brother and sister-in-law.

"RUN! RUN! NOW!" Montague then Tybalt hard causing him to stumble back in pain.

"Did you just call this man, brother, Romeo?" Romeo shifted himself in front of his wife. Tybalt straightened as he positioned himself to fight once more.

"I am your son, I as much as I hate to say so, Montague! I am your son by Volumnia de Capulet! You used her to get close to the Capulet family, then abandoned her despite the fact she loved you and carried your child in her womb!" Montague blinked at first, but he did not lower his weapon.

"Volumnia, I have not heard her name since she died…yes, I remember no one really said what caused her death…" Tybalt growled a thin smile appeared on Montague's face.

"She died not long after I was born you bastard!" Juliet wanted to grab Tybalt and run, but Romeo kept blocking her from his father.

"To think I tried to eliminate the Capulet line altogether as I miss this girl and my own son of Capulet blood!" Montague then began to laugh as cold, cruel laugh that made the hairs stand up on the back of Romeo's neck.

"One I get rid of you, boy, I will kill the Capulet girl," Tybalt positioned himself to attack as Romeo positioned himself to defend Juliet.

"You'll have to go through Tybalt and me, father! I will not let you harm my wife!" Montague stared shocked at the determined look on Romeo's face.

"Then…you truly are no son of mine!" spat Montague as his eyes landed on Juliet's face. He surely blamed her for Romeo's conversion to her side.

Tybalt then charged Montague crying, "You will die by my hand, Montague! Run, Romeo! Take her and run!"

Romeo nodded to Tybalt in thanks as he grabbed Juliet's hand and raced up the stairs. The clashing and clanging of Montague and Tybalt's blades faded as they raced up miles of stairs to reach the top of the south tower. Waiting for them was Conrad and Curio with their Pegasus's ready to fly.

"Fly Princess!" cried Conrad as Tybalt came running up the stairs. Juliet climbed onto the Pegasus as she took hold of the reigns. Romeo as he climbed onto the back of the Pegasus, turned and saw Tybalt. His eyes expressed all Romeo needed to know, their father was not dead. But he could do them no harm for now. Conrad reached out and grasped Romeo's arm.

"If anything happens, take her deep into the Essex Forest, there is a mansion in the middle of the forest. More Allies will be waiting for you. Protect her!" Romeo gripped Conrad's arm with a strong grip to reassure him he would protect Juliet.

"I would die for her," he whispered back to the old man with passion in his voice. Conrad blinked, but his grey eyes softened as he nodded at Romeo. His princess had chosen, her lover, no, husband well.

With a click of her tongue Juliet snapped the reigns as she and her Allies took off into the sky. As they flew over the city, they assessed the damage. A few were injured but nothing life threatening. The cool air calmed Juliet's nerves as she clung to the reigns yet the thing that kept her steady was the feel of Romeo's arms around her waist. They were safe, everyone she loved was safe. Time had not changed from their little adventure, she sadly wondered if her family had walked to their deaths with the full knowledge of everything that was to happen. Who knew? Juliet could feel the necklace her mother gave her against her heart, the gold metal cool to her hot skin.

"Juliet," Juliet leaned against her husband, he was safe, they were safe.

"Mmm?" she responded as she felt sleepy now the adrenaline was out of her system.

"Though the war is not won, we have won…" Juliet looked over her shoulder at him with a puzzled look.

"What do you mean?" Romeo smiled at her as they watched the city change into sweeping rivers and forests.

"Though my father is not dead, he knows I stand with you and your Allies, that the people will side with us…That alone may cause him to surrender," Romeo sighed, he'd doubt it. His father had shed so much blood to gain his throne, he'd probably die before giving it up.

"Perhaps," said Juliet gently, "But we know for now, we must continue to fight," Romeo nodded, as Juliet turned to look at him, "But we will fight together, for Neo-Verona's future…"
"Together forever…" murmured Romeo as his laced his fingers through Juliet's.

As the sun rose in the east the couple kissed knowing that they would fight for Neo-Verona's future together. That no matter what they would be together for eternity as their vows so stated, again and again.


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