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Chapter 1: Death

The forest was quiet, not a creature made a sound. Harry shivered as a cold wind blew through him. His death was just ahead, as the seventh and final Horcrux, he had to die in order to save those he loved. Ron…Hermione…Ginny…his hand tightened on the Invisibility Cloak he wore. He wished he could tell them good-bye, but like many of his friends who died before him, he had neither the chance as well. Besides, if they found out what he was about to do, they'd keep him at Hogwarts, bound and tied. He could hear their responses to the revelation of he, Harry, being the final Horcrux.

"What? No mate, you can't be, we've gotta do something, maybe…" He could see Ron's pale face and wide eyes as he came to terms with what that meant for his best friend.

"No! Harry, oh no! We…we have to find a spell to nullify the Horcrux inside you. Harry please…don't!" He could see Hermione pulling at her hair, trying to tear through books and the remaining professors for help. Tears streaming down her face and Ginny…His heart clenched at the thought of her, he loved her so much. He loved them all so much that he was willing to die for them. The Resurrection Stone fell from his numb fingers, the figures of his parents, Lupin and Sirius faded into the night. His eyes stung with tears as he watched them fade,

"I wish none of you had to die…" Tears trickled down his face, his parents he couldn't save, but Sirius…Remus…maybe…Maybe he could have been able to save them! Save them all! Fred, Tonks, Remus, Sirius…Dumbledore…He wished he had the power to go back and save them, then he wouldn't feel so guilty right now. Guilt that they died to protect him, save him, yet they died in vain because here Harry stood, ready to go to his death. The wind swirled dead leaves about him as he heard a cold, high voice say,

"He has not arrived. Pity, I thought he would come…I was, it seems, mistaken…" Harry turned just enough around the tree to see Voldemort and his Death Eaters around a large bonfire. The flicker of the fire brought out the snake-like qualities of his face. Hagrid was bound to a tree, looking helpless as ever. Harry's heart clenched, he had hoped no one whom he cared for would have to watch his death! Yet with a deep breath he put the Cloak under his robes and made sure his wand was firmly in his pocket, he had no intention of fighting. With another deep breath he cried out,

"You weren't!" With that he stepped out from behind the tree into the gleaming light of the bond fire. The quietness of the forest then exploded into a sudden tension as the Death Eaters all gasped and sneered at Harry's arrival. Bellatrix jumped to her feet, looking between her Master and Harry in expectation.

"Harry NO!" boomed Hagrid; he now was fighting desperately against his bonds, making the tree shake. "What are ye doing?" Harry shot him a small smile, it was ironic, his first true friend was the one who was going to watch him die. His eyes then turned to Voldemort. The Dark wizard rose to his feet, the Elder Wand in his hand as he ran his long fingers over it. No one spoke, even the forest noise had silenced. Slowly, Harry spread his hands out, to show he was not going to fight.

"Harry Potter…" breathed Voldemort; Harry tipped his head up more so that Voldemort could see he was not afraid, he was not going to beg for his life. He was going to die, standing up, proud like his mother and father. "The Boy Who Lived…" Voldemort then tipped his head to the side as if he was a child, wondering what would happen if he proceeded. Harry's ears then went deaf; he could not hear a sound. Hagrid's desperate pleas, Voldemort's words nor the rustle of the wind through the trees. He closed his eyes as within a millisecond he saw all of those he was dying for, living and dead. A smile curved on his face; maybe he would finally be at peace.

"'Neither can live while the other survives…'" Harry whispered, he opened his eyes and took in the last thing he would ever see, just like his parents before him.

Harry saw Voldemort say the deadly curse, but could not hear it. He saw the flash of green light, the rush of death…It struck…and everything was gone…